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  1. Although their website doesn't have a "caches along a route" feature check out www.roadfood.com by Jane and Michael Stern. They and their corps of tasters have found great local food specialties all over the country. The restaurants they recommend range from holes-in-the-wall to white-tie-and-tails, although they tend towards the former (since that's where all the good local food is to be found anyway). And a lot of them are right along the Interstates. A few years ago, I spent about three months in Yuma one weekend but most of the time I was in the mechanic's shop getting my dead car fixed, so I don't recall much about the restaurants. But there was one INCREDIBLE!!!! place in Sedona, Arizona, with a unique local type of chili, unlike anything I've had anywhere else. It's big chunks of meat in a watery, but very spicy, broth. I will try to find its name and post it here, but if you just go to the old courthouse (or whatever it is) where the tourist info office is, they can probably tell you. Oh, and then you have to drive through Texas. I feel your pain. But if Boudin King in Jennings, Louisiana, is still in business, GO THERE!!!!!!!!! (!) And once you get to Mobile, go north on I-65 a ways and you can find Perdido Vineyards. Yes, believe it or not, somebody has been making wine on the Alabama Gulf Coast for thirty years or more. It's not exactly the taste we expect here in California, but they do some, er, interesting things with the grapes that grow in that climate. Expect sugar. Lots of sugar.
  2. Dude, classes don't even START here until tomorrow! What kind of slave-drivin' college are you at, anyway?
  3. Hey Scripps Ranchers (and others) -- If you have (or haven't) heard of "Geodashing," another GPS game, be advised that there is an easily accessible "dashpoint" in Scripps Ranch in this month's game. It's at N 32° 54.576 W 117° 04.674, which appears to be in the end circle of a cul-de-sac off Av. Magnifica not far from the beginning point of the Jerebek Loop multi-cache. I don't often do Geodashing unless the point is really close to me, but I'd go log this one myself right now, except that I happen to be much closer to GC17BXG than to Max's Favorite Park at the moment. Oh well. Wouldn't it be |<3W|_ to organize a flash-mob event cache at this spot for late August and photograph it for the Geodashing site? I'd do that but I dunno if I'll be back in town before the end of the month. (But if it does happen, the younger half of our team would come....) The neighbors on that street might find it rather, uh, noteworthy too. Y'all explain it to them, OK?
  4. Fun article in today's New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/12/garden/12puzzle.html It's not literally a Geocaching.com puzzle cache, but I wonder if this family's experience might turn them into cachers?
  5. I've seen a couple of caches where the owner photographed the old (removed) log and posted the photo on the cache's web page.
  6. There used to be one in San Diego that was marked with an "O", though: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...a7-6b5b839fb520
  7. I just got mail from the Times saying that they have corrected the caption on the photo of the reference mark.
  8. The New York Times today (June 2, 2008) has a feature story about the geographic center of the U.S. in Butte County, S.D. At the very end of the article they mention the mark at that spot, PU2386 (though they don't call it that; they do mention its designation, "CENTER"). There is also (online only) an associated slide show. Unfortunately, the picture that they says is the mark is actually a picture of RM #1, which is apparently 22 feet south of the mark itself. (It's picture #4 of 8 in the slide show.) I sent them a correction, hoping to win a prize for the most obscure correction of the week Here's the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/02/us/02land.html
  9. Thanks for the fixes and enhancements! A question about one of them In the new MyTopo maps, is there a way to make it display an "X" or something at the location you're mapping (the way the Google maps display an arrow)? I didn't see an option to make it do that, as there was on the topozone maps, but I probably just missed it. Thanks.
  10. Yahoo! I hope that they're required to solve and find a puzzle cache as part of the challenge -- then Evan's team is bound to win In any case, what a cool achievement. Congratulations!
  11. Mine's in what looks like a moonscape northwest of Albuquerque. (Cue "Bugs Bunny" voice muttering about that "left toin".....) And I've never even cached in New Mexico! But there are a number of caches not far away, like "Here Comes The Sun." Whaddaya wanna bet that within a couple of years the "moonscape" will be covered with condos and malls?
  12. There's also a list of San Diego city reservoir-parks with closure information at http://www.sandiego.gov/water/recreation/fishbulletin.shtml. For example, Lake Hodges is closed until Feb. 6.
  13. Oh yeah?! look at all that smog in that picture!!! I think you're mistaking us with the middle child. Besides, even though both we and Alameda both have nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, none of ours has ever been infiltrated by the helmsman of a 23rd-century starship, and one of theirs has. Nyah. Leo("Geocaching -- eez Russian inwention!")Geo
  14. I was in a Hampton Inn that seemed to change it every five days or so.
  15. There's one here that's at the opposite end -- under the stairs in the basement of the Art Department. Students are constantly discarding spray-paint cans, broken chairs, and other stuff there, not to mention using it as the neighborhood toking-up zone, so a small cache is the least of that location's issues! Plus, the cache has a long life-expectancy because the stairway is such a mess that even the janitor seems to be scared to go there; it gets cleaned out at most about once every 10 years
  16. Uh-oh. I can explain the GPSr, and I can explain the dozen ammo cans in the trunk, but I think they might get suspicious about the big sack of Happy Meal Toys.
