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  1. I received this beauty yesterday. Just in time for a little holiday cheer. I love the shininess I will have to put it out with the christmas decorations next year. Then I can explain to my friends what it is! Thanks so much mystery coiner! I really appreciate it!
  2. The Warrior was waiting for me in my mailbox yesterday! I could feel the force tingling inside of me as I approached with my key in hand. As I picked # 234 up, I realized how heavy the Dark Lord truly is. Darth, you have a wonderful helmet.... blacked out... and meticulously decorated in high-tech. The back of your head is ridiculous (look it up on youtube.... hilarious). I love that you can show off your less masculine side through the use of purple and silver glitter..... or maybe this is the source of your powers. Glitter.... of course... how did Luke miss that? Thanks again Dark Lord and Son. I really appreciate your gesture. May the force be with you both.
  3. Hooray! Yesterday I received a mailer from me to me You know what that means! The greatest gifts ever! I love this coin! It is beautiful.... the character on the front is very mysterious.... hope he isn't looking for anything other than caches Thanks so much mystery sender!
  4. I got a great haul yesterday! Probably my best mailbox coin day ever..... check it out! I got No L mystery coin... I really like the thought behind it. It reminds me of the puzzles that we had in grade school where you had to put all of the pieces together, and then figure out what it means. Very neat coin. The Cache Reaper... one of my top coins that I have been seeking! I love the simplicity. Antique Copper is definitely the best possible finish for this coin.... it makes it look like an old penny. The character on the obverse side is mysterious looking. It is like 2-D art on a 3-D coin. One of my favorites! And.... last but not least.... The Warrior Coin. My wife doesn't really understand my fascination with coins... but she was in awe of this one. I love the blacked out version of this coin. It is really a lot heavier than it looks. The purple and silver glitter on the back is beautiful! Thank you so much mystery coiners! What a great gift for the holidays! I'm so happy
  5. Dave.... you've got mail! My address changed mid-season... so I figured that I would give you an update.
  6. It looks as though brees and julio have pushes me over in points for the win (pending brees not lose 20+points in ints). I would like the football coin in my part of the coins to remember this season by. Otherwise, Bev go ahead and pick your coins.... I plan on using the others as travelers anyway thanks everyone for playing and Starwolf for hosting!
  7. Mine didn't travel very far..... but I was happy to be part of this. Thank you so much for hosting!
  8. Hey..... the game isn't over yet lol..... stranger things have happened. Sorry it went down like that though. I haven't seen what happened to romo yet. I just feel for anybody with a knee injury. They are awful. Thanks for posting pics of the booty!
  9. RIP Peterson's knee.... that was gross. Feel bad for him. That's why you don't play a star back when you have no hopes for playoffs.
  10. I think there is another thread on this called Cache and Release. Maybe the two should be merged?
  11. Hmmmm... tonight is the night! The beginning of the end. Good luck Bev.... but I hope I leave you behind in the dust! Haha
  12. I would just like to thank Darth Vader for adopting over a The_Warrior coin to me. I just saw that thread was locked... so this is my public gratitude. Thank you so much!!!
  13. I just wanted to say thanks for hosting Fantasy Football this year! It has been a great time.
  14. Yes it looks like the I flew on the wings of the Seahawks! LOL None of my other players except Romo did much of anything so I am a little surprised. See ya next week. Peterson and I will be back! (Maybe with a little help from Gerhart ) Assuming that I make it passed tonight, you have a much easier schedule next week :/ Lynch has the San Fran run-D against him.... and Beanie has Cincy run-D.
  15. Congrats Bev...... seems as though you are in the finals?
  16. Who? Hopefully Peterson stays out another week for my sake.
  17. Who else is excited for round two of playoffs? I know I am.... hopefully I make it to the finals! Good luck everyone!
  18. Thanks Tsun... yep I believe that I will not be investing in presale items any longer. I had never thought of it the way that Robert put it. That is a good perspective.
  19. Wow..... the broncs ending was crazy. Tebow is a winner.
  20. Got my address changed.... thanks Maine Fam!
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