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  1. I forgot about this thread.... This would be a great home for a Jedi Mickey high res pic!
  2. Haha, actually...having spent several years building a reputation here, I decided it's finally time for me to commit GeoCoinForumIcide, and I figured the best way to seal the coffin is to ride off into the sunset with all 25 BOXES!! See Ya Suckers... OK, Not really We know where you live!!! Actually.... We know where your PO box lives... we could camp out and hold all incoming mail/coins hostage! Just think of life without bills You might go crazy without them! When you grow tired of life without mail.... we can have a hostage exchange.
  3. Lol.... *hick voice* We speak 'Merican 'round here. Seriously though.... Wish I could help. :/
  4. I just like watching the whole plan unfold... It looks as if all boxes are about to be on their way!
  5. Are there still original coins to purchase... or is it now just going to be TB?
  6. Hmmm.... Post #2 today.... I have been on these forums/caching for about 2 years now... and NOW I'm officially a premium member! I have crossed the fence... and I'm in a greener pasture! WooHOOooo... and I see a DOUBLE RAINBOW! I now realize that I could have used that $30 on a a couple of coins... but it needed to be done for the greater good... plus I get a couple bonuses That is all now
  7. Looks kind of like two horses kissing... actually make that two camels
  8. I have been to/seen several earthcaches.... but I haven't yet logged one because it is rare for me to have both a GPSr and a camera on me simultaneously I guess that I need to step it up and get a couple. They normally are the neater sites... and I am really interested in geology.
  9. Wow nikos..... You know I actually had considered that this forum.... Or any forum for that matter would be a great aid in learning/keeping up with a language.... Specially in the slang department. I know that part of the problem with a non-native speaker is that normally, they don't word their sentences the way that a native speaker would.... Albeit, their language skills are more formal and grammatically correct than most native speakers.... It just sounds funny. I know that I need to do the same as you nikos and find a foreign language based forum. Kudos nikos!
  10. Mine has been moving steadily.... I think it's almost on the first page.... Not bad considering it was 2 months to start moving
  11. I really wish that I could Tsun... Maybe one of these days when I'm finished with school I will be able to take a cross-country drive out to Montana and Wyoming and Colorado like I've been wanting to forever. School and Work are just standing in my way right now... but some day soon I will make it out there. So, if your bid doesn't go through this year or next... sign me up in 3 years or so Otherwise, I hope everybody else enjoys their adventure!
  12. Day 3... post 1 Here's a pic of a lizard that my wife and I saw last year while Easter caching... I didn't even know that we had lizards that big around here... and it was very spikey... and red? I really wanted to take it home... but realized that it would be for the best if I left it in its own environment there on the big rock. Edit: Just found that it is a Northern Fence Lizard... and I remember thinking that it was about 8 inches long
  13. Alaunos.... You need to upload the pic to a cach page.... Or a tb page..... Then pull up a full picture of the uploaded pic on that page.... Copy the link..... And paste it on pic hyperlink when replying to a thread
  14. I'll consider this my first post for today! This actually reminded me to go and buy mine! I had wanted to buy one a while ago but my net book for some reason wouldn't let me.. so I tried today at work..it worked...so I ordered mine! Watch out cows! Here comes SORELLA! Thanks for the reminder... I just ordered 2 for myself and 1 for the race. Rock on MooJuice!
  15. 17 down.... 8 to go! Can't wait to receive my mystery box... and to see my coin start traveling.... I lost another coin this week to thievery
  16. Day 2 Post 2: My first purchased coin.... Celtic Tree of Life Red on Silver It is still one of my favorites... and the coin is like size huge!
  17. Day 2 Post 1: My first coin... Gardenforilla Goes Bush I won it in a cointest when I first started here in the forums.
  18. This is an interesting cointest.... I am currently in the development phase of hiding cache for a local cacher whose mother has been fighting breast cancer.... I plan on leaving a yime BCA coin there for her to find first before publishing it.
  19. This is a picture of creepy looking horse statue in America's #1 haunted city (ATHENS, OHIO).... near one of the most haunted places.... a huge cemetery with hundreds of graves that are marked only by a small tombstone with a number on it.... no names. Within about 500 feet of where this picture was taken, there are several old buildings... one of them being the old psych ward where hundreds of lobotomies were performed in the 1950's. Now, the buildings are used as part of Ohio University's med program... and has a small art exhibit. Needless to say, that was one of the creepiest/memorable/most humbling cache finds that we have found.... but that is how we like them. Thanks for the cointest Eyed10t!
  20. I really wish tht they would change that ambiguous term.
  21. That is not what collectible means... This term is given when you want to move a lot of coins into and out of an event quickly (correct me if Im wrong those whom use this).
  22. I will have to agree with tsun.... Hmmmm maybe you should begin a fresh one doc
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