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  1. Just saw this coin while looking up a different coin. Does anybody have any information about it? I can't seem to find any info... anywho I guess that I will be throwing it onto my "heart's desire" wishlist
  2. Somebody is ahead of the game! WSR are you goint to send outgoing boxes at the same time when you receive them all?
  3. Pay close attention to the first two quotes...Two packages were different than all the others, so they got labels instead of stamps!! I hope this means what I think it means
  4. Im guessing2010 Troy geocoin Antique gold/orange LE There is a science to my madness
  5. Awesome! Conrats Redwingrr! Thank you everyone for posting all of the neat pics.
  6. Received a Bell Witch coin two weeks ago... I really like it as well. Have to add... it is hailing here right now... can't remember ever seeing a hail storm before... very cool!
  7. Crap... nevermind... didn't realize Lewisclan was from Cali also. I guess that will add an extra day or so to my previously estimated receiving date.
  8. Anything interesting about what order these posts appear?? I'm just Sayin' I guess that I had assumed that the boxes were already sent out maybe? I'm not really sure though... but maybe the "I only had to pay postage for two of them" might be a foreshadowing of some sort? Time will tell I guess. Thank you WSR for putting so much effort into all of this... it really is an undertaking. Hopefully I can surprise somebody with some neat stuff from my region. I guess with it being international it would be neat to throw in some culture. Thanks again!
  9. That means mine will probably be in tomorrow.... Need to start gathering some goods and some Reese cups!
  10. This one cracks me up The back I love the eyes
  11. Wow... very interesting to know about different cultural ties with easter. May I ask what the kettle is for?
  12. I have always been fascinated by space I haven't seen anything like this... how's about a comet geocoin that isn't too cartoon-ish looking. That would be freakin' awesome... or maybe a black hole.... or a worm hole. Need to get gregsonvaux workin' on something like that. I know he is always into the science type coins (though already quite busy at the moment).
  13. Really? :~/ Ok... I guess somebody misunderstood my meaning of the air quotes around the word free. This is to imply that the coins aren't really free. Sometimes there is intent and emotion lost in the written word. I think we are on the same page, but separated by a common written language. When I first read your post, my focus was on the "Pay it forward" portion in more direct terms of basic sentence structure: you were specifying the title of something, similarly to an article or other short written work. Can you tell I've been spending time with MLA?! And the "free" in quotes simply quoting the OP. I guess there's more ambiguity with quotation marks in writing. In face-to-face conversation, air-quotes are obvious in their intent/meaning, and we'd all continue on without such mishaps. All good. So, that's our writing lesson for today. Who says you can't get something for nothing?! Fair enough... sorry I tend to joke around quite frequently and sometimes I'm sure that it is hard to tell if I am being ernest, making fun, or just being a smart-you-know-what. The problem with forum posts and even text messaging is that there are no facial expressions, or inflection in voice, or tone. Really all we got are the smilies <_<... which don't always cut it. So, you have to make do with what ya got... and sometimes ask for forgiveness in miscommunication. On another note, I started the eatstayplay thing about a year and a half ago... realized that I would rather pay for a coin that I actually like than litter caches with commercial plastic tokens. I have heard of people actually receiving the promised coin, though. So, it isn't all a sham... at least they deliver what is promised... albeit fails in comparison to most of the designs that I see published in the threads in these very forums, designed by many of our great artists.
  14. Really? :~/ There is a purpose to the "Pay It Forward" mission thread. That purpose is to get coins in caches and moving by adopting over one of your "extra" coins to someone who wants to see one travel. The goal is that these people who receive adopted coins will remember the gesture and pay it forward by adopting over one of their coins to someone else, and so on and so forth. Granted it's more of an honor system than a requirement to "pay it forward," and I'm not naive enough to believe that no one who posts in the "Pay It Forward" thread views it as a "free coin" deal. After all, there are few "regulars" in the geocoin forums who have referred friends to the "Pay It Forward" thread, rather than offering up one of their extras. I'm not bitter - honestly. However, it is not titled the "Free Coin" mission for good reason. The whole spirit of that thread is to spread generosity and the joy of trackables, not so people could get something for nothing. Ok... I guess somebody misunderstood my meaning of the air quotes around the word free. This is to imply that the coins aren't really free. Sometimes there is intent and emotion lost in the written word. I understand that by putting your name out there on the thread that you understand that one day you should pay it forward (just like the movie). This payment forward might not even be in the form of a coin. Maybe it will be in a kind gesture. Maybe it will be by anonymously sending a mystery coin. Who knows. Maybe it will have nothing to do with coins. I don't believe that any of this is actually stated in the thread, but maybe the pay it forward process could overlap into other meaningful areas in life. To be honest, I didn't really understand where the op was going with the Thread title of Free Geocoins. I was just trying to offer a quick bit of genuine advice as I did not understand completely his intentions.
