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  1. On Saturday it took Bob Smith and me around 9 hrs to do 30, and that's on bikes! Excellent effort. Well done indeed.
  2. I think it's the refresh rate - unless you walk or trot as some speed it struggles to update itself. I think Bob Smith could clarify or explain this better that I can. I really liked the idea of this and was looking forward to trying it out. Unfortunately, without my own PDA, (I forgot to bring it!) I wasn't able to play around with the software whilst on site. I am looking forward to a revist soon.
  3. I'd go for that... as long as there is a micro to find on the way.
  4. Another thread: http://secaching.ipbfree.com/index.php?showtopic=200 Come and join us! Jon
  5. BUS STOP FEVER? Nanos at every bus stop? You lead...I follow
  6. Poor Ian! I feel you have been a little unlucky I currently have 60+ live caches, and another maybe 20-25 + being kindly maintained by others. Since 2004 I have had 2 caches muggled, and 2 caches I have had to archive because of my friendly (NOT) local council. Go for micros and nanos Ian! They last longer and are more of a challenge ...Apos to Pharisee Jon
  7. I spend a time taking several readings when placing a cache, and usually decide on an average of a few readings over 5 minutes or so... and then I take an average of an average. Then I get home and look at my coords in google earth and fine tune (rightly or wrongly). I apparently have a few caches in the Thames! I know of one prolific cacher who deliberately doesn't post accurate coords on his/her caches Just makes it more of a challenge I guess. When searching I get to 30-40' of a cache I start looking anyway Jon
  8. I have a stamp but rarely use it as yes I do think the date should be included in the log entry. Seems pointless stamping the log and then writing the date in ink. Now if I had a stamp with a date facility on it things might be different....
  9. I don't have the patience to read through this long thread and counties list, so I will spoil my ballot paper and vote for both. I won't complain of the outcome either way. Jon
  10. If you must. But PLEASE, PLEASE don't leave them in the logbook so they fall out all over the place when signing the log
  11. Oh yes I forgot about that one!
  12. My Spectrum had 16kb. Anyone had anything smaller than that?
  13. Thanks Jaz666, sorry I missed the thread. Perhaps a kind person would lock this thread now so we can all follow the existing one Thanks, Jon
  14. I use Firefox/Greasemonkey. Some time ago my OS map disappeared and was replaced with a blank 'pink' map. The OS NPE verison is there, but not the modern version. I just loaded Edgemasters script again but still get the pink map. Any ideas please? Jon
  15. Any chance of getting this thread pinned? edited to add: My point being I am sure there are many cachers unaware of this site who would either like to add their own records to the list or be able to update existing, and possibly innacurate, records. Why is the bookmark list held privately?
  16. I recall asking this question some time ago... what a good idea? Oh and I had no problem logging my Jan stats earlier in the week.
  17. Exactly! They have customers and they should listen to them.
  18. Why have the PTB not polled their membership to ask their opinions and preferences on this? Seems yet again they do what they want and end up on their back foot trying to defend themselves.
  19. Mr'D

    Uploading images

    I am having trouble uploading images today. I have reduced my images to just 137kb, and still getting the 'sorry, error' message? Edited to say even 83k file is still not uploading
  20. Sound advice. I know of a least one adopted cache where the original cache-setter's name has been deleted, thus giving no credit to the actual cacher who originally placed the cache!
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