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  1. May I ask which coin you are referring to? Thanks, Zach
  2. Post #46 was randomly generated by random.org. Congratulations AKA MOMSTER! Email me your address and I will get a coin out to you by next week. Thank you everyone for playing! I think that I can use some of this in my letter to the editor when I have time to type it up. Remember, when you are down in the dumps about your town... it could always be worse... you could live in the Huntington-Ashland area At least we win at something.
  3. Raisin.... Pineapple.... Almond! For the win.
  4. Little over 24 hours left in this cointest. Thank you for all of your replies!
  5. Congrats doc.... Very deserving recipient.
  6. I got the team I wanted.... Lol.... Go Pens!
  7. I would think that either as a direct result, or part of the problem that the tri-state region is in such dire circumstances, is the drug problem here. Last night, there was a special on A&E called "Hillbilly Heroin" about all of the pain clinics around here with doctors prescribing Oxycontin at alarming rates in this region. THey don't accept health insurance... to get Oxycontin, all you need is a gov't id and $200. As a result, there is a lot of theft in the area... lots of overdoses... lots of prostitution. Portsmouth, Ohio and Huntington, WV have two of the highest drug rates in the United States. I feel sorry for this area... but I will eventually leave this cancered region. The worst part is that the press and local politicians deny that we have a problem.
  8. Wow... That is quite the haul! Congrats pastor.... Lara is earning some karma... And I do like her take on the mystery coins. These coins will outlast us all!
  9. couldn't happen to a nicer family! ...congrats Steve! You'll never miss the panhandle with finds like this! Tell the family we said Hi and tell that easter bunny to make his way to my Easter event for some "skirt lifting" and "ammo can tossing" .... we'll miss you all this year... Too cool Charlie Brown!
  10. Very cool... maybe it is a teaser for the new batman movie
  11. I was told this is a XXLE or XXXLE from a German reviewer. If that is a proxy... I have to give a standing ovation. But... I think that I saw it here about a year ago as a LE also.
  12. Happy Birfday Brady! It won't be long and he will be posting here in these forums!
  13. Will there be both the Japanese flag edition and the re?
  14. I bet you guys are ultra-swamped with that New Jersey Shore crap that MTV keeps shoving down everybody's throat. Are people there really like that?
  15. Little under a week left... keep 'em coming! Newbs are welcome to participate too! Thanks everyone for your posts so far.
  16. I wonder what WSR's local post office is thinking.... first he sends out 25 empty boxes.... NOW he is receiving 25 identical boxes with different weights.... just wait til he sends those exact same boxes back out! WSR I bet you are blacklisted
  17. I wonder if Bob has ever heard of geocaching? I mean... He seems to be a naturalist... Or a horticulturalist.... Or he at least likes plants on some level. It would be funny if he was already a member... And just keeps it on the DL.
  18. I'm assuming you have an "innie" and not an "outie"!
  19. ooh! Wonder what those could be holding? CF30 At least one "magical" item
  20. Check this link... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=175199&st=700 ... you will have to contact MaineFamily to get on.
  21. The more I look at this coin... the more I want to check out papal monuments! Just got finished watching the first episode of Showtime Borgias... then found an Alexander VI monument... it was pretty neat too... but nothing compared to Aexander VII... IMHO.
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