  15. I have to add that since this post, I have received Carpe Diem from my want list and a new coin that wasn't exposed yet when I wrote this.... Mr. Gray's coin! They are both pretty awesome! Mystery Coins are the greatest. I love the thought that goes into them.... and the artwork is normally top-tier. Thank you mystery givers... maybe one of these days when I have a real job I will be able to fund my own I've been looking for this thread for awhile now! In the passed couple of weeks, I got to add the Bell Witch to my mystery coin list Very much appreciated! I have been rather fortunate to receive my mystery gifts... thank you all so much for the thought and creation of the coins. One day... when I have the money... I have ideas for my own.... but I will keep those a secret. Mystery Coins received: 1. Close Encointers #069 2. Carpe Diem #092 (would also like to thank RSG again for affording me an extra for my professor) 3. Mr Gray #018 4. Bell Witch antique silver #76 Thanks again so much!
  16. Coin idea... Lava Lamp. That would be Groovy! edit to add pic.
  17. Not necessarily, it depends on the circumstances and can have much wider impact. It's not all about artist X creating something and person Y taking that and making money off it. I stumbled across the following video by accident, it's quite lengthy but fascinating and tackles this very subject with a single, but important example. Wow... that video kinda makes me feel dirty. It is funny that the same types of companies that would be a stickler for copyright material would use a beat without paying any type of royalties. I bet if I used a Jeep logo to help sell say a mountain board... they would have their people all over it.
  18. Regardless of the subject matter, it is the photographer who is producing the photo. Their knowledge and their equipment creates the image which they sell to you. That's their living. If you try to copy that image, your are infringing on their right to make a living from work they have produced. That is quickly changing with the new digital cameras. The laws will change to accommodate the new reality. What we always see with new technology is that some people are hurt, but many more people benefit. I disagree. My uncle is a professional photographer and the only effect that improving technology is having on his business is that he is able to take on more jobs. The only changes that have been made to copyright law in recent years is to make it stronger, put more burden on the defendant to prove fair use, and to extend the period of copyright. Ok... now I am beginning to see the real argument here. More or less.... "the ability to produce and sell the work" vs. "the ability to buy and reproduce the work". That makes it more logical to me. I don't know if this is a worldwide phenomenon, but in my region of the United States we get Senior Pictures taken during the last year of high school. In my local area, this is the farthest that many students go in schooling. So, a professional photographer will be paid their fee for different sized packages of photographs with only a small quantity of different pictures. Also, for another fee, you can buy the cd with all of the different pictures on it (a digital copy). Now, would it be plagiarism to make a copy of any picture on that cd.... or is it only for say projector style sharing of the pictures? I would have to say that technology is taking some money away from professional photographers in the case that now anybody with a digital camera can take a picture and then print it in minutes. Granted, the amateur photographer rarely has the skills as an experienced professional, but over years of practice these skills will sharpen. For example, instead of paying a professional photographer to take wedding and engagement pictures, my wife's cousin took all of ours. They look amazing! Tag on the photoshops extras and you can do just about anything. We have a cd that we can always copy a picture from if a precious picture is destroyed in a fire. On the flip side, I would never be mad if our photographer wanted to use any of our pictures commercially to advertise for business when she goes professional.
  19. I really like this concept. It is really funny to think that almost EVERYTHING that we "know" was once somebody else's idea. Each individual contributes very few truly creative thoughts in one life time. It is this gradual piling of individual creative thoughts that becomes our knowledge base. For example, Einstein's work on relativity couldn't have been possible without Newton and Liebniz work on Calculus, which wouldn't have been possible without Arabic Algebra, which wouldn't have been possible without first the concept of a number system, which wouldn't have been possible without language. Otherwise, we would be just grunting about derivatives (which often happens even with the ability to use modern language). There is almost an infinite regress when we speak about our ability to create new ideas, in that all new ideas are based upon past principles. I think that I am starting to ramble... so I will make my point before I go to bed. All ideas will in one way or another imitate a past idea... it is the degree in which the idea is imitated that is important. The degree in which the secondary idea replicates the primary is the basis for "theft". What is the line in which an idea is considered the same, or different? I guess a judge is the only one that can decide for us... case by case.
  20. I'm kinda partial to the first geocoin that I came into contact with. Adrenaline Geocoin.
  21. I think you already know the answers to your questions, so I'm commenting on this point only: the copyright on all of van Gogh's works has long expired and the works have since entered public domain, which makes them free to be used for whatever purpose, commercial or not. Aside of that, I'm fairly sure that back in the day there was no concept of copyright around, since there was no good way of making copies of pictures anyway. I already had my opinion yes. Just making conversation
  22. Not that these are my beliefs, but what about considering the reasoning behind why the person "stole" the artwork to begin with. Would you think differently about: Case a. A person creates and sells a coin that is very similar to say "Starry Night" by van Gogh in order to help pay for medication for his wife. Case b. A person creates and sells a coin that is very similar to say "Starry Night" by van Gogh in order to help pay for his Oxycontin habit. Again, I am not condoning the process of stealing intellectual property... just throwing a feeler out there. I understand that in both cases the defendant would be guilty, but is one a lesser crime? Does one deserve a lesser punishment? Is one more morally wrong? Sidenote- I am not aware of whether or not Starry Night is copyrighted... and I am just using that as an example assuming that it is copyrighted.
  23. As far as "free" coins... look at the "Pay it Forward" thread in these forums... or the other various cointests. I'm not aware of too many "earn"-style coins out there.
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