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  1. That makes sense. I guess that I have always considered a purchase a trade. Again, not trying to offend anybody. Maybe this forum is just a better space for ideas and displaying new work. I just haven't seen a space that is dedicated to the buyer/seller... other than Feebay. The beauty of having an auction space away from there is that you avoid the fees. Also, it is nice to go to a space that is dedicated to gc with some open discussion.

  2. Also, my lot includes:


    2 x Green and Gold Circle of Fours

    1 pink yime

    1 green and gold lotus

    1 aqua Davy Jones' Locker

    1 brinze and gold torlutortue

    1 red and orange powers of 10

    1 cherry city cachers black

    1 international fire relief 2007

    1 DresselDragons Big Bean blue

    1 midnight geocoin madness 2010

    1 ohio's canals

    1 night caching canada

    1 evanston roundhouse and railyard

    1 2010 signal frog Japan

    1 SE Gold summer solstice


    and 6 others good for using as trackables (and I don't know what they are called). So, 22 coins in all (plus some extra goodies).

    Will also include some extras.... but I don't want the purchase to be based on this. I know that you guys are good people (or at least the people on here that I used to talk to were).


    Ask around, I should still have a good reputation on here from before I quit because of grad school.

    You can email any offers to: zachary.harr@uky.edu


    Thanks guys!

  3. Holy cow guys.... I am trying to get some cash so that my wife and I can go on a well deserved vacation in June. Are these coins really worth the $75 that I am seeing them for on feebay? I have two of the green on gold. I don't even remember what I paid for them. I just remember them taking forever. Thanks.

  4. I received one of these today! I have not had the expendable income the past year like I had before because I have been in grad school full time without the ability to work.... and have made myself stop buying coins as a way to save. I really appreciate this kind gesture. Thanks so much mystery coiner.

  5. Awesome day for the mailbox! No bills..... no junk mail.... just a huge envelope full of coins from winning the ESPN fantasy football coiners league.


    The Booty!




    Lots of neat coins in here.... the railroad one is awesome! Got the football coin which I will definitely keep in my collection to remember victory by. Powers of 10 is also nice. Thanks to all who participated.... and thanks Starwolf for holding the league!

  6. You could also keep an eye on this forum. Sometimes a mystery coiner will donate a coin such as Mickey Diver for a goo cause (tsunami victims, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.)..... mind you the coin will not be cheap. They typically go for at least the 40 to 60 dollar range. Good Luck!

  7. Welcome lindam..... you will find that the people on these forums are quite nice. Several times a month you will see cointests ..... and sometimes coinpetitions (I just made that one up) such as the espn fantasy football coiner league.

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