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  1. Last night I drove passed a guy riding a bike that had flashing, strobe-like lights on his bike. That grabbed my attention. Postage on envelope. $3.67
  2. Watch for reflective gear when driving. 8. How many pieces of furniture did I have to unload from the Truck on Friday? 87
  3. Check your blind spots... yes this might involve actually turning your head. 6. What was I watching on TV when I wrote these questions? The Andy Griffith Show.... starring Andy Griffith
  4. I have a Magellan eXplorist 500le ... I like it because: 1. It was cheap... $85.00 on EBAY and free shipping 2. Its durable.... will bounce off of anything 3. battery life is alright. the major drawback is the program to transfer info through data cable.
  5. What did you use for the actual container portion of the cache? I am working on a "pvc pipe log" cache.... but don't know what to use as the actual container. Thanks, Goose
  6. Scioto county! Howdy ya'll (yes that is how we speak down here).
  7. How about the lildorkfish geocoin.... I think that is hilarious!
  8. I am grateful for the gift of learning. When I was in school I, like most others, learned because that was what I was told to do. This served its purpose, but what I didn't realize is the many things that you learn over a lifetime by not being forced. Isn't it amazing that through time and effort we can learn to do almost anything. In the same way, we can teach others. The sorrounding world never ceases to amaze me. I am just awestruck at how complex everything is. We are blessed to be a part of it.
  9. I got a couple of rolls of tape on ebay... but I think after I am finished with them I will just start spray painting the caches. The camo tape breaks up the lines, but I have found that the painted caches blend in better.
  10. Well... where I plan to put it is "deep" in the woods... where I doubt that any muggle should look. I would rather try to use this pipe than an ammo box because i think that it takes a little bit more creativity... which is an added bonus to both myself and the finder. I will look into the ball valve idea... I hadnt thought of that. Thanks, -Goose-
  11. Awesome FTF prize! Bruce Awesome camo! I can barely see it! As the owner of a couple large travel bugs, I love seeing stuff like this! Was FTF prize the spare tire?
  12. I found a very old silver spoon yesterday... it had never occured to me that silverware could be good swag.
  13. wow... that WAS a cool container... sad to hear that it might be meeting its demise
  14. hmmm.... maybe I will make the container and then place two pretzel containers inside of that. Double protection.
  15. I found a large pvc pipe (10 inches wide by 4 ft long) after some flash floods two weeks ago. It has a rubber sealing cap on one end and open on the other. It has some notches in order to place it in the ground, but being that putting the container in the ground is not an option... I am think about sawing off the notches and adding another rubber cap on the end. That would make it air tight... I'm hoping. I then plan on spray painting a black base... then adding some brown.... maybe a couple of pieces of real bark... and maybe some moss. This would make it look almost entirely like a log. Has anybody made a cache like that before? I will post pics when I get it finished... it will probably take a couple of weeks.
  16. Personally, I love Golf Balls... Golf tees... heck I even like army men. Just as long as I don't open an ammo can full of dookie, I am normally happy just finding the cache. -Goose
  17. There is one at Grayson Lake State Park in Ky.... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...12-b88a169140b2
  18. Wow... I havn't heard that news. I guess that I would have put off that hour long hike to place the cache way up on that ridge yesterday had I known. Hmmm.... I guess that it is a good thing that I live within close proximity of ky and wv. It would really bum me out if that got rid of woods hides. It's funny that they let atv's up in the woods to create a path of destruction, but we can't hide a plastic container out of sight in those same woods. Not to mention all of the trash that people on atv's leave behind. Does the state legislature not have better things to debate than geocaching. What ever happened to "bailouts" and "economy" debates.
  19. Just wondering what your most difficult terrain hide is. Do you have pics? If not, what has been your hardest terrain find? I just placed a cache that changes 210 ft in elvation with about an average of a 40 degree slope... poison ivy... thorns... no trail... and slick spots.
  20. I don't know if this would violate the guidelines... if I have obtained permission to hide a cache on a local course from the owner (it is a very small course 9 holes)... and he told me that in order to find it, they would have to pay to play... would that violate the guidelines? I have seen a cache listing at a local skaterink... so you would have to pay to skate to find it. This is similar... correct?
  21. i was wondering what would be the quickest way to load coordinates and descriptions from geocaching.com to my new magellan 500 le. Has anybody tried this? I have the usb data cord. I just don't know what program to use to download the data from the website without having to hand enter data. Thanks... Goose.
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