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  1. Warren Before heading out this weekend, I went to run the update to pick up the newest firmware and the current database. When everything was set-up and I went to update, I had about 15 minutes worth of attempts that always ended in "Flash Programming Failed." Suddenly, one attempt caught and I got the update. After the update, I wanted to try and change databases (from All to East USA) and got stuck back in the Flash Programming Failed rut. Are there settings or changes we can make to help ease the update process or is there another approach you can recommend? thanks
  2. Warren We received the Update Kit yesterday and I just finished updating the database this morning. Easy as can be. When I plugged the unit in, there was a message that indicated there was an update to the firmware. The Geomate.jr detected! Unit Firmware: geomate.jr V1002 RE X2-> Update Available Unit Database: geomate.jr DB: USA All 9/9/2009 How do we go about updating that? All I could find was the DB update. thanks for your help!
  3. How will the firmware be updated on the Geomate? I know that there was a bug in the original version that only retained the most recent 20 finds (instead of the up to 1000 finds). Will it be updated when we pull a new DB down or will we have to install something else? thanks - we can't wait for this to be in our hands!
  4. I got the following Tweet earlier this afternoon from the Geomate Twitter account in response to that very question: You'll be happy to hear that the Update Kits have been sent out to our retailers. Now it's up to the retailers!
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