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  1. Does anyone know the year the popular Lildorkfish geocoin came out? Figured I'd ask here before bothering Karma TIA
  2. If they are un!a!ctivated & you have your list, I might be interested in buying the lot if price is right.
  3. I whole heartedly agree. I've been trying to convince PayPal of that for years. I offer insurance on shipping but if the customer doesn't take it, I'm still held responsible even though I can prove shipping & in a timely manner. Seems illegal to me. Its like making car manufacters liable for you having ins. It is a separate item and the responsibility of the buyer, not the seller to get insurance if wanted. What will happen if this escalates is insurance will be added to all shipments, increasing the cost to ship. Not fair to either buyer or seller & all because of the shipping company not being held responsible for their job. Where else do you see such a thing? Crazy...
  4. I'd like to get a couple myself Avroair. when and where? TY
  5. Check out this item on the bay 390276310678
  6. My prayers are with you Mike, I would be interested in some of these coins to benefit him.
  7. How many different versions? Presale? TY, HNY
  8. It looks great. Put me on the will buy list.
  9. Done! I gave the OP plenty of time to resolve the issue and the respoose aprears to be sell them on eBay. I'll be contacting them to let eBay know that these are unlicensed product and hoep they shut the list and or user who is selling them. Unfortunately, the OP's coins are apparently not sanctioned by the BSA and it will be interesting to see how long it takes eBay to cancel those listings. If you do a search on eBay for Boy Scouts geocoin, you will find another BSA 100th Anniversary geocoin sponsored by Utah National Parks Council. This one does have the correct usage of the BSA logo with registration marks and appears to be an officially sanctioned product (though I have no way of knowing and am not the seller of the coin). I mention this only as a reference. Ethically, we have a moral obligation not to purchase unsanctioned, unlicensed "bootlegged" product. But some may see it as a chance to obtain a potentially rare collectible. BSA will certainly pursue legal action against the seller and manufacturer and force the destruction of all existing stock. Frankly, at these prices, I rather spend my money on one of Tsun's beauties... I am the seller of the Authentic BSA coins mention in your thread. They are the real McCoy and come in Ant Bronze or Copper. I saw the knock offs you refer to. I ask the communmity this, Why stop at the BSA coins. If you look around there are several copyright infringments going on. From disney to pro sports. Who's watching those? This is exactly why I decided to come up with my own branded designs, copyrighted and trademarked, (not the BSA coins). Not that it will stop knock offs but at least i can do something about it. I know I'm the newbie in this area and not as aware of what is going on as you senior members are but I am trying to do this correctly. So who do you blame for the knock offs? The mint for making them? The designer for designing them? The seller for selling them? Or all 3? Yes Mike, I am profiting from the sale of the BSA coins but so is the BSA. Like all business's I need to turn a profit to stay in business and I enjoy promoting a worthwhile organization like the BSA. I was a boy scout myself. I agree with everyone that unlicensed products should not be bought by us, collectable or not. Phish_bonz - the new phish in the water!
  10. Could I get that list of designers also landsharkz? TY Phish_bonz
  11. I'd like to get 5 or more when ready. Phish_bonz
  12. What a wonderful suprise and a great looking coin. In 3 versions no less. A new mystery coin. What a great time to be a part of geocaching and geocoins. Thanks for the pictures
  13. So if you have an activation # for a coin it has to be activated? I also got a reference # for the trackables page but I did not put in the activation code anywhere. It does show in my trackables. It's active? Yes? TNLN TY
  14. How do you check to see if a coin is activated? Put in the tracking # at geocaching.com? I went to the trackables page and began the activation process. Step 1 complete, step 2 did not complete or step 3. I did get an activation code and a reference code but did not put in the activation code anywhere. It now shows up on my trackables list in my profile. Is it activated? If you have the activation code does it mean it's been activated? Thx I always deal with new coins so this is new to me.
  15. Newbie Question, If I just want to see if a coin is activated I just enter the tracking number and see if it has a history/owner? I tried to find out via the 3 step process, got an activation code, a referal code and then left the web page without finishing up step 2 or 3. Now it's listed in my trackables. Is it activated? I will have to adpot it out to change ownership? TY
  16. My father is still alive today which I thank god for and savor everyday. My condolences to those not as fortunate. He taught me that I can do anthing if I work hard enough. As it turns out I'm hard worker and have done ok. Probably the thing that comes up the most is that the older I get the smarter they were. Didn't seem that way growing up while I still knew everything =) I'll be calling Dad when he gets home from church to wish him a happy fathers day and to tell him I love him. Happy fathers day all, Phish_bonz
  17. Those coins were delayed due to minting errors the owner told me. I preordered and never got them, just an email.
  18. You have to buy the set of 4. I have the set and will split it up. Buy or trade? Your trade link is down. TY Phish_bonz Also on the bay at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...=STRK:MESELX:IT
  19. I have become friends with River Cacher and will mail you some coins for his benefit. God Bless you RC
  20. What size memory card and what class is it? How much of it are you using? What's the orgin of the gpx file?
  21. 165 emails, nice geocoin. TY for the cointest
  22. Very nice, what is your expected release date?
  23. You would love the Oregon. My 400T does everything but tie your boots...
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