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  1. I use an Etrex yellow and memory-map software (SE England) on the home PC. I download pocket queries to the PC, and then upload them to the Etrex and m-m, thus having an OS map of SE England on the PC and local caches stored on the Etrex. I then print out hard copy maps to take on trips with the Etrex. Palm III's are dirt cheap on eBay. To go paperless, is it possible to: 1. Download GPX/MXF files to Palm III? 2. Download my mm software to Palm III? 3. What additional software would be required? Is there any better, cost effective options I should consider? Thanks, Jon
  2. Mr'D

    Logging Of Tb

    What a great idea!
  3. Mr'D

    Pocket Query

    Thanks, I can't figure this out. A locationless cache has no co-ords, but when I import my 'locationless' finds query into GSAK, they are giving me distances from my home of 3500 miles odd ( I am in UK) . GC566B is an example. I set the pocket query: 500 caches Any type Any container I have found Within (tried both UK and none selected) From (tried postcode and none selected) Within radius (500 mi appears the max) Leaving 'from' blank returns: "You need to choose a point of origin, state or country in your search" Any ideas, or shall I give up as I only have 4 locationless caches anyway? Jon
  4. Mr'D

    Pocket Query

    Hi, I want to run a query that will bring up all my cache finds. My current query works fine until I get to a few of my 'locationless' caches. What criteria does one need to show in the query, to show caches over the apparent 500 mile radius limitation please? Jon
  5. Mr'D

    Geocaching Code

    Now have my stats on my webpage.... http://www.jondew.com/html/geocaching.html But how do I make the image clickable so it goes to my profile page at geocache.com? Tks Jon
  6. Right click on a waypoint name brings up a sub-menu... show online(in browser), show offline. etc. One of the 'Custom URL' options brings up Multimap (in/out). I have added Memory-Map as an option and it does load MM, but I don't know what paramaters to pass to MM to load the cache co-ords chosen? Tks Jon
  7. Can anyone tell me what needs to be done to be able to right click on a waypoint name (cache) in GSAK, and get to the cache location in Memory-map? Thanks, Jon
  8. Can anyone tell me what needs to be done to be able to right click on a waypoint name (cache) in GSAK, and get to the cache location in Memory-map? Thanks, Jon
  9. Thanks for feedback. I have been pleased with the Etrex Yellow, and after 100 finds feel comfortable in its use. I normally plan caching trips by inputting both the cache co-ords and nearest parking co-ords into streetmap/multimap, and take the printout of the map with me. The shortcoming of the Etrex was that, having got to part 1 of a cache and obtained the co-ords of the 2nd part, it was (quite surprisingly) VERY difficult to navigate around UK country roads and get to the designated point without the physical map. Turn off to follow the arrow, and then find the road shoots off 90 degrees for 2 miles!.... More homework by me is required. Thanks guys, Jon
  10. Thanks for these replies. PDA seems the way to go - will explore the possibilities. Thanks, Jon
  11. Hi, Today we located the 1st of a 2 part multi-cache. The 1st cache gave us the co-ords of the main cache - maybe 5 miles away. We fed the co-ords into our ETREX YELLOW, and headed off (by car) in the indicated direction. After 20 mins' we had to give up, as we could not locate the correct roads to get near the cache. We came back to basecamp to input the given co-ords into multimap, get the printed map, and to return another day! What recommended GPS/software could have helped us to the final cache location on our first attempt? Thank you. Jon & Lesley
  12. Postscript... After amending the upload tags as suggested, and as usual loading 500 waypoints to the Etrex, I set off to do a couple of caches. I tried to save a waypoint on the trail - oops! No room (500 max loaded). So it appears although I had previously have been uploading 500 waypoints, the truncated waypoints were not infact loaded and so left space for new waypoints - does this make sense? (FYI - 500 waypoints covers around 30 miles radius in E.Berkshire - we must be spoilt?) Now I will only upolad 495 waypoints and leave space for 'on trail' additions. Jon
  13. Seen it, done it, works a treat. Thanks v.much. Jon
  14. I have come across a problem that I am sure is know but I cannot see a workaround. Etrex Yellow has the capability of indicating only the first 6 characters of a waypoint name. I stand to be corrected on this. I normally generate pocket queries from geocache.com that I then import into GSAK. When I then transfer waypoints from GSAK to Etrex, Etrex seems to register only the first of a series of caches beginning with the same characters - for example in a series of caches 'Supercache1, Supercache2, Supercache3 etc., only Supercache1 would register. A small point, but it has caught me out a few times! Thanks, Jon
  15. Thanks for the feedback. Today we located a 'tuppaware' box cache. Inside, the contents were wrapped in a black bin liner. The contents smelled bad! So either way, it seems bin liners do nothing to preserve cache contents. Jon and Lesley
  16. Can you confirm the guideline point about placing caches in polythene bags. Many caches we come across are wrapped in black bin bags (as indeed is one of ours). Are these polythene, and is their use acceptable?
  17. Mr'D

    Geocaching Code

    Yeaaahh... I looked for a thread for ages - you found it in minutes! Thanks a bunch - already coded & on my webpage at http://www.jondew.worldonline.co.uk/html/geocaching.html Jon
  18. Mr'D

    Geocaching Code

    I have seen personal websites that show the geocacahe.com logo with the users geo-stats showing underneath. where can I get the code please?
  19. Thanks for this, Done it, and works well. Jon
  20. Hi, Have I missed a function in the software please? I have built up a database of cache info in GSAK, from data uploaded from geocaching.com. To keep current, at the moment I am double-clicking on each record to download the .gpx file for each record. Is it possible to update the whole database in one shot? I can imaging this will become quote tiresome as the database builds.... Thanks, Jon
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