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  1. "Gnothi Seauton" - Greek- Written over the portico at the temple at Delphi, supposedly by Pythagoras. (Know Thyself)
  2. That's what the mint wants you to think... lol.
  3. "Cogito Ergo Sum" - Renes desCartes (I think, therefore I am)
  4. I wonder what you call regular copper?? In the picture with 3 coins there are - antique silver - antique copper - antique bronze and in the picture with 2 coins there are - antique gold - shiny silver Ok... guess that would be antique copper on the bottom left of first pic. Didn' think of the other being a bronze.
  5. The second half of our team quickly came up with this follow-up: Geocoinfucious says man who lose watch in toilet gets s***ty time. LOL.... very true!
  6. I definitely agree with the antique copper and the antique silver. The super glittery silver one is just a little bit too much dazzle. It gets in the way of the detail of the coin.... I'm sure it looks different in person. I love the copper! The coins came out great! Edit: Ooohhh the regular copper is great too! On a side note... the rainbow is inversed :/Unless rainbows look different in Germany Anywho... they are samples... there's a reason for samples.
  7. Hmmm... I'm going to consult with Mr. Bloodhound nearby. Maybe get some more Earthcaches under my belt before pursuing the creation of a mound/flood plain idea for an earthcache. Thank you all for pointing me in the right direction.
  8. It's tough to tell with the Ashland mounds because there used be many more than there are today. These could have very well been used as a type of solar or lunar calendar, but it is tough to tell with so few remaining :/
  9. Nobody puts baby in the corner! - Dirty Dancing yes, I know that comment might make me less of a man. I'm dealing with it
  10. I've been to "Giant Pre-Historic Snake by mr. bloodhound".... although this is before I knew about Earthcaches. I will have to go back. The mound is actually built beside what is thought to be a crater. So, that would definitely have to be geology based. I will see what I can come up with as far as the site in Ashland, Ky. If I can't figure a way to submit it based with at least some geological basis, then I won't submit it. I'm thinking that the park in which the remaining mounds are (there used to be many more) used to be a flood plain before the flood wall was built. On a side note, the Portsmouth, Ohio region used to be very rich in mounds, but we tore them down to build a couple of towns. Only two remain nearby, horseshoe mound and one in south portsmouth, KY. This is what they used to look like... covering an area of about 5 miles... and connecting on the other side of the river in KY. picture of the Ashland Park mounds
  11. Hello, I'm new to the Earthcaching portion of Groundspeak. I've read the guidelines... but was wondering something. I know that Earthcaches are to be primarily about the geology spectrum of earth sciences. I was wondering if there is a restriction on Indian Mound caches. These are both A) archaelogical and a lasting effect on the geology of an area (of course unless we bulldoze or there is another ice age full of glaciers). There is a series of mounds in the town where I work that I would like to write up an Earthcache for and present to the city park officials for approval, but just wondering if this would be allowed before I go through the work. Thanks for your comments! Zach
  12. The fate of our boxes lies in WSR's Robot hands
  13. Are you kidding me? Another philosophy based coin! That is awesome! Congratulations drneal.... very fitting for you to be the first. I know that this a tough time for you... and a new mystery coin certainly can't fill the void.... hopefully it gave you a smile, though. On a side note, What type of finish is that? Regards, Zach
  14. "Momma always said, 'stupid is as stupid does'". -Forrest Gump
  15. I still love my kathys coin.... It is a great tribute. Congratulations on the park. That is very exciting. Can't wait to see the new coin. Regards, Zach
  16. "if you want to figure out the easiest way work a job, watch the laziest employee" - my grandpa
  17. "Chip, I'm goin' to come at you like a spider monkey"- Texas Ranger- Talladega Nights
  18. thanks i took them off but could you edit yours to not show the tracking numbers also thasnks i did not think of that Sorry... I wasn't thinking clearly. Thanks, Zach
  19. I would suggest posting them on the tb-rescue site.
  20. Ummm... not a great idea to post tracking numbers. :/ Could get a ton of virtual logs... and get your coins locked.
  21. "hey mom.... look what I can do." - Kids in the Hall
  22. We could make it an annual mission! lol.... Keeping the number at 24.... and allowing the original members to sign up first if they want. Or..... whatever
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