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  1. Sorry.... I had noticed that also.... I can't place it in "your hands".... I think you have to grab it from me..... But you will probably have to take it out of your "collection". Sorry.... That's really confusing. Maybe contacting Groundspeak would be the best..... Or I could "place" the coin in a cache and you could "retrieve" it.... Maybe that would Be the best option.
  2. Very nice pic Vanelle! It seems as though the glitter is recessed from the pic?
  3. Let me know if you have any left over after all of that... I would love to have one.... but probably won't be able to attend any :/ I have a bright 07 grabber orange mustang... and would like to get my hands on a mach1 one of these days.
  4. Cool... Thanks for the update
  5. You know what would be neat is to make this part of a songwriters set.... I know that would ve incredibly difficult to hunt down all of the copyrights..... But would still be great. Could have Dylan, cash, Townes van zandt, sir Elton, Freddie mercury, etc. Hope to see bobs face on a coin soon
  6. hmmmmm..... was going to mention something about current international news headlines.... but decided not to.... back to geocoins.... international geocoins.
  7. Ok.... I'm interested.... did the remote thingies finally come in? Lmao.... or is there something else up Mister Gray's sleeve? Do aliens even have sleeves?
  8. I personally like the error coin, but it is your money.... You should get the product that you paid for. Question: what is the oily look on the top of the error darth's helmet? Is that just from skin oil.... Or is it something the mint did?
  9. I believe that Box #2 will be filled to the brim with.... Hacky Sacks!
  10. Another favorite coin: scavoks celtic tree of life the geonick: jackalgirl!
  11. Favorite coin: Carpe Diem mystery coin Organizer of the cow race: Jackalgirl! p.s. thanks for the pathtag!
  12. That seems like a good idea for the darth coins..... Plus it will make it easier for you to keep tabs on the coins that are discovered Or dipped into caches. You could easily put them all on your watchlist that way.
  13. I really like that Shadow's Friend coin... I don't know why I haven't seen it before now. Congrats Mooncat!
  14. Nnnnnnooooooo! I recant my fistbump to Eviltree :C
  15. I received 2 cow racers and a pathtag today! Thanks Jackalgirl! Can't wait to get these heifers started!
  16. Hmmm... Could always put a bunch of woodstock style flowers on the back in black and white... maybe a couple technicolored. Maybe use that as a backdrop for something else to be placed over it. Just an idea. Doesn't even have to have a second Dylan picture on it. Hope it all works out!
  17. The contents of the box I sent will make it clear if it was from me I expect that the others would be the same. If not, I guess we will just have to post on here and see if we can figure it out. From the sounds of an earlier post, WSR is planning on leaving the boxes as is rather than repacking them. So, we will be able to see where they are originally sent from. Plus.... the whole activated trackable of our own that we were supposed to put in there will make it evident whom it was from.
  18. Lol... It really wasn't that great of a neighborhood.... Just a little street in a little in town call new Boston, Ohio, Usa
  19. Here's a tidbit nikos....when I was a kid, I lived on Rhodes Avenue
  20. Those do not look like our strawberries.... I would like a taste test.
  21. Round these parts, we speak whatever language is needed. These forums are for all users. Using Google translation, and then changing whereever it said "tuberculose" to TB, we get this translation for the "How to Log a TB" instructions. J'espère que cela aide à expliquer mieux I didn't even consider TB being translated literally to Tuberculosis. Babelfish can be quite funny. Sorry Eartha.... Just spoiled from only seeing English in this forum. I was just playing, of course.
  22. I hope to one day find this cache... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GCJE17&log=y RIP Johnny!
  23. Any updates? Have you got to speak to the Zimbo yet?
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