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  1. Lol.... maybe it would be in my best interest to lose one.
  2. Wow... I totally forgot about this..... good luck to everyone else.
  3. Yes, that's what I've been wondering. I suppose you could do a more difficult EarthCache with a somewhat more extensive task. As an example out of chemistry you could probably describe an experiment and ask your average 14 year old to run the experiment and describe the results. It's not that I really want to make a more difficult EarthCache because it might be possible, but I'm rather thinking of adding little 'practical geologist' questions which will be more extensive than your average 'read word x from the sign' cache For some reason I just immediately thought of Earthcaching in the Appalachians.... chemistry experiment being a distillation.
  4. I've often thought it would make more sense for the two forums (Geocoin Discussions and Travel Bugs) to be renamed as "Traveling Trackables" and "Geocoin Design, Production and Collecting"... or something like that. This is because the questions and information about items travelling in the wild apply equally to both coins and TBs and I see that as one distinct way to enjoy trackables. The other way is understanding and appreciating the creativity of those who think up the designs and produce the items that cachers can't bear to part with and which they choose to keep in Collections. MrsB +1
  5. You can only do this to the bugs that YOU own.... it is what I have been doing after missing for one year. I realize that eventually a coin might reappear... I will cross that bridge when I get to it.
  6. i'm not making accusations or trying to be confrontational. just wondering if you think it's silly to place a $10 +++ coin out there that may very well end up 'missing'? This topic is brought up on a regular basis and can sometimes lead to heated debates. Nearly everyone here has activated and released coins, but some people decide after a while that too many coins go missing, so they stop releasing coins into the wild. I can only speak for myself that I have already released a lot and plan to release many more. I have never released a $10 coin because the ones that I release were all bought on sale for less than $5 and most cost $3. I expect all of these coins to go missing at some point, but they are fun while they last and I also expect some to reappear after many years. how about your thoughts on 'coin proxies'? and i like coins too. if i can get some for $3 to $5, i'm interested. I wasn't trying to be confrontational.... for the most part, people in this subforum are actually quite nice and helpful. I was just trying to say that the people in here aren't just sitting back with all of their coins locked away (just the pretty ones).
  7. Please feel free to check our profiles... I think that you will find very few here that have never released a coin.
  8. Casll me up when you come to the Detroit area and we'll go to a game! But I hate to burst your bubble so soon. You need to hope that you lose soon or you may be jinxed. I was in 5 football leagues last year and the person who was in first place did not win the playoffs in any of them. Oh... I see a loss in the near future. And.... as much as I would like to see a lions game.... I'm heading in the opposite direction soon :/ Moving to lexington in a month or so... but maybe one of these days we can do a game.
  9. Did I mention that the Detroit Lions are originally from my home town of Portsmouth, Ohio? From wiki, "Originally based in Portsmouth, Ohio and called the Portsmouth Spartans, the team began play in 1929 as an independent professional team,[1] one of many such teams in the Ohio and Scioto River valleys. For the 1930 season, the Spartans formally joined the NFL as the other area independents folded because of the Great Depression. Despite success within the NFL, they could not survive in Portsmouth, then the NFL's smallest city. The team was purchased and moved to Detroit for the 1934 season." and, "In 1932, the Spartans appeared in the league championship game, the first in NFL history, losing to the Chicago Bears 9-0. With a record of 6-1-4 in 1932, the Spartans finish in a tie for the NFL title with the Chicago Bears. It was the first time in history that the season ended with 2 teams atop the league's standings. After the season's final games, the league office arranged for the first playoff game in NFL history. The game was originally scheduled to be played at Wrigley Field, the Bears' home stadium. Due to severe blizzards and sub-zero wind chill throughout the week, the game was forced to be moved indoors to Chicago Stadium.The arena allowed only an 80-yard field that came right to the walls. The goal posts were moved from the end lines to the goal. The Bears won 9-0, scoring the winning touchdown on a two-yard pass from Nagurski to Grange. Attendance for the game was 11,198."
  10. The first coin that I released was one that was actually transferred to me by Rockin' Roddy..... The coin was a Todie's Wild Ride. It was actually first released/grabbed by Geopigs in Michigan on August 27th, 2009. Thanks Roddy for getting me started! Todies Wild Ride It went missing in vegas little over a year ago. I have since resurrected and re-released it. No sense in wasting a tracking number. I wait 1 year to do this. Thanks for the cointest!
  11. Wouldn't that just prevent the virtual act... not the actual physical act of taking whichever object in the cache with the trackable code?
  12. Just like to say that I am 4-0! Just like them Lions.... they are legit. edit to add: that is the first time that I have used that smiley... and this will be the second
  13. Got my random act of Kindness in yesterday...... and I enjoyed it.
  14. Maybe it was originally attached to something spectacular..... then the item got stolen removed from the tag.
  15. If you use your iPhone a lot... make sure to get an otterbox to protect it. Remember.... with an iPhone as a GPSr, there is still the dual function to use it as a phone. If you drop and bust the iPhone GPSr, then there will be no phone. I am using my motorola Bionic for most caches (has the otterbox defender case).... and still use my magellan explorist for deep woods adventures.
  16. That's the only advice I could give you. So is the app only giving you caches near your "home coordinates"? For instance, if you drove 10 miles down the road and then pressed the nearby caches, would it give you nearby caches from that location or the original home coordinates? I had a problem like that occurring about 2 years ago when I first got the iPhone app.... I did the uninstall, reinstall option and it worked afterwards.
  17. Wow.... I would just like to thank the Jets Defense, Calvin, and Beanie Wells for stepping up yesterday.
  18. Looks like my boys wont be doing much this week. 30 points after playing 5 players..... including my qb brees and my wr calvin. :/ come on guys!
  19. This looks like the ancient astronaut idea to me.... the idea that we are descended from aliens. Mister Gray.... care to fill us in?
  20. Ah yes coming from a guy who is 3-0!!! The top RBs were gone by then so you probably did the best you could. You were in a simialr position that I was --having to choose two in a row. But I do remember the chat box where you were thrilled to get the top two that you wanted in Brees and Megatron. True... it's not too often to get your top picks. Can't help but like Calvin.... that guy is in a league of his own as far as body size for a WR. It seems like all of my players are injury-ridden, though. At least I didn't get Vick as my QB.... that guy just isn't getting protected.
  21. I can tell that my major mistake was not picking a quality RB ..... but in turn I got Calvin Johnson, Drew Brees, and Finley. If I could have a do-over I would have gotten a good back on my 3rd pick.
  22. That is exactly what I use. edit to add.... I think it would be nice to have a sticky with that type of information/ links for trackables.
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