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  1. Decided to host a meet and greet in northern Michigan. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...fc-591927ba8f8f
  2. Okay I have an explorist 500 and I want to buy maps for it. I know there is the CD version of Topo 3d USA v1.00 and there is the DVD Topo 3d USA V1.5. I can't find the DVD one for sale anywhere. Which version should I purchase? Does it really make that much of a difference? Are they both compatible with my unit?
  3. Got it and want to get rid of it? Let me know!! I am looking for Direct Route 2.0 (the one compatible with the explorist) and I am also looking for Topo 3d USA. Thanks!
  4. This is Kittie of Trent & Kittie. I recently purchased my own GPS to use, so now my husband and I each have one (He has a Magellean Meridian Gold). I was wondering what are the best maps to get for it? I like the detailed street maps and was looking at the DirectRoute 2.0 software.. but I was wondering what anyones opinion is on in. I am also seeking info on Mapsend TOPO 3d USA. Thanks for any and all advice.
  5. I would do it for sure! I love the long hikes! We did an 8 mile trip on Sunday. Part way biking, part way hiking. Up and down hills and threw huge muddy puddles. We came out really dirty but it was a blast!
  6. Oh this is a tough one. . . if you think of something good, maybe I will get a shirt for my GeoDog too!
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