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  1. I have the same probs mentioned but using IE10. Additional there is a post on top of geocaching.coom site: "Groundspeak is phasing out support for older browsers. Visit the Help Center for more information." IE10 and older Browsers don´t fit
  2. alexandi


    same problem here. Since the last update
  3. now the site is completely down. GS do something. We pay a lot of money !
  4. Hi, is there a checkpoint for restarting the site ? When will geocaching.com be on air again ? Greetings
  5. same here. Let´s see if the major update tomorrow will fix it.
  6. I changed all the E-Mail-Adresses on geocaching.com to an new Domain. Now I got the validation-Mail from Groundspeak, but still no notifications of new caches or logs. Looks like a general problem ? EDIT: I chanced back all the E-Mail-Adresses to my old one´s, and now the frist notification email came. Strange....
  7. it is showing: Service unavailable HTTP Error: 503
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