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  1. Thanks for the file fix and for the map fix and for the info here! I'm building a Wherigo through Earwigo, and wanted to run it in the Wherigo Emulator. It wasn't working at first, but with the fixes it's working just fine. It's helpful to have an emulator to test things.
  2. Garg. Unknowns no longer display properly in Geosphere. They display as traditional pins. Please fix?
  3. Is there a process in place yet for geocachers wanting to place these, or will Groundspeak be doing them all? EDIT: Skip that, I see the answer. Nothing to see here.
  4. There are at the moment 82 earthcaches within 100 miles of the Twin Cities, where I live. It took me about ten seconds to come up with this number with a pocket query search. It would take a lot longer to come up with the exact number of challenge caches within the same radius (because I can't search for them in a pocket query - see?) but I hand-counted over 250 in about ten minutes of checking my puzzle database, and I'm sure there are many more. In short, they vastly outnumber the number of earthcaches in the area. Challenge caches do exist. There are thousands of them, and a lot of cachers clearly enjoy them. They make up a significant percentage of puzzle icons. As the original OP stated, they've reached a status where there are enough of them that they should be considered for their own category. Edit: typo
  5. I strongly support this suggestion. Geocaching Challenge Caches are everywhere and growing. They tie into the idea of meta-goals for a large number of cachers. They are one of my favorite types. If they have their own icon, it'll make them easier to organize for cachers who enjoy them, and easier to ignore for cachers like tozainamboku who don't like them. It's a win-win!
  6. I'm not seeing any images on cache pages either...
  7. Happening to me, too. The pocket queries are showing as having run, but when I click on the link in the browser window to download the file, I get a reply saying the query does not exist, and then the link disappears from the pocket query list. Happened twice to me today.
  8. I don't mean to be negative, but I feel like this has happened: Us: Bring back high-quality, meaningful virtuals! Groundspeak: You want high-quality, meaningful virtuals? Us: Yes! Groundspeak: Okay, here you go. Create your own virtuals with no reviewer oversight. I'm sorry, Groundspeak, I know you're trying, but this seems like the singular, best way to insure that there would be boatloads of exactly the types of pointless virtuals that most people didn't want.
  9. I was really excited about the concept of "something similar to virtuals" returning, but always envisioned them as sorts of CultureCaches, or HistoryCaches, with strict publishing limits and review similar to EarthCaches. This seems to instantly have brought Waymarking on Steroids to Geocaching. I bet you could log dozens of locationless photo challenges from your computer right now. For the Photo Challenges, which were designed for "go to a location, take a photo" activities, people are skipping the "go to a location" part and just creating "locationless challenges," like one I saw where you just have to take a photo of your computer screen as you post to your Twitter account. Cute, yes, but the problem is that it counts to your find total, which will upset many traditional cachers. I also don't see a way to prevent someone from creating an identical or similar Photo Challenge at the same spot as another Photo Challenge. What's to prevent one particular location from having 50+ Photo Challenges? I was excited about this, but I'm now leaning to not accepting any challenges because I don't want to taint my find total.
  10. Two Problems: 1. Can't edit anything after the challenge is accepted. When you create a challenge, you've got 24 hours or until someone accepts it to edit the listing. After that you can't change anything. I created a challenge (CX32) Bite the Cherry!. I wanted to tweak the coords to be closer to the actual sculpture, but now that someone accepted the challenge, I can change anything at all with the challenge. At least give someone 24 hours to edit their listing, clarify things, correct typos, etc. 2. Can't delete your own logs? I'm not talking about deleting other's logs. The user who claimed the first completion just grabbed a photo from the web and posted it as a joke. He wants to delete his own log now, but according to him there is no way to delete your own log? Is this correct?
  11. Got 'em all. GeoJellies and the Utah Event Coin were both with oakcoins, and they were great about helping me activate them. Thanks for the help, Maine Family! Much apprecaited. Got five of the coins ready for launch this weekend, and have the activation codes for all the rest. Wonderful!
  12. Thank you. I saw that one last night and gave it a shot, but came up empty. I think the Utah Event Coin was done through a different vendor. I'm pretty happy that I've been able to find nine of them so quickly, but it seems like there should be an easier way to do this. Be nice to have one site that could direct you to the correct site for geocoin activation codes. I'm still working that Utah Event Coin and the Team Dilemma GeoJellies coin. I've emailed Oakcoins about them, but haven't heard back yet.
  13. Thanks again, Maine Family! I'm thinking to put the Quad Cacher coin in Todie's Wild Ride II. I think it's a perfect fit. I tried registering on the Utah forums, but their registration process is broken at the moment. I've emailed their forum administrator for some help with getting on the forums, so we'll see how that plays out. I've emailed Oakcoins about the GeoJellies coin to see if they can help with the matter. Nine down, two to go!
