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  1. Making the geoevent "invitation only" doesn't ring true...if someone wants to do that, they should just contact the few people they want and then agree (in private) where to get together! Those events can require a fair amount of planning...hiding a dozen caches is quite a feat and then getting some kind of "spaced" hunt for them is another thing...otherwise all hunters are going after the same caches at once. George..... You addressed an issue about the Tuolumne River Park that I wanted to ask you about when you got back. I TOO HAD NOTICED A LOT OF SINGLE MALES circulating in the park the two times I was there. Last week I parked about 2 p.m....had a late lunch in the car and noticed a truck five spaces down from me with a fellow who kept looking in my direction every time I looked over. In the 10 minutes or so I was lunching, about 5 cars circled through the lot....all driven by single males...all of whom gave me the once over as they drove by. I don't care how anyone lives their lives, but when it impacts me in a way that DOES make me feel uncomfortable, then I take action. I think my action would be to not go back to the park ! I certainly would feel more comfortable in a group picnic, but imagine wandering off for a cache hunt and finding something unexpected in the woods! Thanks but no thanks. When I left the lot after finding the newest cache there, I saw two men talking by a car two spots from mine. As I drove out I rolled down the window and asked them if this park had a reputation. They commented it did. When I suggested there seemed to be a lot of single males cruising around they said "yes, but a lot of couples too." They didn't say what gender the couples were. I vote that park out for any picnic. Ron I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
  2. Welcome Los Banos ! I just sent you an email verifying your find of The Bridges. Dragonfly? What can I say? Take Tomaski with you next time....see if he can find it again ! Feel free to drop into this forum anytime for thoughts, questions, comments. Ron I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
  3. George is off biking (and caching) in Monterey I think and Tomaski seems to be missing for a day or so...guess I'll write a note to myself ! Actually, after coming back from a rainy Friday hunt or two in Modesto, I got to thinking more about George's comments on clues and I have some new comments on coordinates. Clues: I guess we each think we are doing a good job with our clues. Many times we try to be clever and still give cachers an "edge" with the clue. Sometimes our cleverness isn't understood and our clues go bust. I took a shot (in pouring rain) at the Giddy-Up cache next to the water channel. The clue mentioned I might see a water tower. Yes, I did. I could see it from where I parked. It's importance to finding the cache eludes me though. I gave up on this in 10 minutes after fighting pouring rain, terrain that gave way under my feet, etc, etc. My search was such a non-serious effort I didn't even post a note about it. I'll go back another time. Anyway, it would be nice to get some input here in the forum from the other Modesto area cachers on what they think about clues. Some of my clues are bad too. Coordinates: I think I have even more of an issue with the coordinates that we post. I am guilty of this too, so don't think I am picking on any cacher in particular. I become increasingly convinced that if we just take a set of readings (even in a clearing) that that is not good enough. I have done that, then walked a quarter mile away (to let some time go by and SAT positions change) and have walked back in. While my original setting showed accuracy to 4 feet, when I walked back in and stood at the cache I had just placed, it showed it was still 50 feet away. When that happens and you combine that with a poor clue, you are looking at cachers who are going to search for an hour to find a quart-sized container, let alone a 2" x 2" container. This is especially true if the container is completely covered by brush, rocks, etc. I have started taking readings with two gps units. I know...not everyone has two. BUT, you can take a reading. Walk out, walk back in, take another reading. Even come back later in the day if you are in the same park....and check your coordinates. When I see on a repeated basis (from a number of cachers) that coordinates are off by 40 feet, I start to give up ! I trust my gps to take me down to a few feet of the cache coordinates, but if the person who posted the coordinates did not do a very accurate job of taking them, it's all for naught...that's when a GOOD clue comes in handy. When an area has a lot of downed trees, high grass, rocks, all those good things, I feel we have to have either some good coordinates and/or clues that are meaningful. Well, those are most of my feelings I guess. I hope we will get some input on this. George and I seem to be having a "tin cans on a string" conversation going here, and this forum is for all Modesto/Stockton/Lodi/Sacramento cachers who have opinions. Ron I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
  4. Hey... The sun is out (for a day or so) and it looks like all the cachers are at work ! Golf on Thursday and caching on Friday...maybe in the rain ! Ron I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
  5. Tomaski... Congrats on your 100th find...I knew you were getting close ! That's a lot of caches for such a short time and is indicative of two things: 1) there are a lot more caches available now relatively close at hand. 2) you are as crazy (or crazier) than George and I. This also speaks to another point. Sometime ago an anonymous cacher wrote to Jeremy at geocaching. com and suggested to people that they not let it take over their lives. As an "addict" myself...somewhat recovered but with occasional setbacks...I agree with that. For some reason this game seems to take over our lives at times. I have to fight off the urge to get out there. I have to fight off the urge to be first at a cache. Sometimes I don't succeed and caching grabs me again. I don't think it's a serious addiction (any of us have) but personally I have to be careful once in a while that it doesn't rule my life. George... As to clues. I plead guilty in several respects. In some of mine I just put in cute things that more than likely tic off the cacher more than anything else. I think Doggie's Best Friends might be one of these. Some cachers (world wide) have commented on clues in several forums. Some want it to be a dead giveaway and others want it to be at least something that will take us closer. Several of the area cachers have put in things like "I can't think of anything now..sorry" (Tomaski) and others "You don't need a clue for this" (George ?). In either of these cases, why put anything at all. Well, I think it's a clue in a way, though not terribly useful. I guess my "humorous" ones aren't so bad after all. One bay area cacher was upset because pictures get used in clues (I do this) and they don't show up on wireless Palm devices used in the field. Wow, talk about wanting it all ! Anyway, caching continues for all of us....watch the obsessive/compulsive aspect, give clues (in whatever way you want) and enjoy life...it's short ! Ron I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
