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    Green Jeeps

    Is there anyway to have an email or some kind of posting when there's a Green Jeep near by? I've looked but haven't found anything. Thanks!
  2. What does one have to do to be a person to receive and release White Jeeps in your state? I'd love to be someone that has them to release them? Inquiring minds would like to know.
  3. I've got Garmin's eTrax and use my pda to download waypoints and handle all that. But what I'm now interested in is a mapping software so that I can make the most of my time when I go. Any suggestions? My son and I are planning a long day of total caching and I want to make sure we're not double back tracking while out there. Is there a mapping software that will allow you to put the caches coordinates in and then show them all on a map? I'm not sure I totally understand the mapping software concept anyway. Thanks for your help
  4. Sounds a bit like sore grapes to me. I'm a 40+ yr old and I've got about 10 ftf to my credit. Not because I sit and wait on them to pop up I'm just lucky with my work schedule. I have the ability to surf the internet while working and when I get off I'm usually armed and ready to go. So I do. Good luck getting your ftf. It's not about who's first, it's about the hunt.
  5. Momyar

    Why Is It?????

    Why is it any time I click the back arrow I get "this page can't find server" message. When I hit refresh it takes me back to beginning. Just wondering if it's my computer or what? Thanks
  6. I've been thinking about this very question recently. Here's what I've come up with. I'm a 46 year old that has had a major back surgery and possibily facing another one. I've been a sit on my franny and not do any kind of exercise for a long time. And therefore am in pretty bad shape. I had a lap Nissan surgery last year to help with my acid reflux disease and started losing weight because of it (it's almost like a mini stomach reduction). I've always enjoyed looking for treasures. Never been much of one to go outside. But now that I"ve lost 24.5 lbs in 356 days and can do it by geocaching. I'm ready to go at a moments notice. I'm seeing things and learning things that I wouldn't normally have done without caching. With the limitations that the back has put on me I really like the locationless and virtual caches. So those would be great for me. I'm not big into the major hikes. Won't be doing any 4.5 or 5's but have attempted a couple 3.5s. One of them should have been a 4.5 for terrain. So if you will place it I will look for it. I just love this sport. Only wish I could get more family members into it. I think it might help them as well. So I guess it really is about reclaiming my life and I'm enjoying it!!!!
  7. I've always hear them referred to as begger lice. Glad it was you and not me. Did you find the cache???
  8. Am a premium member and use GSAK. What's the best mapping software out there for the money?
  9. Not sure how to ask this question, but here goes. While in Savannah this past weekend I wondered if there was some way I could get the caches on a map that would show me where they were in relation to each other. I've got a yellow Etrex so I don't have any mapping ability. I know by looking on the geocaching.com map page some of them are listed. Next time I go I want to be able to make the most of my time there and not be running all over the area and only able to pick up a couple at a time. Any suggestions?
  10. Look and see if you can find "a write your own cookbook" cookbook. I got one from a fund raiser someone's child was having at school. That way it becomes a TB and folks just add their recipes.
  11. I love virtuals and locationless ones! As an older geocaching with some phyical limitations these are right up my alley. I'm hesitate to go geocaching by myself for the above stated reasons. So going to see a plaque, statue or a location is just great for me. I hope they will open them back up soon. I've done quite a few of the locationless ones and have learned a lot about my area. Another vote for virtuals and locationless caches!
  12. Of the closet 20 to my house they are anywhere from 6 miles to 30 miles. I've placed 2 of them Found 10 of them 2 are too far to walk in the Ga heat. (one is 9.3 miles round trip the other will be 7 miles round trip) 2 too tough for my phyical condition at this point 1 virtual just has come up on the schedule 3 that will require most of the day between driving time and caching time So for someone doing this for only 2 months I don't think that's too bad!
  13. Make sure you're logged in. That's usually what's up when I don't see the checks.
  14. I recommend "An Idiot's Guide to Geo Caching". Bought it and it really helped me. Had some great ideas on searching. Good luck and enjoy yourself!
  15. Yep, I do mean GSAK. Sorry! Was working on both of them last night.
  16. I think the harness that you use for kids are wonderful. Used one with my daughter. It was easier on both of us. She didn't have to have her arm raised over her head while we walked and it also gave her more freedom. But gave me the comfort of knowing she wasn't going to slip from my hand and take off. I say go with it! You'll probably enjoy it much more and the child will have more freedom to explore the things that are on their level.
  17. There's a column on the far right side beside the longitude and latitude with a red X. What's that column for? haven't been able to find anything in the help. I know you can't sort by that column. Just curious
  18. After caching and logging things into my palm while in the field, how do I get that information then into GSAK? That way I can have any notes I make in Cachemate transfered to GSAK. I know it will transfer the notes after I've logged the find on line but sometimes you make notes to yourself and it would be nice if they were put into gsak without having to type them again. TIA, Momyar
  19. My geocaching mate, Miaka, and I went to pick up two she had already gotten but I hadn't last Tuesday. As we got near where the cache should be we see an almost new roll of toilet paper nad the ammo box together. As we get closer we begin to smell an awful smell. This #)(*%)$(*%)$(*% had discovered the cache, wrote a note, opened all the bags, plundered the cache and then left his "surprise" for us. It was so nasty!!! Miaka took the ammo box attempted to air out the log book as well as a puzzle book tb. It was a no go. This guy even opened all the bags in the ammo box so that everything would smell. We believe he also stole one of the tbs. Only reason he didn't take the remaining one, we believe, is he didn't realize it had a tag attached to it. Probably the grossest thing I've ever seen or smelled. We wished lots of ticks and the runs for many, many weeks on this person. Hope that's my one and only time having to experience that.
  20. I've got a registered version of GSAK and am a premium member. But I'm having a devil of a time getting filters set so I can download the caches into my pda or my gps. I've opened the set filters box and only want to download certain caches a certain distance from me. How in the heck do I get it to do that? It keeps telling me Sorry, this filter contains 0 caches. Filter will not be set. What am I doing wrong?? I want all the caches that I have in this database that are less than 50 miles from the centre point. Any help would be great appreciated!!!
  21. How often do you remove money that's been left in the cache? I recently did a maintain on mine and there was a George$ and a $2 bill. Do you remove it, leave it or what?
  22. I named my first one "Women of Glory" after the momument that's located at the depot in honor of the women that helped during the Civil War. The second one "Please, Mr. Postman" in honor of the Georgia Senator that introduced the bill for free rural postal delivery. The next one I'm planning on hiding will have a name that has something to do with the location.
  23. Momyar

    Found Log

    I was checking my logs today against my finds and discovered that it doesn't show the reverse/locationless caches. Why not? My logs are on those cache sites but not on my log. Anything I need to do to get them there?
  24. Yep, they #2'd in it. Left the roll of toilet paper near by as well as "used" toilet paper. Miaka was the angel. She took the ammo can home and contacted everyone. we smelled it before we saw it. I absolutely love geo caching!!! I just wish DH and DD were more interested in it. But I've found Miaka and she's pretty much ready any time I'm ready. In fact, she'll go where I'd be skeptical to go. Thanks for the support!
  25. Miaka took the stuff home and tried to salvage it. But the puzzle and log book were a no go. She said it just smelled too bad. She hasn't heard from the owners but hopefully will soon. Still can't understand the person that would do this kind of thing. I don't know of a punishment worthy of them other than the "runs and lots of ticks" for weeks and weeks. Sure makes you more cautious when going. So glad the person wasn't around. Would hate to see what he would have done to someone.
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