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  1. She doesn't have a question. She's just sharing and putting it out for discussion on a Discussion Board.
  2. When was the last time L0ne.R replied to any of your posts? If you're on someone's ignored users list, then a reply may not be forthcoming. +1
  3. I have asked you politely in the past to please refrain from personal attacks. In light of this quite personal attack, I ask again. I do not see the personal attack, personally. But I will say that just because someone has not hidden a cache (even though the lack of hides under a particular user account proves nothing), this does not invalidate one's opinion on what proper cache maintenance should look like. +1
  4. I liked what they said so much, I had to share. +1
  5. The subject of this thread is "50 State Traveler (GC4241) Discussion This is a discussion group for the moving cache 50 State Traveler". I think that answers your first question. As to your second question...this isn't "every cache". This is one particular cache that is apparently subject to a bit more drama than most and some locals wisely decided to take the discussion here. Seems like a good idea to me. +1
  6. Too bad I can't add a forum signature... I would definitely use Knowschad's quote, "Listen, don't censor.", especially in this situation.
  7. I blam the this childishness on the fact there are way too many challange caches out there now. This Mr.Yuck situation has me feeling disillusioned. So much so, I am taking a break from these forums for a while. I encourage anyone else feeling disillusioned to also take a break. Some argue that there are too many caches of all types. But while it may affect how some choose to play, one should not let it affect how you enjoy the game. If it stops being fun, I'll stop playing. I don't want others to affect my enjoyment so I ignore them as much as possible. I heard that a couple of other forum regulars were also given the permanent boot in the forums here. If such actions is meant to be a deterrent, they should be made known to those who participate in the forums. Some of us are confused why certain people are banned while others are not. Color me disillusioned as well, but I neither encourage nor discourage anyone from participating in the forums here. As I had said before, I learned a lot here, and in my own small way I hope I had helped a few people with technical issues. I had taken a voluntary break in the past, and I think I will take one again. The fate of Mr.Yuck, Tozainamboku and 4wheelinfool has me really bothered too. This will be my last post for a while. +1
  8. Wait, what happened to Mr Yuck (or the cacher formerly known as TheWhiteUrkel)? Yeah .... me too. He always seemed to have good words of wisdom. I have a friend that was doing some streak or other, and he just left unfound caches in the area so he could go out the days he needed a cache, and not have to go far. I thought Mr Yuck always contributed to a positive forum community experience. He was a wealth of knowledge about geocaching and forum history. Sad day. I'd sure like to know why! +1
  9. Dulce-Joy


    What an excellent idea. Thank you. Thank you very much!
  10. Dulce-Joy


    Well then maybe this thread should be moved to the regional forum to better expose your question to locals that may know the answer.
  11. Dulce-Joy


    That's the explanation you should have given in the first place, if you wanted people to understand what you wanted.
  12. Dulce-Joy


    Yea that's not really what I'm looking for , I want to know the ones no matter the rating that no one can find . That being the case.... if you look closely at the PQ submission page, there is also a parameter checkbox for "Have not been found". What is the point then? The thread title and the OP seemed to be quite clear. People responded helpfully. It's difficult to provide any help if YOU aren't clear about your question. B. No, I got what they were trying to say.... They didn't want to have to do the work themselves.
  13. I know this probably isn't the proper thread to post this in, but I'm not sure where to post it. This has to do with viewing the forums on a Windowsphone (not app). I used to be able to click on a thread and it would automatically take me to the last unread post. It no longer does that for me, it goes to the first post everytime. Is there a setting that would allow me to reset it? Or is it a possible bug? Thank you.
  14. You might want to check your list for Oregon. Most, if not all, of the geotrail/geocoin challenges are over and done with.
  15. I once contacted a reviewer about a cache being in an area where the homeless stayed and there were hypodermic needles everywhere. Most cachers that found the cache would comment on the hypodermic needles and garbage. The reviewer answered me back saying that he understood my concern but reviewers are not expected to "judge" caches or locations. Reviewers are only responsible to assure it meets the guidelines. I didn't know what to say after that.
  16. We got different icons which didn't want or need but we didn't get this idea that has been asked for over and over again and is a very old idea. This idea is extremely useful and could be put to very good use. --Patiently Waiting
  17. I was going to report this as well but wanted to see if anyone else had already posted, which you had. It's been about a half an hour since I've noticed no pictures and many, not all, avatars not appearing.
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