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  1. The cache owner can also mark a trackable item as Missing and thus remove it from their cache's inventory to keep it accurate.


    Your local reviewer has the ability to mark such items missing.


    If those options fail, Eartha, the Moderator on the Travel Bug forum has also said she will help: You would need to send her a link of the missing trackable's page.


    Also, you may like to add a comment to this long-running topic:


    Feature Request - A System to remove "ghost trackables" from cache inventories




    Great! Thanks for the reply.


    Just after I posted this topic I found a reference to this problem in Groundspeak's Help Center. I'll message the Cache Owner and ask him/her to do something about it. If that fails I will ask the local reviewer for help before bothering Eartha.


    Thanks for the link to the feature request. I'll post my support there.

  2. I have found a number of caches that indicate trackables in their inventory, but where the trackables are no longer there. I usually look into past logs of the cache and trackable to see if someone else before me noted something about the missing trackable. If not, I will post a note indicating that the trackable is not there anymore. I also usually send a message to the trackable owner informing them of their missing trackable.


    Now, in some of these caches the trackables went missing years ago, but the owner hasn't marked it as missing. Because of that we now sit with a couple of caches which wrongly indicates trackables in their inventory for years. I'd like to get that cleaned up.


    So if the owners of the trackables aren't responding to their missing trackables then what is the next step/possibility to get the trackable removed from the cache or get it marked as missing without the owner's intervention? Should I get a local reviewer involved? Who will be able to get it done besides the owner? What are my options?

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