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  1. Hello... this weekend my wife and I are going to hocking hills, OHio. We plan on visiting many of the earthcaches there. Are there any traditional caches that you recommend? Thanks!
  2. Freakin' sweet! PLease tell me that you will do a William the conquerer.... Genghis Khan.... William Wallace.... Vlad the impaler... etc!
  3. And it is appreciated. Don't worry about asking questions. We are more than happy to answer even if it has been asked before. bd Thank you. I am reading all about geocaching, but without any gps yet, or some hands on experience, there is much I don't understand. I have to learn how to crawl before I can walk, then walk before I can run. I am using search, commenting on some older related threads here and there, but read the dates, and say I know it's an older thread, but some are still relivant to learning. I have no mentors around to teach me, so for now, it's all reading and prep for taking baby steps. Reading the board is helping, albeit slowly. I don't know if this will help.... but for my first 20 caches that I found, I didn't have a GPS receiver. I just found them by getting a general location of the hide and reading the hint.
  4. Ditch the tape.... use spray paint and some sand for texture! It will cost about the same price, look loads better, and will last longer. Tape will eventually rot.... ewww! Paint will not.... yay!
  5. Would probably be cheaper to just buy premium membership than the drive 4000 miles to check on it. Did you try the tbrescue site?
  6. My uncle and I used to go "hunting" through the plow fields every spring and fall. My greatest treasure is an axe head.... not a tomahawk head.... . it is too broad for that. I also have a grinding stone, several pieces of pottery (not whole), some gray arrowheads that you speak of, and some red-brown arrowheads (the color of the flint at Flint Ridge, Ohio). On a side not, my uncle found a burial mask hidden in a small chest in a cave near Ironton, Ohio. Who knows how it got there... the metal hinges on the chest hinted that it had been stolen. I think I remember him saying that the mask was made out of slate, but I do not know where that slate would have come from locally. My uncle passed away 10 years ago and my cousin has had the mask in a vault ever since.
  7. I have researched some of the listed ones that I can find, and read the guidelines. What I'm afraid of is that mounds really are in a grey area and my Earth science may not be strong enough. Based on what I have read in this thread I think that I have more to work with, but yes the listings will have quite a bit of information on Native culture, but these people lived off of the land and used stone tools, ect. Maybe if we work together we can come up with something workable? MPH.... maybe we can continue throwing ideas back and forth to each other. Truth be told.... I haven't put much effort into this recently because I've been busy trying to get into grad school. I am going to try to get ahold of Ohio historical in order to get permission, but I'm not sure if they have authority of a national secured land.... maybe they can point me in the correct direction, though. I think that the trade routes and variety of different minerals/ stones is a decent foundation for approval. Throw in the flooding scenario with the wall.... and maybe local materials used to build the structures. Maybe that will be enough to start with.
  8. Received mine as well.... Can't wait to put them to use thanks doc! P.s. Now I know where you work
  9. 18, 3.0 19, 2.5 20, 2.5 21, 2.5 22, 3.0 23, 2.5 Thanks again for the cointest.... have fun out there and be careful!
  10. Alright.... got it set up.... thanks for hosting this again!
  11. Cool... thanks for the cointests!
  12. The resin is actually a special clear epoxy with some colour added. The mint I chose does this all the time to make paperweights. They create the mould for the paperweight, half fill it with epoxy and place the dragonfly in it. Then they finish filling it and let it harden. That's what I figured... awesome idea!
  13. cw88, 002000 I would just like to point out that this feels like a game of clue.... or mouse trap
  14. So... I guess my question is... what is being used as the resin?
  15. Now that is awesome! Great design!
  16. very cool.... and I thought this was beginning to be my own personal thread
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