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  1. Definitely Here Be Dragons on an abandoned railway yard hidden in the middle of suburban Feltham/Hounslow. It's been there >4 years but only has 41 finds. A remarkable place to explore if you can find a way in.....
  2. I had something similar with one of my PQs, plus another that I created and ran yesterday arrived as an email which I could upload into the GPS, but was listed as unavailable in the iPhone app. Strange days....
  3. 1:10 is fine. Poor/mediocre cache won't receive any favours. Caches that are OK may get one or two, but not enough to stand out. Genuinely good caches will get significant numbers of favours, with exceptional caches hitting very high numbers. It's interesting that many of the top scorers in the UK so far are virtuals; the leader appears to be Royal Observatory Greenwich Cache (61), with the leading physical cache being the most visited Last Delivery
  4. I've done that at puppy training class, where they make you go and hang it on your car to make sure you take it with you. I also nearly left one hanging on a tree while signing a cache log
  5. How big is the file you're trying to upload? I'm not sure what the size limit is, but I had a similar problem with a high resolution image (3.5MB) that wouldn't upload - when I resized it to 600KB it uploaded fine
  6. Absolutely; improve the hide with a new twist (container, camoflage, location) and make it your own. That way you'll attract finders of the original cache back to find your cache and get a new smiley. Caches get fewer finders as they get older, so you're helping keep the game fresh
  7. There aren't many of them in the UK, but they're straight onto my ignore list. I don't caching to poke around other peoples' yards
  8. Again, definitely DNF unless you involve the CO. The CO chose the cache container, camoflage, location, difficulty, hint etc. and somebody else who happens not to find it can't possibly recreate the original challenge. To be so confident that the cache isn't there and that they can recreate it is arrogance. They'll put it in the wrong place, make it too easy to spot etc. etc.
  9. I move trackables on when I find them and I can help with their goal. The pleasure of trackables is the unpredictable adventures they can have. They're irrelevant to me if I can only 'discover' them but can't get involved in their story
  10. In my experience, many cachers don't read the goals until after they've picked up a trackable (just like many cachers don't bother to read the cache description). As an example, I had a TB which started in Australia and wanted to get to Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes. I hung on to it for a couple of months until I was passing nearby and I dropped it in a cache within a few miles of where it wanted to get to. A few days later it appeared in South Wales. Last night I picked up a couple of TBs from a hotel which had around 10 trackables in it; even if I wanted to check their goals, looking at a TB in my hand doesn't necessarily help me work out which one it is in an inventory list on my iPhone. So I could still be picking up a TB that I can't help achieve its goal. So either give it the sort of goal that cachers can choose whether to help with or not (but not feel bad if they can't/don't help) or give it a very specific goal and attach laminated details to the TB (but risk it not moving as often). I prefer the former approach.
  11. There is indeed somewhere called Porchester, but Jacaru probably doesn't need any help in that area!
  12. It made me smile - I'd be quite happy with that log for one of my caches
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