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  1. I think that the current unknown cache type should be changed to puzzle caches and a new type be created strictly for "challenge" caches, ie. find ten caches in one day to log this, or delorme challenge, or caches in 2 countries...the list goes on and on. I hate doing a pocket query for unknowns and having a crap load of "challenges" come up, I like the puzzles and would like to filter them as such.
  2. Hi, I am looking to place a geocache near an antique water pump located near our water board. The pumpis a display only piece with a sign detailing what it was. I approached the manager of the water board who had never heard of geocaching so I explained it to him. He said that the only problem that he would have with it is if someone fell and got injured and then sued the water board. So I guess my question is, is there any way to releive the location owner, i.e. the water board in this case, from any liability should someone fall while geocaching? Thank You, Mike
  3. After retrieving a cache last week on a rail to trails in Clarksburg I remembered that I had seen an old RR spike, as I was walking back down the hill to get it I stepped on a beer bottle, it rolled out from under my foot, I went down and the bottle broke under my leg. I was cut pretty good because I was wearing shorts but later that evening I got two more caches with my wife and kids.
  4. I attempted to do a .gpx download from the NGS site as listed in the "Me first" section and my state(WV) has none listed and gives me an error. Has anyone else ran into this and am I doing something wrong??? Mike
  5. I did a pocket query with .loc files and loaded them into GSAK and exported them to an sd card. I then loaded the file into my gps and when I tried to sort the waypoints by position they were not sorted. Could someone please help me in getting these to export properly and/or sort properly. Thanks, Mike
  6. I plan on taking a travel bug that I picked up with me on a trip. I will be visiting a few caches on the way and finally dropping it for good at my destination. What is the proper way to log this? Thank you in advance, Mike
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