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  1. Uhhh, because it is beta software. THANKS RED!
  2. I installed Garmin's WebUpdater software today, it found my Oregon 300, and identified I could install the 3.80 software update. But when I told it to do it, it fails and says "The Update File is Corrupt" and would not complete. I disconnected the Oregon 300, cycled power, plugged it back into the computer, restarted WebUpdater. Same thing! How do I force Web UPdater to download a fresh copy of the 3.80 software update?
  3. Those Polar links make me want a heart rate monitor!
  4. A lot of my walks are inside and I do not get a GPS signal. I work for an organization with a massive sprawling facility and I have some pretty lengthy routes inside, especially when I go up a few flights of stairs and walk back the way I came, just on a different floor. Also incorporate parking garages where I can walk a lot of laps going up the rampways and also the stairwells. I have tried to estimate the distances and stuff but thought a monitor would be pretty accurate.
  5. I have some interesting walks around work, some more strenuous than others. I choose the one I want depending on how many calories I need to burn that day as well as the time and interest factor. Some involve a good number of stairs, others up and down hills. Most are not flat ground so my heartrate fluctuates. Wouldn't my weight and fitness level also dictate the rate at which I burn? I thought a monitor would help over estimating. I just thought it would be fun to see what the heartrate monitor says.
  6. Thanks for the links, folks. I know absolutely nothing about heart rate monitors other than you can use them to determine calories burned. I did not realize they had to be worn around your chest. I would use mine at work when I take breaks and go for fitness walks. I would not want to wear it under my shirt all day, and taking the time to go into the restroom, remove shirt, strap it on, and put my shirt back on would be cumbersome. Are there any heartrate monitors that strap to a wrist? I am naive and thought that was how they all worked for some reason.
  7. I see some references to the Oregon 300 supporting a heart rate monitor but don't see a Garmin monior that says it works with the 300. Is anybody using one? Which one and how well does it work?
  8. Duh....how do I take a screenshot? Never done that and don't see it in the manual
  9. I see the stopwatch on it but that only seems to start/stop the timer on the stopwatch page. You don't get your average speed and distance traveled stuff on the stopwatch screen.
  10. I use my Oregon 300 Trip Computer to track distance and average walking speed for fitness walking I do. I usually have to do a Trip Computer reset to start it off fresh, but wish I had a way to pause or stop the trip computer without resetting it again. My walk may have ended but I am not ready to record my data to my fitness software, yet the trip computer continues to run. This changes my average walking speed and distance. Is there a way to pause/stop it without doing a reset?
  11. He won't be selling one to me. The one I bought should have had the more detailed contours and hill shading. I already paid top dollar for a premium unit, no need to pay for what he advertised my unit as coming with out of the box. Bah. He really screwed the pooch on this rollout. I bet they do not even cover their engineering and manufacturing costs on this product.
  12. My Endura return went very smoothly and I am loving my $100 cheaper Oregon 300.
  13. I was an early adopter and bought an Endura Sierra. Returned it within a week or two, pretty disgusted with both the seemingly false advertising and the range of issues I encountered. Saw other posts of similar sentiments. Now nothing. Stillborn? I have kept an eye out for possibly patches/improvements, especially for Lowrance to enable the mapping it was supposed to have, but didn't. No new threads, no releases from Lowrance. Definitely no follow-up from them to my well documented support tickets other than the typical knee-jerk responses from support that resolve nothing. They don't know I returned it, and appear just willing to let me live with the bugs I reported. I'm not a GPS industry person, but this sure looks to be shaping up as a disaster for them. Too bad, I've dropped a lot of dough on Lowrance products in the past. As an aside, I am near deliriously happy with my Oregon 300.
  14. Mapsource lets you download different (or the same) segments into different .img files. That is what I am doing. So how can I have two different files that show up as different mapsets within the settings?
  15. Hmmmm, well how could I have two different Topo 2008 mapsets on my unit? I was under the impression I can do this. How could I have the Eastern US in one file and Alaska in another? I have given the mapsets different names when I built the mapset within Mapsource. At this point I have both of the final .img files - one 2.5GB and the other 875MB. I have room on the 300 for the Alaska file but not the Eastern US file. I'd like to be able to use them interchangeably.
  16. Welcome back from vacation. Yes, the recent beta (3.15) has gone to GA and is available for download as update version 3.20. Go get it as I haven't heard anybody say anything bad about it. I have it and it works fine.
  17. I tried to put 2 different US Topo 2008 mapsets on my Oregon 300 SD chip. The primary one I named gmapsupp.img andd the other named gmapsup1.img. The Oregon only seems to recognize the first one. Is this because the Oregon can only recognize one .img file from the SD chip? I thought I could have multiples on it. The goal was to keep the second one disabled, only activating as desired.
  18. Can I use my mini-USB phone charger to power my Oregon 300 while traveling in my vehicle? I looked around and saw some conflictng info on this. My phone/charger is a motorola if that matters. Just didn't want to try it and hit my gps'r with some wrong voltage. edit - I continued to search, realized that I *can* use my vehicle cell phone charger to power the Oregon. I had to set the interface setting to Spanner and it worked. What is the difference between leaving my unit in Spanner setting or the default Serial setting? Why not leave to Spanner all the time?
  19. wahoowad

    Oregon accuracy ?

    And then it remembers this info until you do something like update the software, or power it up far, far away?
  20. The unit lets me Enable or Disable maps via menu selection. Could I have multiple maps on the device and just enable/disable to only keep one Enabled at a time? Too bad the device doesn't have any file management features so I could rename using the device and not need a laptop or whatever. What would happen (what would I see) if I had more than 1 file with the .img enabled and exceeded whatever the magical number of segments are? Does it lock up? Does it just not load the extra maps?
  21. wahoowad

    Oregon accuracy ?

    Can some please explain "Acquiring the Almanac" to this noob?
  22. When I got home I found my map build had finished, the time stamp on the file tells me it took 21 hours to build and copy the 4009 segment file to the SD card on my 300. Unit fired up and the map seems to display OK. So I now have a 2.1GB gmapsupp.img file on my SD card. I also have a smaller gmapsupp.img in my unit internal memory that was just a few local segments. The smaller file is a subset of what is on the larger file. Is my gps'r trying to load both? Can I just delete the one on the internal memory?
  23. My 300 booted up with the 8GB card. I saw no specs anywhere about max size, think I saw some other forum posts where othes used 8GB. But I have yet to write the map to it and have the unit read it back off so we shall see if the map compile ever completes. My ~4000 map segments report as ~2500MB within Mapsource. I am not sure how big the resulting map will be when the build completes. I suspect it will be around the same size so it won't fit into internal memory.
  24. I'm running it on my work computer which is very new. Still running slowly. I only added the computer stuff for context that it wasn't an old piece of crap PC I was running it on.
  25. I applied it to my Oregon 300, but this is a brand new unit to me so I am unfamiliar with most of the issues the rest of you are looking to see addressed. All I can say is my unit accepted the update and worked when I turned it on again.
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