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  1. I am currently using a SportTrak Pro, which has been great for many things, but not so great for others. What I like: It's rugged - encased in rubber, I have dropped it 40 feet on the rocks with no damage. It's waterproof, and it floats! This whammajamma can take the beating. Once the 'countdown' passes, it's accurate. REALLY accurate. Battery life is about 15 hours continuous. What I don't like: The above mentioned 'countdown'. When I get within 100 feet, I have to stop and let the GPS countdown. I think this is from the heavy averaging, which makes the unit so accurate. But it's a pain. The Mapsend Topo software SUCKS! I can't tell you how many times it has put me on the wrong side of the river, road, hill, etc. The Topo map is just WAY OFF. I wasted my money buying it. SO, for just a little over $200 you can buy this very accurate receiver which will work like a tank on the trail, but you'll sacrifice some of the niceties of the newer GPSrs. Hope this helps...
  2. That cinches it.... I have GOT to go caching with you guys!! We never have THAT kind of fun around here... (Glad you both are safe, limbs unsevered, none the worse for wear, and you might have restored the location to it's former solitude!) HOWEVER, I can one-up you on the curse: I have been repeatedly called a DIRTY white mofo... so there. Airsafety
  3. Congratulations to the entire team for their outstanding effort! The Blind Squirrel Squad: Wilsonjl, Tantor, 2Wheel'in, Team LERK, and myself, Airsafety... We were graciously supported by MooseMaMa and Nightengale, who put up with our obsessions for months! Our thanks go out to Team Ekitt10 for providing such a tantalizing feast - we will never forget this day! For those of you still working on this fantastic cache, even the blind squirrel finds the nut once in a while...
  4. Thanks Bill, and All, for your kind remarks and well wishes! Happy Caching Everyone!
  5. WOOWOO! Way to go Don! By the way, can I add my name to the chit for your RV? I'll even add an upgrade: a TSR-400 terrain mapping radar that will light up anything metal in the woods for miles! (courtesy of the boneyard) Hmmm... wait a second... it would probably light up the RV occupants too Congratulations on 800, and here's looking forward to your 1000 party! Best Regards, Airsafety
  6. At least it isn't in the grass!
  7. Hi Woods, Thank you SO MUCH for offering to place a cache in White Plains! I have looked at Where's George several times, but the cache description recommends a car for transport between legs. I may just try North American Watusi Tour, which would be a walk of 8 miles round trip. I have my eye on the Sleepy Hollow caches, but this would involve several bus rides as well as a walk - probably best left for warmer weather. You will have my undying gratitude, Woods... I'd be happy to buy you a beer, soda, or whatever suits, as well as a 'weck' at one of the nearby shops! Best Regards, Airsafety
  8. OFF TOPIC: I am frequently in White Plains on business and because I fly in, I'm on foot. There are NO caches in the White Plains vicinity within walking distance of city center... Please, please... help me feed the need and plant LOTS of caches within 3 miles of White Plains! Forever in your debt, Airsafety
  9. Hiya Z, Please count me in for the 'Elvis Confluence' project. For planning purposes, I have a Honda Accord and can take two other cachers (with gear) in a carpool. We should prepare a cache to replace that one, should it be MIA. I have tons of camoed ammo cans ready to roll - I'm more than happy to donate one. ~Airsafety Geo Ninja
  10. Gaiter, please accept my late Congratulations on this milestone! (I need to check the forums more often...) Best wishes as you continue the ascent to 2000 - I think we should have an event cache for that one! Warm Regards, ~Airsafety
  11. A hearty CONGRATULATIONS to 2Wheel'in on his 300th find! Here's to the next milestone! HIP HIP HURRAY!
  12. Congratulations Gary! I have seen your logs in many and many a cache, and I hope to make your acquaintance one day soon. You'll be at the 1k milestone quite soon, I'll wager. We should have an event somewhere to 'talk geocaching' and celebrate another 1000+ NoVa Cacher! Warmly, Airsafety
  13. Congratulations to my favorite Fire Medic, MooseMaMa, on her 100th find in the Broad Run series of caches yesterday! We have all seen and collected her firehat erasers, and read her insightful, funny, and sometimes downright hysterical log entries, and her relentless pursuit of Yellow Jeeps is an inspiration to us all - she is one fantastic woman for all of these reasons and one more: she somehow manages to live under the same roof as 2Wheel'in! Now THAT is amazing! Just kidding of course... Bill doesn't really live in the house... he has a shed out back! I have been inspired to make a cache tribute to MooseMaMa which requires rappelling down a cliff, preferably during a torrential downpour, while TV news crews are taping your every move and a radio strapped to your chest is barking chatter non-stop. Piece of cake, except everything is slippery and you can't get a good hold no matter where you look. Wouldn't this make a good Fire Medic's cache? I even have a name for it "Another Boring Day At The Office For Bonnie" Best Wishes for your next 100, and the thousand after that... Your Friend, Airsafety
  14. Thank you, 2Wheel'in, for the post - and thanks to all of you for your fantastic hides... also your logbook entries. I have shared your ups and downs in all of those logbook pages and I have left a few of my own for those who follow. I am quite proud to be a NoVa cacher - I am in excellent company! Salut To All, and Happy Trails!
  15. Congratulations to you both - here's wishing continued success on the next 500. 'May the trail be dry and the cache filled with riches...' ~ancient Fugawi proverb
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