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  1. I do a pocket query, extract the file, and pull the gpx file to my desktop. Then I attach the PN60 to the computer, connect PN60 to computer and drag the gpx file to PN60's internal drive.
  2. The MSGA OP said your email has not come through. Sent you a PM.
  3. I'll give the moderator a pm. Let me know if you don'y get through. ADS1
  4. Hi iRockskinnies, I'm not from South Mississippi, but would recommend you contact Leftygator, Biloxi Bay, or Mistrustme. Also log in to MSGA.net and introduce yourself. You will get a big welcome! ADS1
  5. I totally agree! I can't tell you how many times I have emailed and phoned techsupp asking for these two utilities that even my ole' blue Legend has. The upstart Oregon came with the Track Manager! Wake up Garmin, a lot of geocachers are looking at, and buying, the Delorme PN-40. I must also agree. I have never owned anything but a Garmin GPS, starting with the 12XL, Vista, Vista C, 60CSx, and now the Colorado. It appears to me that Garmin has given up on the Colorado. For those of us who try to buy on the leading edge of Garmin products, I feel it was very unfair to follow the Colorado with the Oregon and then not support the Colorado in the manner in which is expected from Garmin owners. I really like Garmin, but they have done those of us who jumped out and purchased the Colorado a big injustice. Still love my Garmins, but I did just purchase a Delorme PN 40. When companies get too big, they sometimes lose customer service. Garmin is getting close to gaining this reputation in my humble opinion. Please understand that I love my Garmin GPS units.
  6. Click Here if you want to contact your representative. The National Park Sub-Committee consists of the following members: Mr. Steve Pearce, New Mexico, Chairman Mrs. Donna M. Christensen, Virgin Islands Jim Saxton, NJ Dale E. Kildee , MI Elton Gallegly, CA Neil Abercrombie , HI John J. Duncan, Jr. TN Ron Kind, WI George P. Radanovich, CA Tom Udall, NM Walter B. Jones, NC Madeleine Bordallo, GU Henry Brown, Jr., SC Charlie Melancon, LA Luis G. Fortuno, PR Nick J. Rahall, II, WV, ex officio Marilyn Musgrave, CO Richard W. Pombo, CA, ex officio Note: The Chair and one member are from New Mexico. If the Geocaching community was a little better organized we could form a delegation and visit the chair to educate the committee a little more about geocaching. Or a resident of New Mexico could visit or send a well written letter requesting consideration for geocaching in NPS to Mr. Pearce, Chair of the committee. It seems to me that the letter should also present a proposal with guidelines for geocaching and a well defined justification. Just a thought.
  7. U. S. Army 1969 - 1971 3rd Brigade 1st Cav Airmobile. Vietnam Vet. Worked with Operations and Intelligence.
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