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  1. That's sharp Lara... I guess I'm a little old fashioned... but I'm a sucker for a naked coin.
  2. GREEN is a GREAT answer... what types of things do you do in New Zealand? Any certain sports... or Leisure activities? Even outside of the cointest I am genuinely interested in different regions and cultures
  3. Well, It's been awhile since my last posted cointest... so this is as reason as any. Recently, while reading Yahoo News, I clicked on a story about the top ten Happiest cities in America. Of course, this list included the beautiful cities of Boulder-Co, Lincoln-NE, and Honolulu-HI. There are jobs in these cities, people are healthy, and there are things to do. The list also included the statistic that I am embarrassed to admit. The city where I work... Huntington,WV/Ashland,KY came in DEAD LAST out of all of the cities in the United States in Happiness. This is probably due to the extreme shortage of jobs in the area, very unhealthy people, and there is nothing to do except for making a basement meth lab. The statistics were gathered via way of survey from the Gallup group. So, what I would like to do is make this survey known to the general public via local papers... aka letter to the editor (yes people still write those). I would like to list some activities and interests of people from other areas that seem to be related to their happiness (this is where you come in). -Give me 3 reasons why YOU like the area that you live in. -I would like these numbered or bulleted... to make it easier to add into a spreadsheet (you can still write paragraphs pertaining to the subject after or before the bullets if you want). -Only One post per person will be thrown into the hat. -Winner will be randomly drawn. -I will try to send out a coin that the winner does not have. - I will use some of the information obtained in my letter to the editor... but not exact quotes... just numeric statistics from this small non-random population. - COINTEST is not restricted to US members. - COINTEST ends April 15th, 2011 at 11:59 pm EST. *here is the link in case you're interested. http://moneywatch.bnet.com/economic-news/blog/daily-money/the-10-happiest-and-saddest-cities-in-the-us/2308/ Thanks everyone for your help!
  4. That is very strange..... I like it.
  5. I like the birdie coins! So simple and nice!! they are coins... right? I think Zelanzy made those.... maybe... correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Wow great thread.... I will start shipping this way.... Wish that I would have seen this before.
  7. Email sent- 3-1-11 empty box received: 3-25-11 full box sent: 4-4-11 full box received: ? Finally got my little box out! Was puzzled at first with what to pack it with.... Then realized that I should just send some of my favorite types of things. I only sent One strange item this time. Hope my little Bo goes to a good home
  8. Not to be a buzz-kill .... But ya might want to think about rounding off the lightning bolt.... That might be dangerous otherwise.... Nice looking coin.
  9. I Love this geocaching community... And rather than seeing members of it becoming upset/feelings hurt I would like to see this thread shut down or have bickerings settled. This is ridiculous and is starting to look like the caching forums. C'mon guys.... Please.
  10. Wow.... That is why carpe diem is by far my favorite coin. Thank you tempus fragilis.... Will the inscription ever be deciphered?
  11. I know that would bring me in points-wise. Never in a million years did I think that I would see a tournament play out like this.
  12. Could always use the bottoms of cola/beer/wine/champagne bottles. It might be a little more difficult... and you would have to try real hard to get enough samples That would be pretty freakin' neat, though! I love sea glass that gets obliterated by the ocean currents and the sand and salt. Keep us updated.
  13. Third wheel edition eh? I've been the third wheel before... I love the tension and uncomforting of it all thanks for the awesome end to the first! Ps.... OV we missed our rematch this year.... You would have obviously beat me this time!
  14. Non-trackable micro coin Cool... thanks for the quick response
  15. Just curious.... are these trackable/have an icon?
  16. I would have to agree!!!! I realize that Groundspeak stays out of this kind of issue by saying it is not their artwork and in this case it is a non trackable coin but I really think any thread and artwork as blatant as this coin and a few others should be shut down. Allowing this to happen is giving implied consent. They are so stick on their own trade marks and copyrights but allow others to be used at will, not a very good corporate citizen, in my opinion. Is it really a problem as long as no money is being made off of the said coins? As they are being gifted away, how is it any different than making a friendship necklace that looks like Mickey and then giving it to a friend? I would think that the problem would begin when money is being made off of the item. Regardless... I like the dark black background with the glitter.
  17. Just in case I miscalculated.
  18. Oh.... I guess that I saw this a couple hours too late..... anywho... a happy end to April Fool's on the East Coast.... hope nobody got hurt too bad .
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