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  1. After reinstalling Keyspan driver, everything works fine!
  2. I have just installed the NM Topo! on my iMac. I have 60CS, Keyspan serial to USB adapter. I keep getting error message saying "The COM port seems to be used by another application". My 60CS works fine with MacGPSPro, so the unit, cables and adapter are OK. Milan
  3. Does the Topo! state series for Mac support 60CS. It's not listed among the supported units, but maybe somebody has tried it anyway. Any comments greatly appreciated! Thanks Milan
  4. I got my 60CS week ago and it CAN connect to MacGPS through serial cable and Keyspan USB serial adapter. I have PBG4 12 inch and iMac and it works on both. Points to consider: You need the newest driver (download from www.keyspan.com). I don't have different type of adapter, so can't comment on it. Make sure su set the right communication protocol in your 60C. For downloading/uploading of waypoints you need GARMIN protocol (Main Menu -> Setup->Interface->Serial Data Format->GARMIN), for real time display of data from the unit you need to change it to NMEA In/NMEA Out). I played with this last time for the first time. If you have more questions, let me know. Edited: Few typos
  5. Got the template from FlashLight. Thanks everybody for reading this thread and giving his/her advice. I think my new 60CS is VERY COOL! Milan
  6. That's a good idea! I'll try it. Don't have access to scanner or photocopier during weekend though. Thanx
  7. Hi everyone, Does anybody have template for screen protector for GPSMap 60CS, so that i can cut it out more easily to fit. Thanx
  8. I'm interested in this one too. Just received my 60CS yesterday (whoohaa). Planning to buy City Select maps.
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