  17. Howdy, fellow SD Cachers, I'm releasing a series of five GeoWoodstock5 Poker Geocoins in different caches, all headed towards the "Royal Flush" cache in Calgary to see if they can make a royal flush there. Some of them will be released here in America's Finest City, and a couple of others I'll take to the Wrong Coast over the holidays. The first one went into FlagMan's recently rejuvenated Hoyt Loop cache in Scripps Ranch today. You can search for them under "Trackables" with the phrase "Royal Flush Series", and of course you're welcome to just discover them for the icon if you like. Thanks for any northeasterly travel towards that yee-haw rodeo city on the prairie that anyone can give them!
  18. They forgot: If you are a Geocacher, press the number you get by taking the digits of pi, using them to telephone Greta Garbo, asking her what's the middle name of Hank (founder of Where's George), adding the digits of that name (using kabbalistic numerology) together, dividing the result by the second digit of the latitude of a certain cache that Groundspeak won't let you see the listing of because it's "archived" (Groundspeak doublespeak for "censored"), using that digit as if it were the rebus picture of an ex-assistant-undersecretary of commerce and dividing that official's number of years of government service by 37, discarding the result and bushwhacking 8.273 miles at a bearing of 32 deg. 59 min. 2 sec. from true north, starting from the Spreckels Organ Pavillion, and then choosing a number at random. And please hide it as well as you found it. Check your answer here: http://www.SoylentGreenIsMuggles!!!.com
  19. I haven't gotten one either. But there are quite a few out there already -- go to the trackables page and search on "WDD 2007" and it will display 100 of them (which I think is the maximum it'll display; presumably there are a lot more already activated). So I guess if I want the icon I'll just have to go out and actually find one of these coins. Uh....where is Barstow,anyway?
  20. Or, you could just go to Delaware and grab this excellent Travel Bug (TBMQEX) : http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=207265
  21. Thanks, Yank, for the tip about where to get wooden sticks. I went looking for one a few months ago, and the guy at Big 5 Sports looked at me like I had asked him for a buggy whip, or a package of adapters (anybody remember adapters?) for 45 rpm records. The best suggestion I could get from store sales clerks was to try getting a hand-carved one at the Renaissance Festival! I wound up getting a metal one and have been pleased with it, but now I can check out the wooden option too.
  22. I wonder whether we could establish a website or forum thread to collect a list of local caches that have to be archived. TPTB have recently taken away the old-fashioned "Geocaching maps," and with them, the ability to find archived caches (unless you know the waypoint ID (GCxxxx) of the specific cache). So if we want to be able to read the old logs, revel in the nostalgia, etc., we'll need to have a way to find the archived caches' listing ourselves. Or, at least, maybe we should ask TPTB to stop calling them "archived" caches. An archive is a place where you can go to look up old information. In total contrast to that, TPTB are putting these caches into what Orwell called a "memory hole."
  23. For those of you thinking about going to GeoWoodstock 6 next year and want to see what a GW is like, or for those who went to GW5 and want to re-live those memories, the North Carolina Geocaching Organization now has copies of their 15-minute GW5 movie available for sale on DVD. I was at the "world premiere" in Chapel Hill earlier this year and can attest that it is a well-made and fun flick. The DVD can be ordered at http://ncgeocachers.org/modules.php?name=Store . (At the moment, you have to register and log in to the site, but I'm told they're working on making the "Store" available without requiring a login.)
  24. The LeoGeoids are all OK, but we do feel like gen-yu-wine Californians now. Left Scripps Ranch Monday morning ahead of the official evacuation, returned Tuesday evening. So for us, at least, it was less disruptive than Hurricane Fran when we lived back in North Carolina. Drove up to Orange County on Friday and found a lot of areas to be much smokier than Scripps. One cache of particular regional interest, the I-5 Las Pulgas TB Hotel, is fine, although there's plenty of evidence of the Horno Fire in that vicinity. Stay well, y'all!
  25. Confirm or deny? I was told that Channel 10 had reported, around noon or 1:00 pm, that there was a new fire in Rancho Bernardo. I had been listening to KPBS and KOGO and had heard nothing about this, nor can I find it on any TV station's website, and, in fact, I've been hearing that people are being allowed back into RB, Penasquitos, etc., which presumably wouldn't be happening if there was a new fire there. Did anyone else hear any such report?
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