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  1. In preparation to our trip to Italie (a week arround bergamo and about 2 days venice)i like to buy a map for my Garmin GPS. In Holland i can buy 2 different kind of maps, 1 from Italy and 2 maps of parts of Italy (Lombardije and Emilia Romagna) Both maps are offered with the same discription and scale( 1:50.000) Since i have seen 1 review for the complete Italy map (and this review was very dissapointing; no small roads for walkers on the map) i wonder what maps you use or can recommend me. I will use the maps for Geocaching by foot only, and like to walk through forests and the like. Any good suggestions are highly appreciated. regards, team Broosha
  2. In preparation of our short visit to Venice in May 2011, (only 1 night overtime) i would really like to have some suggestions about approx 2 caches really recommended to do. I'm unsure if we have time to multi, so i'm aiming on some normals. Suggestions are most welcome. team Broosha Holland
  3. My daughter Karlijn, 11 years old likes to have a pen pal in New Zeeland from arround the same age. Why New Zeeland? It's far far away and she hopes to learn more english (and is willing to teach Dutch in return). She has a mail adres of her own so if your daughter likes to do so she can contact her on karlijnstevens@gmail.com Regards, team Broosha
  4. Hi all, At the end of october i'll visit Italie for some days work. Afterwards i'm aiming of 2 or 3 days free time with caching. Since my time is limited i like to ask if any of you can recommend certain caches, known by beautifull surroundings. I will work in Ranica, NE of Bergamo (and a bit further NE from Milaan) I will rent a car so some driving time won't be a problem. Hopefully you can give me some advise. Furthermore, if any of you like a coin towards Holland, post a PM. I'll contact you when the date is more certain.
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