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  1. Here's the CacheStats program. By default it searches for the acronym FTF, then shows you every log where you used it so you can decide whether is was really an FTF or just a log where you mentioned the acronym. You can tell pretty quickly which it is and click a Yes/No button. Using it I made a list of my FTFs in about five minutes.
  2. Thot

    Two PQ Questions

    Question 1 -- I couldn't see a way to make a PQ that gives me all the caches by a given cacher. Could someone confirm that's correct? Question 2 -- I deleted/archived a PQ so I would have room for others. But, it hasn't gone away. It's still there with a line through it. When does it really go away so I have more room? Question 3 -- What do "Pocket" Queries have to do with pockets? I know, I know I promised only 2 questions -- so just ignore #3
  3. Thanks. I read at the thread and it appears that it can be reported as follows: I'll send this to him.
  4. A friend found this benchmark (N 30° 18.830 W 098° 43.806) which I cannot locate in the NGS records. Is there a way to report benchmarks that aren't already reported? The only way I could find to report a benchmark was with an PID number which, but definition, if it's not in their records it can't have.
  5. That problem resolved itself quite a while ago. Thanks for offering.
  6. This method requires action by the original owner. TPTB used to let you adopt abandoned caches where the owner can no longer be contacted. Do they no longer permit this. If they still do, what's the current procedure for doing that?
  7. You mean like this? Yes. Nice. And, if GC decides not to add this feature to the Query page I'll probably adopt your addin.
  8. That's my situation, and I normally only run 2 of them and these only once a week.
  9. Since there's a limit of 40 queries, I suggest you add the total number of queries a person has somewhere on the query listing page so s/he knows how close they are to 40. If the total is already on the page somewhere please tell me where to look.
  10. What's the objection to it that limiting it to two or even one check within a half-mile or even a mile radius from a failed location per 24 hours wouldn't eliminate?
  11. That's why I suggested the evince concept. In this case you could limit it pretty tightly, say no more than two failed checks a day within a half mile of each other.
  12. If this already exists and I've just missed it please point me to it. When I find a promising location to put a new cache, before I waste a lot of time working it up I like to know if the location is available. It's easy enough to check for traditional caches, but multis and puzzles have unknowable locations I can't check. I propose a "Check for Availability" feature, where you enter the coords of your hot new hiding place and it tells you if its available. It could work something like Prime Suspect's evince for puzzle verification.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I think that answers my question. I always thought it meant #2.
  14. Does the attribute "recommended at night" mean: 1) It's practical to do the cache at night? Or 2) The cache is intended/designed specifically to be done at night? Or 3) There's something better about doing it at night?
  15. I suggest changing that to read: "A TB is not a trade item, you are not expected to put something in the cache to take a TB, (Including other TBs) Edited to correct boldface typo
  16. It's always been my understanding Travel Bugs are not trade items. I want people to pickup and move my bugs at will. It seems even some experienced cachers think you should leave something if you take a TB I suggest pinning a Topic to the top of this forum with a title something like this one that makes it clear that no trade is expected when taking a TB. One of the pinned topics says: "Do not have to" is not clear enough. "Not expected to" would be better. Some say, "Well, you may not have to but good form says you really should." Not expected to makes that clearer.
  17. Thot

    Two Bug Questions

    March sounds good, but I might take issue with calling this a "cacher"
  18. I'm sure these have been asked before but here goes . . . I have a bug that was picked up on July 1 last year by a cacher's first find. They then stopped caching almost immediately -- 4 finds, three that first day. In October I wrote a polite reminder. They replied saying they'd been busy but would put in a cache immediately. It still hasn't been placed, so I send another note a few days ago. No reply this time. It's now going on eight months. Question 1: How long should one wait before deciding a TB is lost? Question 2: If I restart it and the original shows up, what happens if I can't get anyone to send me the second release to get it out of circulation?
  19. No that's what I'd call a delayed response.
  20. I need to apologize to everyone for not getting back yesterday to explain that I solved the problem. Since nothing changed on the device, only on the computer end, I reasoned that something about the computer end had to be the problem. I had uninstalled and reinstalled but I kept trying this. I won't bore you with the 4 times but here's the drill that worked: Uninstall the Palm software Delete the folder where it was installed Reboot the machine Reinstall the software Reboot the machine After resetup it worked. But, you cannot skip any of the above steps. I know I tried every possibility before doing the full procedure.
  21. I find these Palms among the most finicky digital gadget I've ever dealt with. It seems to constantly be one problem or another. I use a Palm IIIxe with Cachemate. A couple of weeks ago I had to reinstall XP. Now I can't get the Palm to work with Cachemate. I reinstalled the Palm software and added Cachmate to it. It hotsyncs up fine and does all it's Palm software stuff, but it ignores the Cachemate cache file. The file show up in the Palm "Quick Install" and if I try to reload it I get a message that says, "File is already in the handleld list." Deleting it and reloading it doesn't help. Anybody have any ideas?
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