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  1. Could you please post a picture of that bedroom! My wife and I would love to see that
  2. Wow.... now that is a mission box! I like the bell... nice addition.
  3. I think that you will find that this forum is pretty easy going compared to the other forums. These are the kinder, friendlier forums..... and we have rainbows and a pot of gold.... and we grant a wish when captured. OK... that might be taking it too far, but it is friendly here.
  4. Congrats LewisClan.... and thank you everybody for the new facts!
  5. Hmmm.... the ones that I am using don't have sharp corners.
  6. So.... I just discovered Scotch Brand self-sealing laminating pouches.... perfect for TB passport!
  7. Nikos... check out HAARP... it will blow your mind. Yes!!! I know!!! Some blogs had posts when the Earthquacke in Japan happent that Haarp was responsible.. and they were giving explanations too.... here many are talking about the airplanes that they are passing... filling the air with the white smoke lines.... they say we are being sprayed! I do not know.... of course when we see many of these lines on the air... spreading.... the next day is a raining day... no matter if it is summer! who knows!! Supposedly the white streams are supposed to protect us from biological warfare? Who knows....
  8. There is a virtual in Washington state that is coal gas leaking. Flaming Gas When we were in Washington, we saw a sign on the highway that said "Flaming Geyser, next exit". Well, we had to stop to see what that was all about. We didn't realize it would be such a detour as it ended up being about 15 miles off the highway. Got to this site and thought "there must be a cache here", but of course our pocket query didn't extend out that far. Decided to take a hit on the roaming charges and looked it up on the web browser on my phone. Discovered that there was indeed a virtual here, so we were able to log that. It just happened to be my 100th virtual cache too. Good memories! Another site worth visiting is Centralia, The Burning Town. There is an underground coal seam here that has been burning since 1962. We stopped to check out this site on our way down to GeoWoodstock III, but that was before this EarthCache was set up. Wish I would have thought to make it into an EarthCache. Wow... if I ever find myself in that general area... I will have to stop. That is amazing... and very sad.
  9. Of course it is still sitting in customs. I mean if Norway customs is anything like the rest of the world.
  10. I know this is really lame... but I'm a stickler for deadlines. Since the deadline has passed, the coin should obviously go to me.
  11. Great Scott... thanks for saving it from going into the abyss that is the second page. Good work!
  12. Nikos... check out HAARP... it will blow your mind.
  13. The Lions ?? OMG you must be desperate!!! So states a lifelong SE Michigan native..... Ya.... they still have the underdog reputation.... but they have 3 top picks on the team from the last couple of drafts. Suh (should have been #1 draft pick... actually #2)... Calvin Johnson (actually a #2)... and Stafford (#1 in 2009 draft). They just picked up Titus young as a pretty good second WR. Now, All of those boys have had a little bit of experience... and I really think that they will shine this year. Probably won't win a championship... but at least make a playoff run. edit: Gotta add Jason Hanson at kicker position... man has been playing since 92 (of course he doesn't get hit very often) and has 82 percent completion for FG and 98 percent career for PATs.
  14. I would be in.... won't be rooting for the hometeam (Bengals) this year, though... they totally blew the trades. Pretty sure the Lions are my team this year
  15. Waving in the Coyotes is definitely on my to do list when we go west!
  16. Alright Nikos.... Looks like you can have my number 50 now Thanks for the cointest
  17. That's what ya get for being out enjoying that beautiful island of yours :/ I would love to be there on the beach! I will trade ya my number for your beach!
  18. Red on silver was an error? I have one of those LOL!
  19. How's about August 10th, 2011... gotta give a couple of days to customs.... plus that is my Interview date
  20. My Resume: 1. My dad taught me how to play chess when I was 6. How many 1st graders in the US can claim that? 2. My first real collection was Baseball and Basketball cards. 3. I soon moved onto minerals, crystals, and American Indian artifacts (my prized Indian possession is a tomahawk head that my uncle gave me). 4. I was on the Jr. High quiz bowl team in 5th grade.... because I knew a ton of random facts. 5. I played saxophone in high school marching band And we were awesome! One of the best bands in Ohio at the time. 6.One of my favorite games of all time.... Romance of the Three Kingdoms for Super Nintendo. 7. The only shows that can peak my interest any more are either on the History channel, Science channel, or original series on HBO (TrueBlood... Boardwalk Empire... Carnivale), Showtime (Dexter!), or Starz (Spartacus). 8. I collect geocoins.... does it really get any nerdier than that?
  21. I like that sign.... that would be a great one to have on the wall... I mean if I was the type of person that would do that. Anywho... even your signs are artsy over there. The most we get around here is a watch for deer sign.
  22. Check this thread out..... My link
  23. I Still looking for this coin... I lost a therapy lab (yellow like on this coin).. we're on the brink of loosing our family rottie (who all 3 of us trained in 4-H).. and there's a sheltie on there ( my oldest sheltie is now 7 and my sister's is almost 9). Since I do therapy dog work I have a couple of other dogs I've worked with on this coin that are now making a difference in nursing homes, reading programs etc. and I would love to have this coin to show to my 4-H kids ( both the dogs kids and the geocaching 4-H kids in the area) I actually can name a name (and sometimes tears associated with those names) for every dog on that coin now after having trained dogs for almost 18 years and worked with pet owners and 4-Hers for that long.. There is one listed here. Just wanted to update that I know am the proud owner of this lovely coin!!!! I recieved it in a lovely coin spotlight mission. It was matted in a handmade frame! Guess I have to pick out a new hearts desire coin!! I also recieved this great personal coin with my dog Kaylee on it In that same mission! Thanks Yangi!! I love the Rottie on that above coin But no love for the English Bulldogs? What the heck WE've had 1 Rottie, 2 English Bulldogs (English Bulldogs age and get hurt so quickly.... won't be putting myself through that again.... even if they are the most amusing dogs on earth)
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