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  1. It's about seeing something that we never knew existed, seeing places we've never been, this is why we geocache, we don't always find what we want, but occasionally, there is an ever inspiring scenery or site that makes us say to ourselves, "this is amazing".

  2. The Garmin Oregon 6xx and Monterra both have bluetooth and can download caches from a phone.


    If you just want to log the finds, you just need the phone by itself and the Groundspeak app. There is no need to connect to another GPS.


    Awesome, thanks, this was exactly what I needed to know. :)

  3. You know, I bet that probably 95% (and I don't have proof, just the people I know who do geocache) don't care about the politics, the business side, etc of geocaching. All they want to do is load a coordinate or a few and just find a cache. So what, I got into this hobby for my own reasons, for the fun of it and the adventure and the satisfaction we get when we get a find. If the game has changed, so what. If people like stats, so what, who cares. If you enjoy the game for what it is, then all that stuff about the game changing is meaningless. I have been doing this for 10 years now and enjoy it as much now as I did then. Some caches are bad, but some are amazing. Power trails are fine, we did two last year, but we only did it for the experience of completing a pt. Numbers to us aren't why we geocache. We geocache for the adventure, one cache at a time. It is one of the things we enjoy doing as a family. That part of geocaching, I wouldn't trade for anything.

  4. Although our cache finds in PEI are only a couple of handfuls, when we were there, there wasn't many but we really enjoyed our time there. Now that we live out west, we don't get to PEI like we would like to. However, our vacation plans are to go to NS and PEI so we hope to hit some caches in our old stomping ground. Thanks for the suggestion Ma & Pa. :anitongue:

  5. We use a 2001 S10 4x4 extended cab and it has only gotten us stuck once. Never afraid to go into bad terrain at all with this vehicle. Very decent on gas and enough room for geocaching. We have been using it since we started geocaching.

  6. We have only completed one power trail and we thought of just claiming a find for each when we only found a few but couldn't bring myself to do this. I don't know, but seems to me and this is just my opinion, these caches should be treated as all others. Sign the log and then claim as a find. But I guess some play the game in different ways, we prefer to sign each logbook, takes alot of time and is repetitious, but at least i can say we did it the way it was intended.

  7. I use geocaching.com on a fairly regular basis. My browser of choice is Google Chrome (Version 30.0.1599.101 m)


    Today I logged in to use the site and I'm finding that the main screen is rendering improperly. The top menu which typically spans across the width of the screen is breaking down and showing like basic html web links.


    I'm assuming this is a browser compatibility issue with some sort of new code applied to the site because it rendered fine in Internet Explorer.


    Is anyone else running into the same issue with Chrome?


    I thought it was just me and something i did, but i am having the same problem and i still haven't figured out the problem.

  8. What we do when we retrieve a bug or coin from a cache that is still in the hands of someone, we do wait a few days, if no log is completed, then we will grab it from the cacher who it is said to be in the hands of then we dip it in the cache that we found it in and move it along to another cache. Not sure if this is proper etiquette, but at least the trackable gets it's mileage.

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