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  1. I don't understand your point. Please clarify.
  2. For the first time yesterday somebody "discovered" one of my bugs. It was the first I'd heard of it. Apparently you can go to a bug hotel and get the numbers of 15-20 bugs and officially "discover" them. And after Jeremy outlawed virtual moves. Here all along I thought the idea was to "travel." I'm thinking of creating a "do nothing" bug. I'll keep it here on my computer table and log it as "doing nothing" every hour or so. Discover bugs -- strange
  3. That worked. I thought I'd lost the coordinates because I'd recorded the corrected coordinates in GSAK and when the cache was disabled the listing was deleted. But, your reply made me look harder and I found them in Excel. Thanks.
  4. I few weeks ago I solved a puzzle. Now it doesn't show up in my PQs. I assume this means it's either been archived or disabled. I don't remember its name. How can I find it so I can know if it will every come back?
  5. If you do that manually you may want to try my coordinate averaging utility http://factsfacts.com/geocachingsoft/Avera...Coordinates.htm
  6. Lots of great looking dogs. Here's ours and the link below it takes you to more pics. http://factsfacts.com/bindi/index.htm
  7. That looks like Livingston State park If so there's a cache and two letterboxes further down that boardwalk
  8. I disagree. If we're arguing about a 10 foot difference, I agree, that's about as good as it gets. But, other than exceptional situations, in the southern flat lands of Houston it should be possible to obtain coordinates that can get another cacher at least within 20-25 feet, if one tries. Maybe not in the north or mountain valleys or surrounded by skyscrapers, but in Houston you can see a lot of sky. It may take a little time and effort, but I see that as your obligation if you're going to have others thrashing about hunting your cache. I'm using the editorial "you" here. I can't remember hunting any of your caches, and I accept your claim to having good coordinates.
  9. From Thot's perspective that is a true statement, but I think even GQ would disagree here. UsMorrows (Sam & Frances) are the true Den Mother & Father of our geocaching family. It is they who formed the Southeast Texas Geocaching Family. GQ is more like our favorite Uncle. Sam & Fran have throttled back due to some real life challenges and GQ has done more than any other to fill the void. Perhaps I should have said: "For the past three years GQ has done more to support and advance area geocaching than anyone else, bar none." I've heard UsMorrows was a major figure early on, but they haven't been as active since I started caching.
  10. This "insult" idea is the answer to CYBret's question. I agree with almost everything in your post, except I do post my coordinates when the listed coordinates are different by 20-25 feet and it isn't pretty obvious where the cache is. I'll post mine if they're more than 15' different and it's a micro in a place described below. If my coordinates agree within about 25 and its a regular cache or easy to find I don't think less of the owner, and I don't think I have a "laser perfect GPSr." I'm just trying to help future cachers. If, under good conditions, they're different by more than 30 feet, well . . . the owner should try harder -- even if it is Snoogans. It's no trick at all to make a cache hard to find -- just post bad coordinates. For some reason it's considered rude to the owner to mention his cache's coordinates are wrong, but it's not inconsiderate of the cacher to screw everyone over with bad coordinates. My top geocaching peeve is micros with a difficulty rating of one that have bad coordinates in an area where it could be in any of a few hundred locations within the circle created by the error. If you're going to post micros like this and give bad coordinates make them a difficulty 3 or more, or say in the description you don't bother trying to get good coordinates, and I'll just pass them by. Why is it alright to post a cache with bad coordinates that causes others grief, but not alright for others to point this out? I'm serious. Please, somebody tell me why you think this's so.
  11. GQ for sure. Houston is a major caching city and GQ has done more to support and advance area geocaching than anyone else bar none. He helps everyone. As has been said he set up, funds and operates the Houston Geocaching Society website. What everyone has said is true. It's hard to overstate how much he does to help beginners and advanced geocachers and geocaching itself. He's an all-round friendly terriffic guy. I'm thinking about asking him to marry me
  12. I'd log a DNF. Here are my guidelines for logging DNFs http://factsfacts.com/LoggingDNFs.htm
  13. My, my, that was quick. Thanks.
  14. Seems like I remember seeing that it's possible to let someone copy one of your PQs, but I can't remember how. Do I remember correctly and if so how is it done? Thanks
  15. Markwelled http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=111722 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=74690 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=99698 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=80569 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=76912 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=69796 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=57765 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=58613 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=54681 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=53416 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=64154 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=9250 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=8058 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=7761 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=7112
  16. Okay, how about this. Until a voting scheme can be produced (and I still support one), how about a button at the bottom of each photo. Members could click the button if they think the picture should be featured in a "best" collection. There would be a "best" area where all these "featured" pictures are displayed. It would show the name of the cacher who featured the photo. Start with no constraints. Then abuse becomes a problem (some people featuring every picture they come to, limit the number of photos an individual can feature in some period of time (10 per day, 30 per week, etc.) and have a total number limit with a FIFO cutoff. Perhaps don't let a person "feature" pictures from their own logs.
  17. Thanks for your reply. I was having trouble finding the 'upload images' link.
  18. That wouldn't affect my proposal. They can have any age cutoff they want.
  19. That wouldn't affect my proposal. They can have any age cutoff they want.
  20. I seem to remember reading somewhere that they just look at the recent images every day and choose a few from that. And do they look through all of the pictures for each day, or just a sampling? In the set you linked to there were 1000 pictures dated today, and I couldn't tell if that was all of the pictures for for today or that list just cuts off arbitrarily after 50 pages. Seem unlikely that there have been exactly 1000 pictures today. I could easily be mistaken, but it seems like I remember seeing same pictures on the front page for more than one day.
  21. I'm guessing they put a dipper in the ocean and choose the best from what's in the dipper. Chances any of yours are in the dipper is not very great. They do choose some terrific shots, but others -- not so much. My idea is to have thousands of eyes looking over the entire ocean for good shots. In addition to the use on the opening screen, maybe create a "Best of the Gallery" page with thumbnails of the top few hundred listed in order.
  22. I feel foolish asking this because I've done it more than once. There's a way to add a picture to a cache listing (not a log), but I can't remember how. How is it done?
  23. Duh.. at least there are two of us in the world... never could figure out why the pencil needed to be protected from moisture... And folks know it's not a trade item, how? Who trades out already sharpened pencils?? Pens have also been part of the discussion.
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