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  1. When you start a reply with "But technically" you have my BS detector on full alert. I'm guessing this is the type of behavior that got you suspended in the first place. Stop looking for loopholes and hide caches that comply with the rules and the spirit of Geocaching or find another hobby.
  2. Years ago my son and I found a bunch of caches by using our Nuvi and a compass. We would walk in as straight of a line as the terrain allowed until we hit the lat or long number and then used the compass to walk a line either N-S or E-W till we got to the posted coords and then started searching. That worked surprisinly well and improved our compass skills a bit.
  3. To the OP, Welcome to the forums. Glad you and your son are enjoying caching together. As you can see lots of opinions here. Perfectly fine and acceptable if he wants to log them on his own account and fine if he chooses not to. If he wants to take the time to log them, then I say Go For It! Happy caching! I hope he stays enthused for a long time. Nice present by the way!
  4. Geochums is a Facebook group that is mostly (but not only) cachers from the Northeast Ohio area. I just posted your message on the Geochum page. Hopefully one of the good folks there can help you out.
  5. Sometimes the most creative part of the cache is "how it is placed".
  6. Yes, you should. If you can't be bothered to gain permission by contacting the land owner...please don't hide a cache there.
  7. You were asked by the land owner, manager, whatever title to remove the cache. YES, remove the cache and Thank them for allowing it to have been in place.
  8. There is a fun cache in our area that is in a duck decoy in the middle of a pond. The trick is figuring out a way to retrieve the duck. No wading, swimming or boats allowed. Every fall as the pond starts to ice up the owner disables the cache and removes the duck. In the spring he puts in back in play and enables for another season.
  9. Congrats on your 100th find and thanks for sharing the adventure. It has been a long time since I've had that much fun on a cache run!
  10. Lakeview Cemetary in Cleveland, Ohio encourages people to spend time there not just visiting those that are buried. They have different hikes and tours. President Garfield's tomb is open to the public daily from April to November. The Wade Chapel hosts weddings. It has an impressive Tiffany Glass wall.
  11. You might want to take a look at dacron fly line backing. Cabela's or other outdoor retailers will sell it. Cabela's has a 100 yard 20lb test spool or 200 yard 30lb test spool for $6.99 or $9.99. It is used as backing on a fly reel so if you hook a large fish that runs farther than your fly line you stay hooked up.
  12. Handheld GPSr for me. I don't cache as often as I used to, but I am a sucker for older tech. I have an Etrex Legend H that is the only unit purchased new. A GPS12, the old Yellow Etrex, and a Etrex HCx picked up by my wife at garage sales...probably a total of $12.00 over a couple of years. I like to read the cache page load a few at a time and head out occasionally...with my Motorola flip phone circa 2009 if I need to make a call!
  13. Thanks for all the answers folks. Any thoughts on the first part of my post? Is it just me or are there less photos in the forums?
  14. Now that you already figured out, don't forget to place your images on a photo sharing page first, so you can create an URL. That's it. Thanks for the quick reply. So how do I do that? Is there a page or tutorial for the less than technically inclined?
  15. Hi All, I have dropped in on the forums on and off since I joined back in 2009. It seemed back then, that there were a lot more pictures posted in forums as part of the discussion or to show an example of something. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Did I miss something during one of my "off" periods? Also I have not been able to locate the "how to post pictures here". Would someone mind directing me that information? Thanks, mac367 OK, I was just about to hit "Post New Topic" when I noticed all the other buttons right above that. Maybe I have my answer.
  16. To the OP, since you already know where ground zero is what difference does it make if it doesn't appear on your free app. You can still go back and search the area. If you logged the DNF you would then have a record in your profile of the GC code so if you do find it you could then post your Found It log. Maybe, if posting a DNF that is an accurate representation of your caching activity on that cache is causing you to much trouble, this isn't the hobby for you.
  17. 2, 3, those numbers are so close together on my keyboard. I didn't realize there was some controversy on the find.
  18. I don't normally bump old threads, but on this one I couldn't help myself. I can't believe it has been 3 years since this epic caching adventure. It was so much fun following StormgrenX on this journey and the anticipation of finding out if they were successful after they headed back to the river. Those guys are still Caching Rock Stars!
  19. First...Welcome back! I can't answer the question about the iPhone, I use some old GPS units, a GPS12, and yellow eTrex (both garage sale finds for just few bucks, but in like new condition). My "new" unit is an eTrex Legend H, but that is with my son down in N. Carolina. I would recommend that you take the kids out and find a bunch to get a feel for what's new and what caches in your area are like now. Hopefully there are some larger caches with some cool stuff for the kids to trade. Good luck and enjoy. The best times I had caching were with my son when we first started back in 2009.
  20. Then the OP should have stated something to the effect, "They couldn't have possibly found my archived cache since it was removed." I am sorry I don't give a pass on this one. There is too much geo-litter out there.
  21. Based on the OP's post my comment is...Apparently when you lost interest in caching you also lost interest in collecting what is now litter. Unless you have already done so, please go and collect all your archived caches so the rest of us don't get a bad name from your trash. If you get any future logs hit delete since your caches will no longer out there to be found.
  22. To comment on your original point that you seem to be losing interest in caching...I would say you are a perfectly normal kid, actually age isn't even the big factor. Lot's of folks start on a new activity or hobby with lots of enthusiasm but after a while the initial "Wow" factor starts to wear off. That's fairly normal. Just look at all the fitness commercials and gym memberships that get sold every year as an example! My son cached with me all the time for about 2 years, but then he lost interest. You have already figured out the types of caches you prefer to go after, your a premium member and you have several hides...I think you're doing just fine. I have been caching about 6 years but only have 400 some finds. I still enjoy the same kinds of caches you do and avoid LPCs like the plague, but I haven't recorded a find since October. I loaded up about 7 in my Etrex last weekend that are in one of the local parks but I haven't had time to head in that direction to look for them yet. Maybe you can negotiate with your mom for some quality caching time. Say 1 or 2 Saturday afternoons a month that she drives you to some caching sites, in exchange you take care of the laundry or do the dishes or some other extra help...be creative with what would make your mom stop and think..."He sure is going out of his way to earn some time doing something he likes, I should support that."
  23. I actually really enjoy multis. Both of my hides are multis with a bit of hiking involved. I wanted the cache experience to include hiking a specific trail and the multi is the best way to accomplish that. My first one involves several "questions to answer" WPs instead of containers, but that was partly to avoid hogging up a chunk of the park, while still taking the finders along an awesome trail. 2.5 miles for one smiley is not for everyone. There is an awesome multi in western Pennsylvania that involves a 20 mile hike for one smiley. It gets many long detailed logs and has a bunch of favorites. I am looking forward to finding it!
  24. Bonricmac, I have been offline for a few days...you are most welcome. Let us know how your caching is going.
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