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  1. Dang.... Let's try this again. I'm not saying that the pyramids of central America are a cAse for copyright infringement.... For all I know the giza pyramids are not copyrighted. What I am saying is that there are certain ideas that transcend cultures.... Cultures that could have never seen each other. In the same way, it is possible that two artists could produce almost the same exact creative work without ever seeing eachother's artwork. It is a longshot.... But it's possible.
  2. I'm not saying that the pyramids of central America are a case for copyright infringement.... For all I know the Giza pyramids are not copyrighted.... What I was saying is that there are certain ideas that transcend cultural regions.... Cultures that could have never seen one another. In the same way... It is possible that two artists could have almost te same creative idea without seeing each other's artwork. It is a long shot.... but possible. Bad examples, none of these are copyrighted and they are not copys of one another... Now if I took a photo of Hadrian's wall, posted it to the internet and someone downloaded it, made it into a post card and sold them... then you would have a case. The case RSG mentions happened because a lot of money was involved. Usually people making geocoins, tags or tokens will fall under the radar. The problem I see is that vendors making the coins allow them get made. In a case they would be co-defendants, which would be extreme. The first someone will see of something will be a letter of cease and desist.
  3. I would like to play devils advocate for a sec. How do you all feel about collective conscious? This would be a subconscious collection of thoughts that are either somehow engrained into the genetic code... Or that humans are able to tap into. It's easier to give examples: the mayans pyramids look a lot like the Egyptian pyramids hadrians wall is similar to the great wall arrowheads from ancient America Indians are similar to those of ancient Europeans. What if... There were two pieces of art that looked similar from very different regions of the world.... And the two artists had never come in contact? I mean I know this is unlikely because o the Internet. But just here me out.
  4. trying to crack a joke does not deflect the seriousness and importance of the issue. I'm sorry Lara... it's important to note that, although the thief is a good painter, they are in no way an artist. By definition, an artist is "a person skilled in creative activity". If a person steals an idea to create a new image, then they aren't being very creative. p.s. I was being serious about feeling bad for the donkey.
  5. Wow... I havn't seen that one before. Very nice.... I think that Scavok makes these errors on purpose They always look so non-errorish.
  6. Wow... great write up!I think the antique Gold is my favorite of the two.
  7. Just gotta say... Poor little donkey :C That guy is about to break its back.
  8. I think it would be neat to get a running tally of "most" voted liked coin/theme when this is over. It would be a cool trend to see.
  9. bump Just wanted to say... Holy Schnikies.... that auction still has several days left and the price is already WAY up there! That is amazing... you guys are awesome.
  10. I hope I get my empty box tomorrow!I wish that I would have requested a WSR coin before the boxes were sent out... I would like to have one someday
  11. Did my part to bump the price up a bit.
  12. The first coin that I bought is also a favorite. TOL Red on Antique Silver. I don't know what it is about the clear coat on this coin that brings out all of the details.
  13. Not me... I'm keeping them all for myself My precious!
  14. Wow... next round Morehead St. a 13 seed will be playing Richmond a 12 seed. That has to be a first.
  15. Looks like Morehead messed up the next couple of rounds for me... I had Louisville to the Elite 8... At least Morehead is a local team.
  16. Another one of my favorites.... Davey Jones' Locker Midnight Typhoon..... because I got to name it .
  17. Could Morehead State be a bracket buster? Up 15-5 on a #4 seed
  18. Hmmm.... my favorite still has to be my Carpe Diem coin. It definitely goes along the lines of both my favorite types of coins.... knowledge based and mystery. I mean.... how can you create a better coin than that? I am still thankful for all of my mystery coins.... heck I'm thankful for all of my coins! Thanks for the cointest anne.and.eli .... it has been fun reading all of the responses.
  19. A post that I made the other day makes me think of an awesome idea for a coin... "Where's Waldo" coin! How freakin' awesome would that be? I mean where's waldo and geocaching do have a bit in common. Both are about finding stuff.... both are about crowds (albeit caching is often about dodging the crowds).... both are a little geeky... etc. or... A coin themed around "real" cartoons. I'm talking Roadrunner... marvin the martian... yosemite sam.... foghorn leghorn... Bugs... Daffy. You know... the real stuff that you can only get on the Boomerang channel now. Now that would make an awesome coin.... I know, I know. There are several copyright violations that would be risked/ royalties to be paid... but it would still be AWESOME! or... (for those in future mode) A coin that tracks itself in real-time... and will return like a boomerang to the owner with the push of a button.... heck give it a force field while you're at it... and the ability to grant 3 wishes.
  20. I tend to collect around what I would thinkyo be Philosophy. Philosophy literally means the "brotherly love of knowledge". Thus... Much of my collection is based around eiter gaining knew knowledge.... Or reaffirming the knowledge that I believe to be true. Also... Anything that I can relate to a meaningful place that I have visited.... And mystery coins! I have been quite fortunate to receive several mystery coins over the passed year. Anywho.... Thanks for the cointest!
  21. I really dig the Czech stone.... How are those produced and colored I wonder? It would be neat to have one made of slate from Italy... I love to shoot pool and billiards.... Of which the expensive tables are made from Italian slate.
  22. I tell you another thing worth looking into if you like Reese's cups.... the new peanut butter oreos.... OMG! I eat like 3 packages a week... no kidding.
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