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  1. I wish we could send all of the orange ladybugs that we have here into deep space. They are a pain in the fall.
  2. Interesting.... might be my last coin for awhile.
  3. My answer would be try it out. Some smaller airports might allow it...... Some larger ones might not.
  4. Ok... after some deliberate editing. I think that I can now add this picture. I would like to explain that my friends and I were at a local store in Dayton when we were walking passed the childrens aisle. I caught a glimpse of the cape and said, "I wish that they made superman pajamas with capes for adults". That of course brought on a dare. They dared me that if they bought the superman pajamas that I couldn't stretch myself into them... and would not wear them back to the dorms. Guess who won? Not only did I wear them.... I rode in the back of a convertible doing the superhero pose That was a great night... lots of fun... and zero alcohol involved. Getting back out of the outfit was another story And yes... I did sleep in them that night The End
  5. Pretty hard to name a number 1.... but here goes. Rebel Hill near Lexington, KY was home to the US civil war Ft. Boone (North/Yankee). It was small climb to the cache... but had history, great views, and cannons! Thanks for the cointest!
  6. Third guess: 88.... because there are 88 counties in Ohio. Difficulty: 2
  7. Re-releasing my original Todies Wild Ride as a resurrected trackable... spread the word!
  8. Canada Geese Humpback Whale Barn Swallow Atlantic Salmon Monarch Butterfly Green Sea Turtle North American Moose Part B: Army Ants are migratory.... mostly because they destroy all food sources and thus have to move to find new ones. This is more of a nomadic lifestyle than a true seasonal migration or mecca. The army ant colony can eat up to 100,000 animals in one day (kinda scary) . Most ant colonies will move during the night and camp during the day. Instead of building permanent nests, the army ants will build a nest of themselves by clinching on to each other with their powerful mandibles. Inside, will house the queen ant and larvae. The migratory sessions are about 2 weeks long. The ants are completely dependent on pheromone signaling in order to follow each other. I must say that this is the most amazing migratory animal IMO because nothing is sacred to them. All other animal must move out of their way. Pic from Eponymous blog.... (http://epon-ymous.blogspot.com/2010/08/army-ant.html) Most of the information was from a wikipedia branch called wikibooks Animal Behavior... the rest from the discovery channel Awesome cointest... thanks for the education! edit to add 1) Monarch Butterfly 2) Coho Salmon (local to me) 3) Grey Whale 4) Canada Goose 5) Green sea turtle 6) Arctic Tern 7) North american Caribou
  9. 57 2.5 difficulty Thanks for the cointest!
  10. No, it's not, and it takes travellers out of reach for Basic Members. I would hope that none of my trackables get put into PMO caches. People always forget that a big part of the problem is the plundering of caches by non-geocachers. Making it a PMO adds no security whatsoever, once the non-geocachers in the area learn of the cache's location. Calling them "hotels" is like ringing a bell, to anyone who can read the cache page and a Google map. Seeing a continual line of people heading to a particular spot arouses a lot of attention, depending on the location. We can agree to disagree then. I've never lost a coin from a PMO cache. I've lost several from "hotels". I stand by my post and have some numbers to back it up - at least for my little area of the globe. I would say that the largest threat to trackables is not muggles... but rather new cachers that pick up coins/tb without logging... and then retire from the sport soon there after. By creating a premium members only cache, I would say that much of this would be eliminated. I mean who is going to pay for premium membership and then quit after only 20 caches or so. Sure there will be the exceptions... but I think that a TB/coin is much safer in a PMO cache. On the other hand, by placing a PMO cache creates a dichotomy. The black and white being PMO caches containing trackables versus regular caches. The trackables were created as a means for ALL cachers to be able to see the trackable/ move it for you. By taking some of the cachers out of play as far as access to a hotel, this inherently changes the nature of the trackables. Personally, I enjoy having a nearby TB hotel... with easy access. There are no PMO tb hotels around here... but that might actually be a good idea to place.
  11. Today was my best mailbox today in years! I finally got my invitation for an interview at UK! Woohooo! OK... sorry for gloating... but for real. I am super happy! And now back to your regularly scheduled broadcasting of Drneal's mailbox.
  12. WHAT!??? Thanks for the cointest LadyBee4T Congratulations Gatoulis I found that site a couple of months ago. There is so much on there and OMG they're funny!!!!!!!! Sigh. OMG.... I think I just busted my gut! I thought lamebook was hilarious... both are great. Congrats Nikos!
  13. Unforunately, that particular mound has been almost entirely destroyed through farming :/ There are many, many mounds in this area... specially in the Chilocothe, Ohio area. I am thinking about also trying to develop a cache at mound city (a hopewell mound area)... it is a National Heritage Park... so that might make getting permission a little bit more difficult. There are about 20 mounds within about 20 acres at that area . Found within the mounds during excavation were mica mirrors (from North Carolina), obsidian knives, copper (from Lake Superior) ornaments in shape of frogs, serpents, etc, shark teeth (from at least 600 miles away). The trade routes were immense. Also, these mounds seem to be just above the normal flood plain area. As a safety precaution (I'm assuming) the Hopewells also built a 5 foot high retaining wall to keep high water out. As far as the Ashland, KY mounds, I haven't had much time to do more research yet or get permission because I am currently taking my Organic Chem class... so when it is over I will try to start. Thanks for the FEMA maps idea. I will look into that... the only thing is that I don't know if that will show the difference between river flooding with dams, flood gates, and flood walls into play. I will have to check into it. Thanks, Zach
  14. Soon, I will be resurrecting some of my trackables into the wild that have went missing for at least 1 year. Intend on using laminated tags containing the "passport" with the trackable number, something pertaining to the original trackable (as ugly as possible ) ... held together by 14 gauge galvanized wire. I didn't see any fasteners today.... I might check at ACE hardware first. Any other ideas?
  15. I see one that I want I know who these are from! That is great... hope the pups are ok!
  16. That is awesome! How did they do that? Laser etched?
  17. Hmmm... well at least you are good enough to admit it. It would be difficult to get a blank matching coin and then engrave new numbers. I would recommend contacting the owner... and maybe offering to set a new trackable free for them... giving them the activation number so it will be under their name. Maybe dropping it off near you.
  18. I LIKE IT!!! No.. The Americas were on the first, and I put "Tassie" on this one on purpose. Its been like that from the beginning... This one shows Oceania, Asia, India, Australia and a sliver of Africa and Antartica. Edit: Forgot to mention Australia But alas no New Zealand - we're part of Oceania too Maybe we'll make it onto the 3rd coin... Looks like Madagascar (Population 7) made the cut, though.
  19. I have a much Geekier one.... LMAO... but I really need to do some editing/cropping!
  20. This is how I normally eat my pancakes I always loved playing Pacman as a kid LOL
  21. Here is my entry for creative Cow.... I give you MooDoo. It might not be that creative.... but I like the name edit: Moodoo is currently on his way to Little Rock, Arkansas (home of Heifer International) via a kind cacher.
  22. I'm digging the green one. So... not to step on any toes... but did the inset of asia change when the name changed?
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