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  1. I hope HQ will be fair and extends premium membership by 1 day for all paying customers because we can't use the service since we are not allowed to log in.
  2. Thanks for the info, Keystone. At least we know HQ knows about our inputs. I'm not expecting rollback, just restoring the previous functionality in the new design. An maybe improving the design so that it's easier to read 🙂
  3. Hi Keystone, Do you think there is a chance we will see any official response to those many constructive comments in this thread? For example regarding missing information in search, 1000 results limit, impossibility to use in smartphone been browser etc. While the user interface might be a matter of personal taste (although most of us think it's harder to read now), there are many other objective facts that are just bugs or service disruptions. Right now it seems people are wasting time here and HQ is not interested in receiving feedback and is sticking head to sand and waits until the initial complaints are over. I've emailed HQ yesterday and received no response yet. All of this is taking too long considering this is a paid service.
  4. Looks like Grounspeak does not bother to respond. Perhaps we have to mail them directly.
  5. Premium members keep paying so why fixing something the majority of players don't complain about... Deja vu?
  6. And is it likely any fixes happen at all?
  7. Hello HQ, as stated last week in this thread, my premium is expiring tomorrow and since you fixed only default sorting so far and obviously focused on that souvenirs task instead, I'm not renewing and I'm also not placing any new caches until you improve functionality of the new search. I've been paying subscription most of my caching "career" I also pay for project-GC, so it's not about the money but I simply feel like as a customer that is very disappointed with the broken service functionality. Since there is no other provider of this service, I just have an option to stop paying you money. What needs to be fixed: 1) columns have a lots of white space padding -> difficult to quick grasp information about geocaches in the list 2) missing icon of cache size -> text makes impossible to quickly scan for visual guide 3) missing needs maintenance and trackable icon -> not sure why you removed this, maybe related to point #1 because your table wouldn't fit even to fullHD screens :-) 4) missing rows color banding -> because your table is now unreasonable wide, it's hard to quickly scan over the table because the colums on right are far away from geocache name on the very left 5) even if you think your search is now visually perfect (this is for some strange reason popular approach in many user interfaces in recent years), please add something like "condensed" view where all the white space padding is reduced to possible minimum. On 1920x1200 screen, I was able to see 20 entries of the old design. Now I see 14. 6) when I go over profile -> geocaches -> all geocache hides -> map these geocaches, I get a blank map with error "No matching results". This is obviously a bug. 7) revert the option to see ALL geocache finds. Recently I needed to troubleshoot a bug in a challenge checker (366 calendar grid) and I had to go over one of my friend's finds all over the caching years to really get to see what he found on one particular day over all of the years. For a person with more than 1000 finds, this is impossible with your new search. 8) use a different visual styling for a disabled and archived hide. Right now they look the same except for the tiny text. Makes no sense not to use a different color or crossed text or whatever to allow people to quickly distinguish between these two significantly different geocache states. 9) fix the search appearance on smartphones. Somebody posted screenshots in this thread before. It's completely useless now to see all the needed D/T/Size/Placed/Found colums, not even talking about sorting according to these 10) cache distance direction icon was also much more convenient to read where the cache direction in the real world is What is unrelated and also missing: as I proposed this February, you should improve functionality of adding/removing caches from a list, more about that here: https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/360327-feature-request-remove-cache-from-a-bookmark-directly-on-cache-page/&tab=comments#comment-5872950 Once you fix most of this I'd be more than happy to subscribe again. Thanks. EDIT: I forgot to mention I'd be delighted to be in group of test users that provide feedback before you release your changes to the rest of the users.
  8. Hi HQ, I just wanted to let you know my subscription is expiring next week and I'm not renewing until you retire the recent horrible update or singnificantly improve its functionality to match the level of previous version. I'm not gonna repeat what others posted here before. Just maybe have a group of test users to review and feedback your website updates before you release to everyone and ruin user experience of your customers. Paying customers.
  9. When I want to remove a cache from a bookmark, I have to open the bookmark, find the cache, and delete it on bookmark page. Would it be possible to add an option to remove cache from bookmark directly on cache page? Perhaps like on the attached image - in that example cache is already in bookmark *Solved* - I could quickly remove it clicking a red cross or add the cache to another bookmark clicking on green checkmark. Or am I missing something and this is somehow already possible? Clicking on a bookmark twice just gets me *Saved* twice and cache is still in the bookmark.
  10. That's why there is Difficulty rating for.
  11. I attached tag with TB mission to some of my trackables but some people just igonore it. Even if the tag says "if you can't meet the requirement please don't take me". I'm not discouraging you to attach a similar tag, just don't be surprised not everybody respects this even if clearly stated.
  12. How long is this going to take to fix?
  13. You'd have to get additional credits from Groundspeak. I think one of the qualifying conditions to be chosen again is that your existing AL has to have rating at least 4.5 stars. I received additional credits a few days ago.
  14. For an app that claims to be "online" with no intention to allow download of ALs for offline use, I wonder why journal can't be downloaded after checking whether player completed the LABs or not... But I'm not a software engineer. I just wish they stated in LAB builder something like "do not use this field for storing information to compute bonus cache final location" :-)
  15. I was informed that it's possible to download LAB journals over Groundspeak API even without visiting and completing the LABs. How do I know that? Yesterday I published my Adventure LABs and also a bonus cache. Most bonus caches have a quite weak formula consisting of 5 bonus numbers you get from journals so most of the time it possible to guess the final cords after visiting 3 stages or so. I wanted my LABs to be more secure against this so I added random string of 3 letters as journal to each of my LABs. After completing all labs, you put these strings together and have a long random letters string you put to certitude and there you get final coordinates. Considering there are over 15000 possible codes on every stage, I thought I have pretty robust protection. Then I saw first successful certitude answers before 3 LABs were completed by anyone. Then during the day, I saw successul certitude solvers from different parts of the country, all without completing the Adventure. I contacted one of them and he told me it's possible to get the journals content over API. My questions are: 1) why do you allow downloading journals content over API to players that did not complete the adventure? It makes no sense to me. 2) I suspect you are aware of this, so why do you not warn adventure lab creators not to put bonus numbers to journals? Hint for other possible AL owners that want to have more robust solution than I do: Do not put bonus number/string/whatever to journal displayed after LAB completion. Use it to ask the player to count something that is on the spot and not possible to guess from couch using fake GPS. I intentionally didn't want the players of my LAB to have to count stupid things like amount of holes in road drain, but at the moment it seems to be the only way to protect your bonus cache from being hacked.
  16. Exactly. About 3 weeks ago I emailed Groundspeak with the request to allow hiding completed LABs in the application. Instead, I received response explaining how can I request to create my own LABs :-)
  17. I've noticed these PM newbies as well and thought there is a possibility to try PM for free... But now I see you need a code for free trial so they are really paying: https://www.geocaching.com/freetrial/
  18. I think it's because the website has general issues.
  19. Same here, need to submit any log multiple times until it finally goes through. Now I've been waiting for couple of minutes and the page with drafts is still loading. Shame this keeps happening nearly every weekend.
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