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  1. Yes, I ordered mine form GPS Central too. They took a week to get here. I had to pay $8 shipping and handling though, so it's probably not worth ordering less than 4 of them. But you don't have to pay PST . But I noticed that travel bugs are cheaper at GPS City, so you might wanna order from them instead.
  2. Yeah, you probably have to contact the guys from Groundspeak directly: http://shop.Groundspeak.com/contact.cfm
  3. I am still waiting for my EU geocoins from www.usageocois.com . They say they sent it out on Saturday, October 29 th, so it has been 12 days already and nothing. Can a package from Ohio to Ontario take more than 12 days to arrive??? Something's wrong here....
  4. Do you know of any places minting coins in Canada?
  5. Sent my payment for 3 regular screws! Thanks.
  6. Nothing like that in our Walmart. How many do you need? I can send you some at cost and the price of a stamp. Heck, I'll send you one for free. (just you, of course) Send me an email. I sent you an e-mail.
  7. Nothing like that in our Walmart.
  8. Where did you get your self-laminating tags?
  9. Wow. Thanks for the advice thrak! Although I don't really know what cardboard sleeve you are talking about (I'm not really familiar with laminating), but the iron thing sounds like a very good idea. I was insipred by you with the cable (yes, I got some 1/16" cable today along with the aluminium sleeves for joining the cable together). Question: do you use pliers or a hammer to join the cable together? BTW: I know laminating machines are expensive, but I saw one at walmart today for like $30 CDN. That's not a bad price if you do a lot of laminating (which I don't).
  10. I was looking for these self-laminating pouches and I found some. The ones that were business card size (perfect for TB goals) were like $10 CDN for a 10-pack, which seemd a little bit expensive for me. They were not "repositionable" though. Then they had the "repositionable" ones you are talking about, but the size was 4x6 " I think. They were a couple of bux more expensive. My question is: can you cut those bigger ones into smaller pieces and use them for laminating smaller, i.e. business card pieces of paper?
  11. The first "Jeep" TB I found was without a jeep too. So I went and I bought a new jeep for this TB. They didn't have a yellow one like the original, so I got a red one . Will place it in a cache to continue its journey (with a new jeep).
  12. If I want to leave a trackable geocoin in my cache as a prize for the person who finds it, should I first activate it myself or just leave it unactivated for the person to find it to do so?
  13. I will take 3 of the regular, shipped to Canada.
  14. Am I missing something? I thought geocoins were trackable because they are meant to travel. And if the stated goal of the coin is to travel, why would anyone want to keep it? I thought cachers should follow the same "geo-ethics" with geocoins like they do with travel bugs.
  15. I can see someone wanting to order a TB from Ebay, because they are not sold in his country, but not from this seller! C'mon, $20 for international shipping? That is a HUGE ripoff. He can't be possibly paying more than $2 for shipping a TB anywhere in the world!! Ebay should be informed about this matter too, because he's ripping off Ebay too by overcharging shipping 10x and not having to pay final value fees from the money he makes! That person should get banned.
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