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  1. I really don't undertand why people have a problem with proxies. I sure wouldn't spend $20 or so for a coin and send it out to travel only to be stolen by some creep. I have moved many of these proxies, which I would rather move than a dog tag with nothing attached to it. But to each their own I guess. I've seen way more proxy coins than dogtags with nothing attached. But I move them all regardless. Those who object to proxy coins--do you feel any differently whether the proxy was sent out after the original was stolen or whether it was sent to prevent the original from being stolen? I admit.... when I first started with geocoins, I would send out proxies in order to keep them from being stolen. After time, I realized.... what am I going to do with this hunk of metal anyway? So, now I send out the coin first.... and then after it has been lost/stolen I wait a year to release the proxy. That makes the most sense to me now... no need in wasting a tracking number.
  2. Sorry to hear about the "Cache Fall". Maybe the cache was abducted by Mr. Gray?
  3. This might be a reasonable explanation, except that in the case of the tests I've been making, the phone has already been on for hours, tethered to my PC with a USB cable. Any GPS stabilization should have been finished a long time before I launched the app. And I've been assuming all along that the GPS signal inside my condo isn't as good as it is outside. But wouldn't that affect both the "from here" and "from search location" equally? Why would those two measurements be different for any one cache? Also, I've seen discrepancies of as much as half a mile. If the GPS reading is that jumpy, even inside a one-floor condo, I'll never be able to rely on it for accurate readings. That would be an indictment of the phone, not the app, of course. --Larry My best explanation would be that the GPSr chip doesn't actually turn on until the program is started and used. So, regardless of how long the device itself has been on, the GPS is activated by the program. This measure is to conserve battery. I think the settings can be changed in order to keep the GPS signal on full time. You will know when the signal is on or not by the bullseye sign at the very top of your toolbar. Only when this bullseye is up there will the GPS be active. Hope that helps. Not to change subject, but I wonder what the difference is in the other programs that do not behave this way?
  4. I think that the problem is..... when you first start up the app, the GPSr is still trying to settle on your location. Once you press the search nearest caches button, the app brings up the caches closest to the original search location. Meanwhile, the GPSr is constantly trying to get a better fix on your location. So, say that originally the app thinks that you are at the Sears Tower. It finds the caches nearest to the Sears Tower. While it is doing that, the signal picks up a more accurate reading that you are actually 1 mile South from the Sears Tower. The Sears Tower then becomes the "Search Location", while 1 mile South of the Sears Tower becomes "from here". This is all based from my previous experience with the official app on my old iPhone (RIP.... you served your purpose old chap). This could also be why the distances of the caches are not in perfect ascending order. edit to add.... if you are sitting under your roof, the accuracy of where you are is definitely going to jump around a lot.
  5. Hmmmm.... my bionic has been working fantastically for me.... It is always within about 10 feet of the cache. Which app are you using. I have been using the c:geo .... maybe it has something to do with that. Bionic should really be getting you closer than 10 meters.
  6. I went ahead and dropped him off. Happy travels little guy.
  7. Ready for another whacky week? I will be beaten this week if my Jets D can't do any better than the 4 point projection they are being given.
  8. Dear Mr. Gray, Please add me to the list of coins traveling to Europe Signalling Mr. Gray Turns out that the 8mp camera on my droid Bionic is a heck of a lot better than the camera that was on my iPhone 3g... Thank goodness. I will try to get it started this weekend. Thanks, Zach edit to add.... @Eyed10t.... I used some of the text from your coin's page.... hope you don't mind.
  9. Good question.... we are moving the end of November.... so if they aren't finished in time, I will have to give a new shipping address.
  10. Jets D brought it home for me last night.... sorry Bev. I really didn't see it being possible for me to win this week. Way to go boys!
  11. My coin made the hop across the pond today.... in North Carolina now.... just a couple hundred more miles now!
  12. Ah yes Tigers vs Spartans.....Here we go Tigers Here we go *clap* clap* *stomp feet* Here we go.... This will be interesting.... I will rely on a lot of luck.
  13. Haha.... I would like to nominate Yemon Yime as having the sexiest coins.
  14. Ya.... just imagine if he would have had positive points on the board. You did well this week regardless, though.
  15. I'm just hoping that calvin has another twin touchdown game tonight.
  16. Cute cointest.... I only knew Stonehenge :/ Congrats everyone.... I hope we can make a trip like that one day!
  17. Here we go spartans... here we go.... *clap clap*
  18. Yep there are. As a matter of fact I am having the 11-11-11 event at a sports bar. But it's not much fun going by yourself and especially when I don't drink beer....I have watched MNF on the computer most of the time and the only one who is bothered when I get excited by the plays is my dog. LOL Lol.... sorry. I'm taking my dad with me monday for guys night. Can't wait!
  19. Finally a good mnf. Game.... lions vs bears.... good luck everyone
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