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  1. I have a 60c for sale since I have upgraded to a newer unit. I will sell the 60c for $125.00. It is several years old but works well.
  2. I have a Garmin GPSMap 60C which I am going to sell since I have upgraded to an Oregon. The 60C is not a touch screen but it is a decent GPS for geocaching and is easy to use. I would like to get $125 out of it.
  3. OOps sorry, forgot to post the price. We are asking $20.00 plus postage which would be about $5.50
  4. Purchase pending. If it is not picked up as agreed, we will notify those who are interested. This is a used Palm IIIxe organizer in excellent operational and cosmetic condition. Works great for cache pages. Includes stylus, leather case, Hotsync cradle, computer cable, manuals and software CD. Email if you want a photo or have questions.
  5. I put the Pocket Query data into GSAK and then export the data as a Microsoft Streets and Trips Text File as I have always done in the past with no problems. So no I am not trying to wiggle the numbers directly into S&T. Perhaps these is just isolated cases and it won't continue to be a problem. I just thought it was kinda strange
  6. For a couple of years now we have used Microsoft Streets and Trips loaded onto a laptop in conjunction with our GPS units. Lately, for the first time we have had two instances where caches were plotted in the wrong location on the Streets and Trips map. One was over a mile away, the other about three miles. Both of our GPS units had them in the correct place. The laptop and the GPS units were all loaded through GSAK from the same pocket query so I would have thought that they would all be correct or all incorrect. Any thoughts on what could have caused this?
  7. KTAG Kentucky Tennessee Area Geocachers This is a good group in your area
  8. We use our Walking Sticks very frequently. We have built many sticks and presented several as FTF prizes. We also have two of our sticks on the road as Travel Bugs. TBGTOZ,TBGQTG
  9. We have a Garmin 72 which we bought to replace another unit which we broke while caching. The 72 works very well.
  10. Thanks, that solved my problem.
  11. We geocache with a laptop and Microsoft Streets and Trips but we also have Garmin US Topo loaded. The Microsoft product works very well with the GPS locator but we would like to switch between Streets and Trips and US Topo especially when placing caches and scouting for good places.The problem is I cannot see the GPS on the Topo Map. I was under the impression that it would be possible to use our Garmin GPSMAP 60C in conjunction with the Garmin US Topo product. Am I missing something or is this not possible?
  12. A Holiday Geogreeting from Two Old Crows (With all due respect for the original poetry of Clement Clarke Moore) ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the woods, Geocachers were stirring in search of cache goods. Containers were placed with a great deal of care, In hopes that cache seekers soon would be there. The children just wouldn’t stay in their beds, While visions of cache goodies danced in their heads. And Mama in her parka and I in wool shirt, Just found a cache on our long winter’s search. When out of the woods there arose such a sound, We sprang from the cache box in one single bound. Away from the cache site we flew in a flash, Threw open the van door and hid ‘neath the dash. The moon on the hillside all covered with snow, Gave luster of midday that made brambles glow. When what to our screen-weary eyes appeared, But a new Geocacher, complete with white beard. His GPS receiver so accurate and quick, We knew in a moment he must be St. Nick. More rapid than ever the coordinates came, And he cheered and shouted as he played the game: "Now two hundred feet, one-eighty, one-sixty, On one hundred, ninety, eighty and fifty. To the top of the hill, scrambling over big rocks, I dashed away, cached all day; and found a cache box!" He spoke not again but went straight to the loot, Filled his big backpack, and even his boot. He then signed the log and hid the cache well, Laughing, "Ho, Ho, Ho, Geocaching is swell". Then setting new cache coords in his GPS, He turned with a jerk to go look for the next. We heard him exclaim as through woods he went thrashing, Happy Christmas to All and to All, Happy Caching! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Two Old Crows TOC/2005
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