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  1. Same here - I have not had any of my requested PQ files actually run since the scheduled downtime today.
  2. Exactly the same for me right now. Hopefully those run PQ's actually appear soon...
  3. I also like to carry a pair of binoculars. If someone comes by, I just focus my binoculars on them and they become unnerved and leave!
  4. I don't do the FTF thing but I do find it fun to watch and see who is FTF on my caches and other caches that pop up close to home.
  5. I love geocaching because it brings you to some super cool locations, because there is certain thrill associated with the hunt, and it sure beats sitting at home on the weekends.
  6. I find it interesting that people with literally thousands of posts here, claim that it is just a game. That would indicate to me that perhaps they are somewhat obesessed. For me, it is probably more than just a game as well. I spend an inordinate amount of time geocaching, hiding caches, talking about caches online, etc. The other interesting thing I find is that it is very common for people to know exactly how long they have been geocaching and even celebrate their geocaching anniversaries. Have you ever heard anyone say "Wow, I've been playing baseball for 3 years now?" I think geocaching caters to semi-obsessive people. I'm guilty!
  7. Do you really believe that the posts in this particular forum represent the widespread geocaching community? I know I don't believe that.
  8. Cool coin - I like the 3D side. Ordered 4!
  9. This site is quite cool. I will definitely be using it.
  10. Some event geocoin designs have been pretty cool so I think that they should be available to everyone ahead of time for coin collecting purposes. They should definitely be available at the event as well though since that is the whole point of the event geocoin.
  11. I just traded the Geobash coin away for a Utah coin. If anyone is still interested in the other coins, let me know.
  12. I would be interested in trading for any of the following coins: Northwest Pennsylvania West Tennesse (GOWT) Washington 2004 Rhode Island Utah I can offer any of the following in return: Indiana Midwest Geobash Michigan (MIGO) Alaska South Africa Ohio
  13. Is anyone willing to trade me a Northwest Pennsylvania geocoin? I can offer any one of the following in return: Indiana Geocoin Midwest Geobash Coin Michigan (MIGO) Geocoin Alaska South Africa Ohio
  14. Does anyone have an Idaho coin they would be willing to trade? I can offer any one of the following: Geocoin Club Coin - August 2005 Indiana Geocoin Midwest Geobash Coin Michigan (MIGO) Geocoin Regards, Chris
  15. I may live in Michigan but was born in Minnesota so would definitely be interested in at least 2 coins. GC tracking preferred but wouldn't affect my purchase.
  16. Please sign me up for 1 silver and 1 bronze. Thanks!
  17. I am looking for an Alabama geocoin. Anyone want to trade for a Geobash coin?
  18. My wife and I have planned a week long geocaching trip to Phoenix in November. I searched the forums and found lots of suggestions for quick layover-type caches; however, I am hoping people could suggest some good caching areas for non-urban, non-stealthy type caches. Looking at the geocaching.com maps it appears that the Tonto National Forest has lots of caches. Are there any other nice forests or parks that are scenic and have some caches that we should visit? Thanks for any input! Chris
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