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  1. Long time no see..... hope all is well!
  2. FOund 2 more today with the Bionic.... still getting used to it. Just realized that it tells you through c: geo how many satellites you are receiving.
  3. Yep... seems like the mentality is entirely different over there. There is still a sense of "private property" that we are seriously lacking state-side.
  4. Ya... nice to have a little sweet to get the bitter out of your mouth. Congrats
  5. I had thought about the smack board..... but didn't know if people would take offense lol..... but honestly we are all geeks. We shouldn't be offended too easily. I have tried smacking people with it in other leagues but usually no one smacks me back. (No comments required on that one ) It ends up being a onesided smack board. LOL Those are the kind that hurt the worst
  6. I had thought about the smack board..... but didn't know if people would take offense lol..... but honestly we are all geeks. We shouldn't be offended too easily.
  7. Told you that the Lions are for real this year.
  8. You will be fine... your team has the highest total score so far I am pretty sure. That will lead to you winning several games in the coming weeks....... I think that you have close to 100 points more than I have so that will be very helpful to you down the road in the standings. You could take my injured QB - First draft pick and not playing this season. I think I read where this will be Cutler's week. Not sure I should play him instead of Romo in another league though. Heck you and I are playing in the other league with Brees and Brady. I have Stafford and Romo. Now how should I root when I watch Detroit at Dallas on Sunday? Easy... root for Calvin Johnson.
  9. You could take my injured QB - First draft pick and not playing this season. At least you had a decent backup in line.
  10. It's a relatively new phone, so very few accessories, if any. But at $188 (AUD$, approximately the same in USD$ except that this model isn't sold there) ... who cares? The phone's lithium-ion battery will wear out in a year or three and it will be time to update again. I figure phones are likely to be lost or broken (I've had more than one only work held together by tape after being dropped) so I avoid expensive ones. Digital SLRs and notebook computers I try _very_ hard not to drop. I have a friend that had an otterbox on his iPhone 3gs..... it got ran over by a truck and still worked. Those cases are tough.
  11. Do they make otterboxes for your phone..... that would keep it from getting scratched and banged up.
  12. I will be sending one out as well
  13. You will be fine... your team has the highest total score so far I am pretty sure. That will lead to you winning several games in the coming weeks....... p.s. Sorry.... for rooting against your TE last night
  14. I am part of both worlds here. My first unit was a Magellan Explorist. I still use it when we are kayaking, or it is raining, or a super steep incline. It is nothing special... gets me from point A to point B (like my first car.... a 1988 Ford Festiva). It isn't sexy, doesn't have the bells and whistles, but it is rugged. The accuracy is off by about 10 feet on a good day. I eventually got the iPhone 3g. 2 years ago I was like "Wow!" The Groundspeak app served its purpose. I no longer had to decide which caches I was going out for. I just cached on the fly. The iPhone was equipped with otterbox ruggedness, but I was afraid of dropping it because it was also my contact to the outside world. The accuracy was normally off by about 20 feet on a good day. Last week my contract was up... so I switched providers and got the Motorola Bionic equipped with the otterbox defender series. I have only used it once.... here are my likes and dislikes so far: Likes- Superbly, amazingly, blindingly quick at loading everything. Compass is right on. The case protects against almost anything..... except water. Giant screen.... 4.3 inches Paperless caching. Crumb trail..... this is something my old Magellan has, but the iPhone did not. Open Sourcing. From what I can tell, this is as accurate or more accurate than the Magellan. Battery life is decent from everyday use.... still haven't put it though the all-day caching test, though. Shows number of satellites connected to. Dislikes- Not waterproof..... in a perfect world this phone would be waterproof. Again the giant screen is beautiful.... but that would make it much easier to get bashed. Still not a high end GPSr chip.
  15. So... went to the Verizon store today. Said they could order the battery extender for 40 bucks.... or it is on amazon for 50.
  16. Yeah yours was a really nailbiter game! But you are 3-0 and you thought my team was stacked. Let's see when we meet!! We all know that you are just sandbaggin' with romo on your bench. You would have had 100 if you would have started him. Kinda' hard to pick which QB to start when they are playing each other. Pretty good game to watch on tv. I would have been disappointed if I would have paid for tickets to the game though. Who wants to watch a a game with 8 field goals?
  17. Somehow my boys pulled through again on Sunday. Big shout out to Jermichael Finley for pulling in 26 points. That has to be some kind of record for a TE.
  18. I am pretty sure that is in the settings.... just uncheck the display found caches. You will also have to log in to geocaching through your app.
  19. That does like like a clever solution to the battery-life problem. On the other hand, I'm so mechanically inept that I'd be more likely to turn my Bionic into a voided-warranty brick if I tried that. --Larry True.... basically it is just cutting your back cover to fit the extended battery. You can buy another back cover from verizon for like $5 if you don't like it.
  20. As far as the battery extender goes, I might be doing this to my bionic.... I keep it in my otterbox defender case and would really be up on the extended battery mod. http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-bionic-accessories/171646-bionic-extended-battery-otterbox-dremel.html I just asked in that forum where they purchased the battery extender and will hopefully get a reply soon. This is what you were thinking of Larry... a larger actual battery. Would have to get the defender case, though, to keep it tucked in.
  21. I wasn't able to find a battery extender for the Bionic. Of course, I'm a newbie when it comes to smart phones, and maybe extenders for other models will fit mine. I didn't want to take the chance of ordering one without knowing whether it would work in the phone I ordered. Can anyone point me to a battery extender that's known to work with my soon-to-arrive phone? I'm also a complete newbie in regard to apps for smart phones (since this will be my first one, and it hasn't arrived yet). What GPS widget and geocaching app would you recommend? Thanks for all the help; this definitely feels like back-to-school time for me. --Larry The GPS widget is already on the phone's memory. To put it on a home page, just hold your finger down on an empty space on one of the home screens (there are 5 home screens). A box should pop up that says [widgets, shortcuts, folders, wallpapers]. Click the widgets. Scroll down and you should see "GPS toggle".Click that and it should appear on the homescreen you selected. Personally, I placed mine beside the caching app that I use. As far as apps to use for caching... there are several. The original geocaching app from Groundspeak is alright. I had it on my iPhone... I'm sure most people have seen it or heard about it. It features just about everything that you would find on the geocaching website.... plus the compass... and paperless caching/logging. I feel like Groundspeak app is still good, but has room for improvement. One of the beautiful things about android, though, is the ability of open-sourcing (several people banding together for projects across the globe creating new material for free). I don't think I am allowed to put this out there or not without being smited by the forum gods. So, I will pm you the app that I use. I would just say that the open-sourcing app is a lot sexier looking and has several options not offered on the Groundspeak app. Keep in mind that I had the Groundspeak app on my iPhone. .... I bought it once, will not pay for it again until it is the best app out there for caching.
  22. It sounds like the droid is just not suited for you. I tested my Bionic GPSr against my Magellan explorist and the Bionic won.... albeit I wasn't under heavy vegetation, but the sky was quite cloudy. With a 1.2 Ghz processor, the apps are very speedy on the phone. Personally, I will probably use the droid for more urban/ park caches. The backpacking caches will probably use the droid at the trailhead and occasionally to get better bearings (just have to save the cache info and map before losing cell signal)and when within 100 feet of the cache because the compass is better. Everything in between I will leave up to my Magellan.
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