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  1. February 21st, 2011. Congrats for getting back out there... makes me feel blessed for being able to have work.
  2. I would like to vote to continue without box 25 if it isn't to WSR soon... I think we are getting close to the Reese's cups expiration dates here.
  3. Light Side... Last year while searching for a cache in the middle of nowhere, an older couple sneaked up on me. Being out in BFE... I asked "are you guys geocaching". Older Couple "nope... just looking for blackberries" Funny part of the story... this was like the beginning of May. Blackberries don't come on the bush til beginning of July here. So... what were they really doing?
  4. I know... I would just like to say that my box was packed thinking that this would be a quick mission! So, I am sorry if anything in the box is stale
  5. My wife thanks this would be the dark side So during our honeymoon... I found a couple of geocaches in Florida after the cruise. She was not very happy. Actually... we walked about 8 miles round trip in Ft. Lauderdale finding caches. I still get the evil eye when she talks about it. Thanks for the cointest!
  6. Whatever happened to USPS dropping Saturdays? Shouldn't that drop postage (in a perfect world)?
  7. I like it.... But the placement of "trackable at" makes it look like bob is holding an 80s boombox
  8. Is that a new finish? It looks like it is antique silver.
  9. Delicious blasphemy! *GASP* That would be pure blasphemy!!!
  10. ewwwwwwwwwww The little ones are the ticks to watch out for... they carry the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. Watch out for a bullseye looking rash... fatigue.... fever.... and depression. That's one TICKthat you don't want to mess with!
  11. MooJuice is still stuck in the mud from the moshpit :/
  12. When I was learning to play guitar, I had an old school Metronome that went Tock Tock tock!
  13. It seems as though many people are selling off their collections these days thanks tonthe economy/loss of interest. The three ways that I have seen have been.... Listing them in the pinned topic.... Making a list in your own topic (as long as they are trackable).... And of Course auctioning them on the eplace. Hope you get a nice new GPSr!
  14. Hmmm.... is there an antique mallet lying around the house also?
  15. That would be awesome! I really should work on putting together my trade list in the meantime.... I would like to get one of these for my mom.... she is a huge fan and has some original artwork.
  16. After traveling across the country to Arizona, my coin is 1 spot form the first page!
  17. Man... I love the one that is top pic... 2nd row... third from the left. It has red inserts.... very unique looking. Maybe one of these days I can get my paws on one... just don't have the money right now. They are very beautiful, though.
  18. What a fantastic use of shadows in the photo for the "ye ole booty" box. It's really quite stunning. By the way.. 23 is my favorite number! My sheltie girl's birthday is 1-23-04. 23 has been very lucky for me. Good luck to anyone who gets the ye ole booty box! I send some good luck with it! Does that pirate have super hairy armpits protruding from his shirt? Lol!
  19. Ready for Phase V. Secret Code noted and decrypted. #41 ready and waiting for further orders if requested. Burrhh?
  20. Thank you all for your help... I don't know why this was so difficult.... but I think that it will be figured out soon.
  21. Obviously not handled by our post office :/ That would have been torn apart by one of the machines.
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