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  1. I couldn't delete a GPI-file at my O550. Tried in wincmd, command prompt ect. At last I found my solution chkdsk /F for the file and it was gone... but afterwards also a step higher, cause the folder wouldn't delete. Maybe it can be the solution for other in the future.
  2. Has been changed today Hopefully maybe this will be like my favorite for wm-phones... GCzII
  3. You are absolutely right - this is the best application you can get for android. The Euro 5, - are worth every penny. It also has the ability to import GPX files, and you can also create maps offline using trekbuddy Atlas Creator. Still wish I could get it... See forward to the day it happen.
  4. And now I got the "My Finds" on email.. and the button has changed.. So it must have perceived that I have pushed earlyer
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