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  1. Ha.... on yahoo Top 5 geekiest cities
  2. My thoughts exactly!!!!! Ah, but clicking over to 401 it will be 20,000!!! (I think that deserves a geocoin being produced!!! ) Should make Drneal produce it since at least 5,000 of those posts belong to him
  3. Left out step 1A. Name Dog
  4. Found a coin in one of my caches yesterday.... appears to be Kansas Sunshine 2009... maybe a group project?
  5. ha.... 8-15-11..... Just playin'.... thank you KD1EJ and Opalsns for the cointests!
  6. I think that we are all geeks in these forums.... just some people are afraid to admit it
  7. I just saw those stromatolites on Nat Geo channel yesterday Does that count as visit
  8. Hey that isn't too far away.... my wife and I will definitely be visiting those next year when we are hopefully living in Lexington. Louisville is just about an 1.5 hours highway.
  9. In case I don't get to my email tonight.... I still want to Play!
  10. Awesome contribution MC! I love checking out those pics
  11. A pocket protector..... For me thank you drneal! Ha..... Autocorrect wanted to change your name to dental! Anywho..... Thanks! Can't wait to see the surprise!
  12. If the coin is all blacked out, I would like to Elect the name of "ridin' on dubs" as the version name.... Had a friend in high school with a car like that
  13. My second guess.... Scificollector
  14. OK.... my first guess is Manu Luq
  15. Mine just came in yesterday Can't wait to find something to go with it.
  16. I got 2 of the green rhodiums.... The sets were all out by the time I re-logged back in... Didn't realize that rhodium was being offered. Never had a coin in that plating. So.... How many AE are being minted?
  17. Ok... so draft dates... I absolutely can't do August 9th or 10th... otherwise as long as I am not at work I am good to go. What's the group going to be called?
  18. Wow... that design turned out great. Nice change of pace!
  19. Hopefully it will work on my iphone
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