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  1. Did NorthWestern Ohio do away with the State Parks coin?
  2. Wow... what the heck is that? Is Mickey smokin a stogie on the other side?
  3. That is awesome... glad to see an old fashioned dropping ... or is that called something else?
  4. lol, lying? Okie dokie... Just do everyone a favor and leave the paper coins be. I can't even begin to imagine why someone would get so amped up over something so meaningless. If your day is made or broke based on the reality of a coin, or the virtuality of a coin found in a geocache, you probably have some deep seeded life issues that should be worked on. Best you spend your time working on those rather than geocaching. A proxie is no form of lying IF it is labeled as such on the coins page. The few that I have found clearly stated on the coin description and heading that it is was a copy/proxy. How would that be lying? Personally, I have released a couple of copies of my coins.... TOL and Gardengorilla personal. I doubt that few "regular" cachers will ever find/see either of these coins. Would it be less beneficial for them to see a copy of the coin than none at all? Could they have collected those icons otherwise? I think not. It has been my personal experience that copied coins don't make it far either. I'm debating on maybe using the tracking numbers of some of my coins more in a TB kind of way. Maybe getting a cheap dogtag... engraving it with a coin tracking #.... then attaching it to a related item. We will see. In the meantime, I try to release at least one real coin, albeit a lesser in value coin, into the wild every 6 months or so. Normally by that time the previously released coin is already lost/stolen.
  5. What account do we need to follow for this info? I wonder how many new accounts were just created? I'm one of them
  6. Mine will be sent soon... sorry for the delay. I've had work/class all week.... two regular tests... and GRE's tomorrow .... so I will try to send it out Thursday. Maybe expect it by Tuesday I will get tracking for my own amusement.
  7. Hey Ern... I'm from nearby... Portsmouth, Ohio. Glad to see another local on here.
  8. Congrats Sgt! That was a pretty nifty cointest! Thanks for the fun.
  9. What do you think of the use of the alteration of this man's photo in an add? It says that he and his crew signed up for a promotional use of the photo... but then it was altered and used in a different way. Firefighter Would this be about the equivalent to asking say the Michael Jackson Estate for the use of an MJ photo as a base for a Coin.... and then spinning it around for prescription drug abuse awareness?
  10. Sarah - you've got me drooling! Over ALL of them! Wow... about how big are the MOGA pirate coins?
  11. ok after some investigation Geocaching All In One Geocoin 2007 nickel Geocaching All In One Geocoin 2007 antique copper Geocaching All In One Geocoin 2007 Foggy Gold Geocaching All In One Geocoin 2007 antique Gold
  12. Wow... really shooting for the top echelon of coins to begin with, eh? Welcome to the hobby/addiction!
  13. Not to change subject... but I went to a local art gallery yesterday and was surprised to see a. an original Durer (don't know how to type the umlaut into the name) print of a bagpipe player, a Picasso piece, and a Rembrandt. So.... as I understand it.... the Rembrandt and the Durer pieces would be public use... but the Picasso is protected. The Durer works are amazing! It is hard to believe that anybody could carve that into wood.... and actually carving it in reverse as to pick up the ink on the ridges. That would be an awesome idea for a coin... just a real plain finish... but with intricate art work to stamp with.
  14. Yep... I'm bottom of the Totem poll :C Too bad there isn't a college football tourney.... I would be all over that.
  15. Is there some type of pin that holds the tag into the coin?
  16. 4th guess 2008 zaanhoeve geocoin antique gold
  17. 3rd guess 2008 wheel of the year ... Antique gold
  18. 2nd guess 2008 Dutch geocoin antique gold
  19. 1st guess today north rhine Westphalia 2008 antique gold
  20. Got a coin in the mail today from WSR! It is the GCF 2009 green WSR personal! Thank you so much robert! Sorry for the pic being so glossy. I don't know why it did that... but I am no photographer lol.
  21. I got my box! Thank you so much WSR for the surprise! I love the color... going to eat and then attempt to cram some stuff in the BOX! Would it be appropriate to spring load this sucker so when opened it shoots the contents everywhere Pop goes the weasel!
  22. Kinda like when the Italian guy stole the Mona Lisa, then it was replaced by a fake and then sold it to five different wealthy individuals... none of them are ever going to admit they bought a fake... five times the profit! At least that was the plan. Talk about a plan... and I'm sure that the "wealthy individuals" were going to just turn it back over to the Louvre without any paybacks.... ya right. They would have either- A. Got recogntion... which I'm sure would have elevated there name even farther into the limelight. B. Got money back from the gallery. C. Kept it for themselves and hanged it in their bathroom or parlor or whatever. Just sayin' the thief in this case might not have been the only crooked one.
  23. Elementary Cache coin, 2007, Jan and the percey boys...AG, AC, AS and BN! If anybody would know it would be you doc Thank you sir!
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