  6. George.... Here's the link for the Sacto get-together. It is a restaurant dinner....not an outdoor gathering/cache hunt. http://opentopic.Groundspeak.com/0/OpenTopic?a=tpc&s=1750973553&f=3000938983&m=6000956493 Ron I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
  7. George.... Yes.... Ron.... I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
  8. Thanks George... For the input on bikers/hikers. There are bad eggs in every group. Good thing I know what you meant by your "hunt" comment...otherwise I'd be worried ! Ron I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
  9. Hi George.... I am going to the Guerneville (sp) area, but am just going to relax and see the sights...no geocaching. This will keep me in good stead with significant other ! Today (Friday the 15th) I went to Black Diamond for a couple of caches and have this question to raise to the Modesto biking enthusiasts. I was going uphill, against the wind and had my head down looking only 3 feet or so ahead. I had been hiking for about 4 hours and had not seen a single person. Then I heard a loud ....HEY !...I looked up and shouted the same thing back. It was a biker going downhill. His next comment was "Watch where you're going mister !" I was not a happy camper ! I was about 2 feet to the right of center on a 12 foot wide fire road. What is the ettiquette for hikers vs. bikers? Maybe he was as surprised to see me as I was him, but I thought he was very rude. Comments? Ron I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
  10. OK guys....I can't get caught up on Modesto caches. Everytime I come down there and grab 5 or 6 you place some more ! Today I did: Don't Panic Stanislaus Tupperware Glory Hole Underdog Timbrrrr Quack, Quack I also took a brief run at Wedding Picture but have emailed George either begging a clue or suggesting he take a look at the site (or both). The "new" park where Timbrrr started a run of caches is a nice one. Took me a while to get my Mag 315, Topo (delorme) and laptop to cooperate and get me to the correct side of the river and the correct side of the airport. This was a prime example of an electronic map not being accurate (river route) to what the coordinates are. I'm taking a break for a few days...working around the house will be a pleasure after a few days of crashing through brush ! Ron I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
  11. Tomaski... Now that you have explained your problem a bit better on Boys Stuff, I think I have an answer for you. I had the same problem when looking for the three caches at the Modesto airport. Two of them show up on the other side of the river. My guesss...your coordinates are all right. These mapping problems happen once in a while. Makes it hard for us because we might drive to the wrong side. I have run into this several times....map program problem...not ours. Ron (did a bunch of caches in Mo town today...getting ready to log them....) I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
  12. George... In regard to one of the Iron Chef caches you directed us to....Thanks for the tip, but I just received a shipment of a dozen Kangaroo scrotums (or is that scroti) last week from Major Surplus in Australia. Happy caching.... Ron I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
  13. Okey, Dokey...have started Stockton & Modesto California Geocaching...Part 2. Look for it in your neighborhood Groundspeak Forums. No credit for being first to find. Ron I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
  14. Well George, so far you and I have pretty much our own private messaging system here with an occasional input from the rest of the Modesto crowd...still, a good way to share thoughts. I hit a few in Modesto on Friday the 8th and still have some cleanup work to do down your way. I also want to put out some more caches in the next couple of weeks. By the way George, Tomaski has his eye on my Pythagorus cache...make haste ! Ron I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
  15. Hey George... Geocaching lesson #1 (learned the hard way by yours truly)..... If you're a crow, it's 1 mile to the cache. If you're a human being it's 2.5 times as far. This is especially true if there is a winding river road to follow, or if a mountain, ravine or other feature (aqueduct) gets in the way ! No sympathy for me eh? Then I will have to dedicate a cache to you...5 star difficulty, but I'll spare us both the 5 star terrain ! All in fun....Ron I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
  16. When Edison, Bell and other inventors presented their creations to the public, do you think they every imagined what they would turn in to? Who knows what new things Jeremy will come up with. He knows some of them, but I suggest even he doesn't know what the future holds. Ron (54 hidden/148 found) I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
  17. OK George...anxiously awaiting the results of your Round Valley sortie. Or did you and your friends get rained out? Ron..... [This message was edited by Ron Streeter on March 06, 2002 at 07:52 PM.]
  18. I'm glad to see only a few "nay-sayers" in this thread, a lot of positive cachers and cachers with postiive suggestions. Anyone who doesn't appreciate the work Jeremy has done over the last year plus is out-of-the-loop as far as I'm concerned. The game continues as before and some folks can get extras for a small sum. I'm in. For those who are complaining, go to one of the competitive sites. See how productive they are for your good. Ron (54 hidden/148 found) Caching since Feb. 2001 I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.
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