  14. Thank you so much! I stumbled onto a few more. I've got three left to go.
  15. Thanks, Maine Family! The Big Bean Series GeoJellies one didn't work at oakcoins. I'm wondering if that's because it's a Team Dilemma version, that perhaps was minted somewhere else?
  16. Sorry for the trouble, but I'm still kind of new to geocoins. I bought a ten geocoin batch here a month or so ago, and I've got five coins all set to be released. However, they didn't come with activation codes and I have no clue where they were manufactured. Any help on sites to activate these would be greatly appreciated: Tank Hounds (sports top with 00 on it) FOUND: www.landsharz.ca (Thanks Maine Family!) Honk if you Love Geocaching (sparkly red car) FOUND: www.coincodes.com (Thanks Maine Family!) Big Bean Series Geo Jellies (Team Dilemma/Dilemma Bean, looks like a jellybean (of course)) FOUND: www.oakcoins.com (Thanks Maine Family!) Utah Geocaching Event (Super Summer Beep Beep Beep I am a Jeep, looks like a talking bubble) FOUND: www.oakcoins.com Geocell (Don't Get Caught Without Extra Geofood, looks like a battery) c Thanks in advance! Edit: Added more details Heck, I might as well try to activate all ten coins while I'm at it. Here's the other five, and one other one I bought off eBay... Birds of a Feather Cache Together (green parrot) FOUND: www.hogcode.com GeoCide Post your Way into History (two white masks on front) FOUND: www.coincodes.com Midwest Geobash 07 (dog with GPSr) FOUND: www.hogcode.com Northwest Ohio Geocachers (state of Ohio, with the northwest corner in sparkly blue) FOUND: www.geocoinclub.com Quad Cacher (guy wearing a purple shirt riding an ATV) FOUND: www.coinswag.com (Thanks Maine Family!) Beijing Observatory Geocoin FOUND: www.coincodes.com (Thanks Maine Family!) Edit: Nine down, two to go.
  17. Wow! I was away again for a couple of days and catching up on this forum when I noticed that this thread had some more posts in it. "Hey! I remember designing some icons for that. I wonder how it turned out..." Thank you so much! Very generous of you to award both prizes. I'm looking forward to the coin. I'll send a PM in a couple of minutes. Thanks again! EDIT: Sending an email instead of a PM.
  18. I just wanted to say a big "Thank you!" We got back from Chicago very late last night and our package of coins was waiting for us in the mail. My kids and I opened them up this morning and had a blast looking through them. They're a great mix of coins. We're going to release half and keep half as a start to our collection. Thanks again! We appreciate you doing this, and thanks as well for the super fast shipping.
  19. Congrats, Anne and Eli! Great job! Way to go!
  20. It's fun to see all the different types of designs! Good luck choosing. Lots to pick from!
  21. In most cases, I'd argue what many people are saying here: Just leave. But the original poster says it wasn't readily apparent precisely how awful the location was. I think this is a critical piece of the argument that makes the "just leave" argument a bit weak in this case. The CO might think it's funny to deliberately mislead people on the cache location, but it's not funny if you've got little kids in tow. I'd argue that it's also bad for the hobby in general. What if a person new to geocaching comes across this one as one of their first caches? Is it a huge deal? No. But if the cache hider is disguising the terrain rating with a low rating and is deliberately misleading people into an environment that could be dangerous/unsafe for many people, I'd probably go so far as to bring the cache to the attention of the state reviewer. At the very least I'd leave a detailed, honest, and accurate DNF log, and I would definitely take up the issue with the state reviewer if the cache owner deletes that log. It's one thing to challenge people. It's a completely different thing to draw people unknowingly into potentially dangerous situations.
  22. I thought of something I wanted to try with this tonight... This second one just adds a bit of flame to the background. Not much different than that first, but a little less of a ball effect to the fire. Edit: Was curious to see what it looked like from the side, so I made these: The last one just removes the extra flames.
  23. Whenever I look for a cache and can't find it, I like to record a DNF, and I leave it there forever. But where I get a bit confused is with "Did Not Look". This is when I'll go to a particular cache with the intent to find it, but for whatever reason decide not to search for it. It could be a muggle infestation, it could be that I'm not comfortable with the location of the hide, or it could be that two minutes into the search my daughter has to go the bathroom. Do people recommend posting those as DNFs? I haven't been doing so, just because, well, I never really looked for it, just showed up and decided not to play.
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