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  1. Is there a menu that I am missing that will allow me to zoom my Megellan Trition 400 closer than only 100 ft or is this all I can get. I does alright, but sometimes wish I could get closer. Thanks...
  2. Thanks for all the help. I got close but just didn't try to open the Lat/Long menu. I have the back light set to minimum, but I can only get about two afternoons of caching in. Is this normal or just this model?
  3. I have a Magellan Triton 400 and I can only enter coordinates by decimal point and I can not find how to change it to accept degree. I have found how to convert coordinates when using a computer or loading a cach with the Magellan software (vantage points) but it becomes a problem if we find coordinats in the field and do not have access to a computer. Can I make my GPS enter cords differently? Is there a formula I can use to convert cords on my own? Also, Triton 400 EATS batteries, any sugestions? Thanks for any help, slideways...
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