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  1. You have not stopped this, am getting multiple messages today. French, porn. This has to stop
  2. And what pray tell does this mean? I have a Monterra and I am about ready to return it to REI. A number of things not working correctly yet. POI's, map resets, etc. I like the screen, but a fair number of things still not right after almost a year!
  3. my install and update went smoothly.
  4. You can do all of that with the Surface Pro. Unfortunately the Surface RT will not do it!
  5. Basecamp will handle this task easily. Attach your GPS to the computer and start basecamp Under your listed GPS there should be a folder with your waypoints in it You can do this two ways, Delete the waypoints from the internal storage folder Or Creat a new library folder and transfer the waypoints you want to keep to that new folder Delete the waypoints in mass from the GPS and re-transfer only the waypoints from your new folder to the GPS I think that should do it. This is from memory so please forgive if I advised you incorrectly.
  6. I am running GSAK on my MacBook Pro under VMWare with no problems at all. Very stable and fast. I was using a netbook previously and did not care for the slowness of the netbook. Maybe things have gotten faster since then with the netbook stuff. Before VMWare I ran windows as a separate OS for the Mac with no problems. You do have options.
  7. If your MacAir has the Intel chip in it I would consider BootCamping the Drive and install Windows. That is what I have done and have no problems running GSAK. Recently I installed VMWare Fusion and am Running it all with no problems. So there are options for you, just decide how you want to do it. Hope it works out for you.
  8. No problems here with the speed. Using my MacBook Pro.
  9. Downloaded and installed with no problems so far.
  10. I have the following for sale: Garmin GPSMAP60 CSX - This was my primary GPS for several years. The GPS is in very good physical condition. It shows a bit of wear on the black rubberized bottom section. The button lettering is intact and fully readable. Operation wise it is excellent. Included with the GPS is the following: 1 GB Scandisk Micro SD Card with adapter card City Navigator North America v8 North America Topo Garmin Trip and Waypoint Manager v3 Garmin Cigarette Lighter power cable (round 4 pin plug) Garmin USB/Micro USB Cable Garmin Data interface Cable - Cigarette Power Plug/Serial Cable/Round Garmin 4 Pin Plug (allows you to interface to computer) New Unused Ram Suction Mount with 2 Garmin 60 Cradles GPSMAP60 CSX Manual Neck Strap Zagg Screen Protector Smart Rig Camo GPS Case Original Box $200.00 via Paypal or direct - Shipping is included! US Only!
  11. The great thing about GSAK is that it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. It is a heavy duty program that does the simple things with ease!
  12. The update loaded and the unit did not start, would not start. Got on the phone with Mike at Garmin and he was very helpful. Tried his first solution, battery out, power key held down and plugged the usb cable in from the computer. Ran webupdater and reinstalled. Still no go. He then emailed me an old GUP file, version 2.60 to copy into the unit and that installed fine and I had my Montana back. Downloaded 3.94 again and installed with no problems so I am good to go! Maybe it was the solar flare!
  13. Well, this update has not gone well for me. Unit starts buy fails when it leaves the Garmin Screen. Bummer!
  14. I see this can be done through the API. Thanks!
  15. In both automotive and geocacheing profiles mine was set to Save when on and I have been having the issue that it just will not boot on when the vehicle is started. Sometimes it works for three or four cycles but then it fails. If I try to start with the on and off switch it is the white screen of death!
  16. I hope you are not disappointed with the reply, but I believe that you have a GPS that will only handle 1000 Geocaches at a time. Some folks work around this by loading multiple GPX files to the SD card and then rename them on the card. Later using a phone or other compatible device the files can be manipulated or renamed to gain access to a different .gpx file. Others are doing things with the POI capabilities but even that has limitations that are somewhat inconvenient. I know that does not help you much, but you have a GPS that has limited capabilities as it relates to the number of Geocaches or Waypoints that it can handle.
  17. I have the latest running 3.10 I believe and having no issues to speak of. Each update so far has made things slowly but surely better.
  18. At Geowoodstock the Garmin folks that were there shared that there should be Wherigo support in the near future.
  19. Discovered a shortcut quite by accident that I had not read about. When in automotive mode with CNav maps as the main screen, if you have Birdseye satellite .jnx files installed a touch and hold on the screen will toggle the Birdseye images on. Retouch and hold to toggle off. Handy.
  20. Did the upgrade here with no difficulties. All seems well!
  21. Sunday I spent part of the afternoon doing some geocaches with the new Montana. A few observations. 1. The screen is really great! I can actually see this one. 2. The GPS seems to be really stable. No jumping around as you approach the cache location and accuracy is as good or better than any GPS I have used to date (60csx, Oregon 450t, Colorado, PN40) 3. Did I mention the screen. I am impressed! 4. Maps - I loaded up CN NT and downloaded some Birdseye Satellite views and they really show a great improvement on that new screen. 5. I did have one slight issue, on one of the go to sequences it listed the distance to the cache as 1,946.7 miles, but that was wrong. It still took me there but the distance to number was wacky. It did not happen again, but something to watch for. 6. The tracks seem to be very smooth both for driving and walking. My compass did calibrate successfully to completion and I had no POI proximity issues. I used the Garmin GPS Export GSAK Macro and had no difficulty loading just over 5000 caches. Many of the functions are quite intuitive. It appears that the Garmin User Interface is the best yet.
  22. So, just how many geocaches will the Montana hold?
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