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  1. That battery life thing is another reason I'm planning to mostly rely on my trusty 550t and not the phone. I also ordered a car charger for the phone, which should help. --Larry They also make battery extenders.... but honestly I think the battery life is pretty decent if you conserve it. Say.... get a reading every 1/8th mile or so until you are within a hundred feet. I mean you dont have to constantly keep the GPS on. I have a widget on mine that I can turn the gps on and off easily. Also, the app that I am using turns the gps off when out of the app. Considering how fast the apps load, this is perfect for battery conservation.
  2. I guess the only thing that I am worried about with mine is water damage.... I have the otterbox defender series protecting it from bumps (I highly recommend it). You might not like the big, bulky case.... but I have had my phones saved by them time and time again. The Atrix is right on par with the Bionic pretty much. I haven't seen the two run caching programs side by side, but I am sure that they perform similarly. One thing that I enjoy is that the compass is exactly on dial when looking for the cache. No jumping back and forth. Some programs have the "breadcrumb" ability too... so you can see where you have been... or if you are goin in circles. Larry- PM me if you are having any troubles.... I doubt you will. It is pretty straight forward. I've never had a droid... it took me about 2 days to fully get used to everything.
  3. Howdy! I just got my Motorola Bionic last week and found my first cache with it yesterday. This is a vast upgrade from using my Iphone 3g and Magellan GPSr hand in hand. The reception was within 5 feet on a cloudy day, near trees, and with the cell tower help turned off. I can turn the GPS on and off using widgets to save battery. The apps load instantly.... no more waiting for the app to load. Has anybody else started using this device? I would definitely recommend it. Let me know if you have any questions about it.
  4. I feel that in a world in which recycling is now "in".... it is a great way to reuse the tracking number which costs at least 1.50 in order to have on geocaching.com ..... why not create a travelbug out of that number? I feel that even a copy of a coin is more interesting than the moldy/mildewed crap that is normally in a cache.
  5. Will it be the same coin as the original.... or a slightly different one? Interesting
  6. Was wondering if we could get a pic of the coin vault
  7. Looks like I had a lucky first week.... Hopefully my boys can keep up the momentum and keep healthy
  8. I don't wish to enter this cointest.... But would like to point out that everybody deals with this subject differently. Today is a day of mixed feelings today. It is the marking of the loss of thousands of lives, crushed families, a country that had to collect themselves and band together. Today also marks my wife's birthday. I am gracious for my family and my country.
  9. Hey Lions D has Ndamkong..... his name stands for "house of spears". I would not mess with that man. Period.
  10. Ba duh duh... ba duh duh. Football start night!
  11. Those jeeps... they look somehow familiar... They should, I believe they came from you I dig that green and yellow tsun coin.
  12. No..... Everyone knows the answer must always be 42. True... depending on the question.
  13. 5 + 2 = 7 Had to try the reverse
  14. 2 + 5 = 7 ? couldn't help but go with primes
  15. Wow..... So he missed all of the counterfeit currency hidden under the geocoins in the backseat?
  16. 4 + 8 = 12? I have no idea what gritty is? Some type of enamel or something?
  17. Darn.... and I knew that one. Congrats! If you look at that ceiling long enough it will make you sick... makes it look like it is spinning.
  18. That is awesome.... I need to send one that way again!
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